The National Feedlot Corporation is so desperate now that it is playing the racial card.'

Plundering is plundering, no matter what our race - Pariah UMNO-Perkasa Approach

'The National Feedlot Corporation is so desperate now that it is playing the racial card.'

Ibrahim Ali: Vengeful sacked officer leaked NFC data

vox populi small thumbnailMacha97: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali, the issue is not whether anyone leaked any information on the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), it is whether there is any information worth leaking in the first place. And there is.

How the information was leaked is between the company and the whistleblower, but that does not absolve NFC's alleged wrongdoing in any way.

Just because we got to know through leaked channels that there is misappropriation of money does not make the act any less of a crime.

Anak JB: I'm not too sure what this has got to do with Perkasa. Whether it is a Malay company, a Chinese company or an Indian company, plundering is plundering. Race has nothing to do with this.

Armageddon: So, a marketing executive was fired for misappropriating funds, and out of anger he revealed company secrets. But what if the wrongdoings are true?

And is it not possible that some Good Samaritan is fed-up with all the Umno hanky-panky and decided to come forward to tell the truth? As a result, he is framed or accused of stealing RM2.7 million.

We all know well what these people can do, and will do, just to protect their own kind.

Karma: First, NFC boss Mohamad Salleh Ismail said he was cheated of RM1.75 million by a consultant. And now he was allegedly cheated by a marketing executive of RM2.7 million.

What a company! It is so easy to cheat money from it. How come the sales proceeds can go to the hands of a marketing executive?

Pakman: Ibrahim Ali and the 12 NGOs, please refer to the official report by the auditor-general. It is clearly stated that NFC is in a mess.

The Auditor-General's Report was submitted to Parliament, and it is for the august house to determine the truth of the messy affair that has transpired since the NFC was incorporated. Perkasa and other NGOs do not have access to all the details as audited by AG.

Long Jaafar: Why call 12 ‘Malay' NGOs only? Why not call the press? After all, the mainstream press will surely sympathise with a minister's husband.

Or, in desperation, Ibrahim Ali wants to portray that a Malay businessman is again victimised? Wrong strategy.

Just as it was wrong strategy to appoint the datuk consultant and pay RM1.75 million up front. Did someone say he has got a PhD? Or that he headed a major government institution?

Good Men: Can I just ask one question? What is Ibrahim Ali's locus standi in coming to the defence of NFC?

Disprove RM600,000 misuse claim, Perkasa dares NFC

Trumpet Call: It is very interesting that the NFC management choose to try to convince a group of Malay-based NGOs of their innocence, so that they will speak out in support of them.

Is NFC so desperate now that it is playing the racial card? Why not do the same in front of a group of professionals, like accountants and lawyers?

Anyway, NFC has certainly wasted its time because no matter what Malays rights NGO Perkasa says, nobody listens. In fact, no matter what Perkasa says, people despise.

Clever Voter: Whose interest is Ibrahim Ali protecting, and why? NFC is a national scandal, and the people have the right to demand the truth, and the appropriate actions to be taken.

Sadly the people implicated in this scandal are part of the establishment, so it is inconceivable that the truth will not surface.

The lack of impartiality and credibility in the government, including the state agents - judiciary and police - means that the system lacks check and control, and clear lines of accountability.

Why should the taxpayers and the public at large support such a corrupt system and practice? It's time for change.

Penjilat: Ibrahim Ali is thinking that he is doing Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil a favour for some crumbs. You are actually making the situation worse for NFC.

Nik Aziz ready to declare assets to MACC

Armageddon: If there is any honest politician left in this country, it has to be Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat. We can easily tell from his lifestyle.

I believe Tok Guru (Nik Aziz) even dares to declare his assets to the public and I am sure he is the poorest MB among all the MBs and the ex-MBs of BN.

Anonymous_3f1f: Why this NGO, Agenda, only asked Nik Aziz and his family members to declare their assets? If they are really serious, they should also have asked others, especially Umno leaders, to declare their assets.

Ssshhh: The NGO should ask for their Kelantan oil royalty instead. But, it is good when they asked for the Kelantan MB to declare his assets as the Umno and BN leaders should also do the same, especially Najib Razak.

Just explain where your wife gets the RM300,000 for shopping in Australia. What about the Birkin bag or the diamond?

Trumpet Call: The response from Nik Aziz was swift and straight to the point. It shows the posture of a man who has nothing to hide. That's integrity.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng also gave a similar response vis a vis the declaration of assets.

How come we have never seen that kind of a response from any of our BN leaders? Therein lies the difference between the two sets of leaders.

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