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'Universities requested address change exercise'

The Malacca National Registration Department (NRD) has responded to the video clip of its officers asking students to change their addresses, claiming that it was merely responding to the  universities’ requests.

According to a Chinese daily today, its Malacca NRD director Mohd Shahril Neoh Abdullah said the department had received letters seeking assistance to facilitate students in changing their voting addresses.

NONEHe said the department would normally respond to such requests by institutions or other agencies, if time permits.

"Besides from universities, we also responded to the requests from factory management, village chiefs or even Sungai prison, to send our officials to help with the work of changing addresses," he added.

According to the news report, Mohd Shahril added that not many students changed their addresses during the exercise.

He does not however explain controversial statements in the video, that suggest the NRD is helping change the addresses temporarily to give BN an advantage in the coming general election, said to be around the corner.

Yesterday Ayer Keroh assemblyperson Khoo Poay Tiong alleged thatvideo shot by students showed that NRD and the Election Commission (EC) apparently persuading them to change their addresses so that they could vote for BN in marginal seats, and keep the seats from the Chinese.

NONEIn the video, uploaded onYoutube, the son of the Malacca Umno leader (right) is shown telling students from Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) and Universiti Teknologi Mara and Universiti Technical Malaysia to change their addresses to help prevent DAP from winning more seats in the state.

“If Malays or PAS won it would be okay, but if other races take (the seat) then susah (that’s a problem),” said the young man, pointing out to the students which seats were currently held by DAP and the Chinese.

The students were also told that they could change their address back to their original address after the general election, and that the government would bear the costs.

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