When calling for clean polls is haram

YOURSAY 'If the fatwa committee thinks that having clean and fair elections is against the law, they have degenerated into a body that cannot tell right from wrong.'

Fatwa Committee declares some protests haram

your sayBender: For the most part the National Fatwa Committee is right. It is haram to cause damage, incite chaos and bring harm to people or businesses.

But this ruling is not applicable to the Bersih 3.0 rally. Bersih 3.0 wasn't about toppling the government or causing harm or gathering unproductively.

Muslims who got involved in Bersih should not worry about this fatwa. It's not applicable to what they did during the Bersih gathering. But as far as the police is concerned, this ruling really hits the jackpot.

Therefore the police should take the fatwa seriously. Muslim police personnel should repent for causing harm to innocent people, inciting chaos and damaging property.

Most of all, Prime Minister Najib Razak and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein should also repent, one for being a coward hiding in Sarawak while the people under his leadership were being bludgeoned by the cops, and the other for masterminding the whole chaos and standing by idly by while people were being harmed.

Thank you, Majlis Fatwa for making this ruling.

Betul Punya Satu Malaysia: What kind of fatwa is this? In Egypt and the Middle East, corrupt governments were overthrown one by one, but strangely, Islamic countries (who have far more Muslims than us) do not have such fatwas. This fatwa stinks of an attempt to shore up Umno's power.

Armageddon: Does this fatwa follow the teachings of the Quran or Umno, whose leaders only know how to use the holy book to carry out their sumpah laknat?

And what of when the police hit innocent people like gangsters? Bersih only asks for clean elections. So what is the punishment for BN cheating at elections? There are many more things that fatwas can be issued for.

Justice Pao: The National Fatwa Committee has turned itself into another branch of Umno. If they think that having clean and fair elections is against the law and unproductive, they have degenerated into a committee that cannot tell right from wrong.

Corruption, slandering, cheating and racism are what this committee thinks is righteous. I wonder what that tells us about this bunch of nincompoops.

Anonymous_rb345: How come there is no fatwa on corruption, illegal commissions from purchase of submarines, failed national projects, etc?

Bamboo: Calling for clean and fair elections is haram, but not corruption? We have so many examples of corruption and abuse of the rakyat's money.

A former prime minister used Petronas money to save his children's businesses, a former defence minister asked for multibillion ringgit commission to buy submarines, and another former minister used a government loan to buy condos instead of rearing cows for which the soft loan was made. These are some of the cases already made public.

Kangaroo: What about the Scorpene deal, is that not haram?

Ataspagar: Yes, National Fatwa Committee chairperson Abdul Shukor Husin, how about the sex videos against opposition leaders, accusations of adultery without four credible witnesses, Umno corruption and abuse of power, cheating at elections, etc? Where was your voice and fatwa then?

Mufti, have you read about the struggles of modern ulama like Shekh Yusof Kardowi with regards to fighting injustice and wrongdoing of the government?

How many times did he participate in protests and gone to jail? You are a mufti appointed by Umno, and is very quick in making comments when it comes to the opposition. But when it comes to Umno, you have lost your tongue.

Kerana Benar: What about the Perak government that was duly elected and then undemocratically toppled by BN? Is this haram or halal, Tok Abdul Shukor. Are there two sets of fatwa - one for BN and the other for the opposition?

As far as I know there is only, I repeat, only one god and what is ungodly is ungodly, whether the act is committed by Umno-BN or the opposition. And those who collaborate with the sinners are also indeed committing haram acts.

Anonymous #71627369: Why is everything righteous always hijacked by unrighteous non-productive religious people?

Jedi_Who: I find the religious edicts by PAS' Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat and party president Abdul Hadi Awang more convincing and relevant, where a Muslim has a duty to stand up and protest against injustice.

Further, the Tok Guru and Hadi testify to their faith by the modest lives they live. Look however at Ah Jib Gor (Brother Najib) and his cabinet members.

Muslims should be really unhappy how the fatwa and religious councils are being manipulated to sing to the tune of Umno.

Artchan: Abdul Shukor, do not invoke God's name to protect the corrupt and murderers in this country. This is not true Islam, but Umno Islam.

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