Exposed: Another dirty trick aimed at Anwar

Exposed: Another dirty trick aimed at Anwar
Several blogs have exposed UMNO cybertroopers' latest campaign to vilify opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
In a posting, a blog shows an image taken from a pro-UMNO site, which has published a wedding invitation card (pic) from homosexual pastor Ngeo Boon Lin who recently 'married' American Phineas Newborn III.
The image shows an invitation to their same-sex wedding ceremony on August 6 going out to Anwar, whose name is handwritten on the card.
"But logically speaking, if indeed the card is for Anwar, why is it with them?" asks the blog.
Ngeo and his 'husband' Phineas recently held a 'wedding' reception at a local Chinese restaurant attended by some 200, mostly homosexual, friends. The guests were presented with heart-shaped chocolates with the words "God loves gays" in Chinese. Following the event, Ngeo, who has angered his Christian counterparts, said he was thankful for being able "to make Malaysian history here".
Accusations of homosexuality against Anwar, first orchestrated by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998, has been a favourite allegation by UMNO leaders, and several websites have been set up specifically to portray the PKR de-facto leader as 'gay-friendly'.
Anwar however irked a number of homosexuals in the country when he recently spoke out against such a lifestyle and argued for curbs on the menace to protect the institution of marriage. He was testifying in court during his defamation suit against UMNO mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, who accused him of calling for homosexuality to be legalised.

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