Malaysians rather vote the sweet talking fool we don't know for the next 5 years then the devil we have known all our lives

Yes Mr. Prime Minister, you're right ! We the rakyat are certain that we will make the right choice of not voting in a party we are NOT certain of. You have our solemn promise on this. We are a matured people with diverse backgrounds and know the devil well.

And we will most certainly not flirt with the devil for various reasons even you, in your busy political schedule, disbursing money, like it was yours, know. ( read here )

We will not vote for a party which treats the"People First (not just one particular type of people BUT all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion, culture or creed ) Action Now" as mere lip-service.

We will not vote-in a party which screams of the ethopian 1Malaysia which actually means 1Malay. (and even that too as ONLY Malays in your party !) as a national slogan.

We will not vote for a party which "sells" our country and citizenships to aliens for a promise of votes in return to any one party.

We the people, will not vote-in a party that robs and rapes its citizens to enrich a few favoured ultras close to the inner circle of the higher ranks in any particular party.

We will not vote for a party that lies through the teeth claiming the crime rate is but a perception in the minds of the simple, frustrated and angry citizenry.

We will not vote-in a party that robs the original natives of this land (here and in West Malaysia ) and their native rights and alter and fabricate history in the national education system to suit their agenda.

We will not vote for a party that is corrupt to the core and continue to think the tax-paying citizens are plain stupid and have no understanding on how to run a country.

We the rakyat will surely not vote for a party that suppresses religious freedom and freedom of speech.

We will not vote for a party that uses race and religion to sow seeds of hatred and divide the peoples of our multi-national country as has been from the time of our founding fathers.

We the tax-paying people of Malaysia, will also not vote-in a party that blatantly manipulates the electoral roll system to cheat and coerce the police from acting without fear or favour to safeguard the neighborhood and protect its citizenry.

And yes Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for openly sharing this gem of an idea with us, mere simple tax-paying citizens of Malaysia, AND we will certainly not vote for a party that protects and harbours idiotic self-serving ministers, robbers, racists, gangsters, hypocrites, bullies, fanatics, embezzlers and religious bigots.

Mr. Prime Minister, we, the citizens WILL wake up, perhaps to a new Malaysia tomorrow as we will indeed cast our votes wisely come the next general elections.

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