Roadblock to Putrajaya

Selena Tay | September 5, 2012
At the end of the day, everyone should reject the devil and his diabolical methods.
In a fierce speech made on Sept 1, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak fired a salvo at Pakatan Rakyat by saying that the opposition has a slogan “Road To Putrajaya” but he will block them from reaching Putrajaya.
An English daily on Sept 2 also reported him as saying that Pakatan is not qualified to occupy Putrajaya as it had failed to fulfil its promises.
Furthermore, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has advised us, the Malaysian citizens, that it is better to vote for the devil we know rather than the angel we don’t.
“If you were to juxtapose Mahathir’s statement with Najib’s statement, does it not show then that the devil is sitting in Putrajaya? And now are we to keep voting for the devil so that he can continue to stay in power?! This is the first time that I hear someone openly plugging for the devil!” said PAS intellectual Dzulkefly Ahmad, who is also the Kuala Selangor MP.
Therefore, it has now been openly declared that the final battle in the 13th general election is between the devil and the angel. Of course, the devil’s army is known as legion because it is a vast army and he has got countless henchmen, disciples and minions doing his bidding.
It will be an uphill battle to boot out the devil. The Chinese have a saying: “Once the devil has entered the house, it is very difficult to boot him out.” This is precisely the situation facing the Malaysian citizens who do not want to fall under the devil’s leadership.
“Why should we be led by the devil? We must reject the devil’s leadership and all the negativity associated with it. We should not be stuck in a rut. Let us choose a brighter future instead. Think positive and vote for a better tomorrow,” said Khalid Samad, the PAS Shah Alam MP.
Indeed, now we understand why hooliganism persists and why attacks are made against Pakatan leaders, supporters and friends. It is nothing but diabolical acts done with the intention to intimidate those who want to fight for justice and proclaim the truth.

Machiavellian forces
“We must not give up. We must go on fighting and go down fighting if necessary. We must keep resisting the forces of evil and keep marching forward to Putrajaya,” said PAS Bukit Gantang MP, Nizar Jamaluddin, who lost his menteri besar seat in 2009 due to a diabolical power-grab orchestrated by Machiavellian forces.
And it is these Machiavellian forces who are now planning to stop the opposition by going on the warpath. Definitely, they will block the road to Putrajaya.
Najib has shown that he is not a true democrat because he intends to cling on to power at all costs. And that is the reason why till today he has yet to order the Election Commission (EC) to clean up the voter rolls.
Dzulkefly is of the view that the voter rolls will never be cleaned up because the dirty electoral rolls will benefit Najib and will be a great help in keeping BN stranglehold on the seat of federal power.
Therefore, Malaysian voters will be taken for a ride in this coming 13th general election. Like it or not, we the informed citizens will be tricked together with the uninformed rural folks.
Bear in mind that till to-date the prime minister has yet to condemn the hooligan acts of certain irresponsible parties. These acts include throwing stones at Pakatan’s ceramah and splashing red paint on vehicles belonging to Pakatan leaders. Of course, the perpetrators said they are not to be blamed but the evidence is there for all to see.
Then there is the crazy show in front of Bersih co-chairperon, S Ambiga’s house. The butt exercise is most disgusting and deplorable while the sale of beefburgers is the ultimate insult to Ambiga as her religion forbids her to eat beef.
Why is Najib still silent concerning the actions of his lackeys in these incidents? Why is there no condemnation of these hooligans who insult a fellow-citizen’s religion? Aren’t all of us citizens of 1Malaysia?
Does this then not show that 1Malaysia is only a slogan that is full of deceptive hype?
Ustaz Idris Ahmad, the PAS Perak strategist, labelled the 1Malaysia slogan as empty rhetoric and urged everyone not to pay any attention to it. “It is crafted with the intention of hoodwinking the non-Malays into voting for BN,” said Idris.
Incidentally, Road To Putrajaya is a Facebook page with over 25,000 members. The BN cybertroopers always post racist and slanderous comments on this page but the Pakatan supporters will issue rebuttals.
At the end of the day, everyone should reject the devil and his diabolical methods.
“Have nothing to do with the devil. We as a people and nation who believe in God as stated in the first tenet of Rukunegara, ‘Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan’ should therefore reject BN eventhough they may be the devil we know,” added Dzulkelfy.

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