Two days ago I wrote an open letter to Mufti of Perlis advising him, if he had made a fool of himself he should just apologize and we will all move on.
Yesterday instead of making an unconditional apology, he justified the poem was directed to Modi government and shared an Iranian state owned news report Press TV related incidents of violence against a Muslim family in Kashmir, India . (NOTE A MUSLIM FAMILY) He picked up one report and blamed the Modi Government as the cause of the attack when his own quoted news report mentioned it was the work of a vigilante group and not the government.
Asri is once again manipulating and twisting his words thinking all Malaysians are fools not to understand the meaning of his poem. It shows he is a pathological liar.
Then later in another post he offered to apologize to Hindus “if they have misunderstood his poem”. Come on Asri, what do you mean “if they have misunderstood”. Every single one of us understood your poem very well. As I said even a primary school student would understand who you were insulting and instigating. Be a gentleman and just own up to your stupidity of writing such a poem. It is provocative, inciting and insulting the Hindus in Malaysia. As I said earlier - if you openly admit your stupidity and apologize, we will accept it and move on. But now you are proving to be an idiot of first degree by manipulating and deviating further from the real issue of your poem. Your so called apology is an insult to all fair minded persons.
Coming back to Zakir Naik issue, HINDRAF and I have made it clear that he is an undesirable person, a threat to National security and the peaceful co-existence of multi racial and multi faith Malaysian community.
For 60 years since Merdeka Muslim preachers have been coming into Malaysia from all corners of the world. Has any Non- Muslim complained to the government? No, but Zakir Naik is an exception. He has a track record which is obvious.

We have written to the government seeking an explanation as to the need for his presence in Malaysia and whether he was granted a PR. The Government remained silent. The PM, DPM, IGP, DG of immigration as well as NRD kept mum that led a group of concerned citizens to file an action in court to seek a declaration on Zakir Naik.
I have clearly stated in my sworn affidavit in support of the application that I do not intend to insult Islam religion, Malaysian Muslims or anyone who are followers of Zakir Naik.
Money laundering and terrorism are two serious crimes and by harbouring Zakir Naik what signal is Malaysia sending to the international community? Let the authorities in India deal with him. After all he is their citizen. Let us keep Malaysia’s reputation intact and not be seen as a conduit to someone who is wanted in his country of origin.
We have lived in peace and harmony. I can’t remember any Hindu or Christian complaining about a Muslim preacher in Malaysia. Conversions do take place but no one has made any complaint if that was the wish of the converted. Zakir Naik’s presence has courted unimaginable controversies. Just go into the online portal and see how hatred is spewed by all parties. Racial hatred and feelings of animosity is at the peak.
On top of all these, Najib and the Zahid proudly host him for dinners and meetings at Putrajaya. The Trengganu Government is even willing to offer him an island for his so called research purposes.

Arrested terrorists have confessed they were radicalised by Zakir. He is wanted for money laundering. He is denied entry into UK after his legal challenge at the UK House of Lords was thrown out. All his speeches publicly were deemed undesirable by the UK court. He is banned in Canada and Singapore. He dare not go to the US as he would probably be detained for terrorism related activities.
My numerous letters to the PM, DPM, IGP, DG of Immigration and DG of National Registration Department were unanswered as if they have something to hide. Hence together with concerned citizens belonging all faiths from Peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak we filed a court action.
Dr. Asri incites and promotes the feelings of hatred of Muslims against HINDRAF by saying we are an extremist organisation. Which extremist organisation goes to court to challenge the Government? Well Dr. Asri?
HINDRAF is recognised internationally. We have presented papers at the UN, US State Department, Foreign Affairs select Committee, House of Lords and House of Commons, European Parliament to name a few. Check your facts first Asri before you make wild allegations. Not all Malaysians will believe your lies and manipulation.
Let me now quote few of Zakir’s speeches for you Asri and for the benefit of Malaysians to decide for themselves if Zakir Naik could promote unity, peace, good moral and knowledge to Malaysians or is he a threat to our peaceful co-existence. I quote below some of his speeches;
As far as a terrorist is concerned, I tell the Muslims that every Muslim should be a terrorist... What is the meaning of the word terrorist? Terrorist by definition means a person who terrorises. When a robber sees a policeman he's terrified. So for a robber, a policeman is a terrorist.
So in this context, every Muslim should be a terrorist to the robber... Every Muslim should be a terrorist……

“If bin Laden is fighting enemies of Islam, I am for him, If he is terrorizing America-the terrorist, biggest terrorist-I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is that if he is terrorizing the terrorist, he is following Islam. Whether he is or not, I don’t know”
The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. In America, most people consume pork. Many times after dance parties, they have swapping of wives; many say, 'you sleep with my wife and I will sleep with your wife.' If you eat pigs, then you behave like pigs.
“If you do not have the means to marry, marry a slave woman and give her freedom..” He said this is what the Quran encourages. However, he said it can’t work vice-versa. According to Naik it can’t work if a woman wants to do the same. Only a man has such rights.
“in case, somebody wanted to convert to another faith, and leave Islam, then capital punishment was the most “humane punishment” for him.”
“music intoxicates a person and that it is like alcohol. He also says that other Muslim scholars who did not call it a sin were misguiding fellow Muslims”.
“Muslims must not to wish Christians “Merry X’Mas” as that would mean accepting that Christ was the “begotten son of God”. To think that Allah could beget a child was a sure way to go to Hell”
“The Taliban’s destruction of the Bamyan Buddhas was aimed at “educating Buddhists about their own religion”
worldwide, there are more women than men, leaving the extra women with only two choices: “become public property” or marry married men, as no woman can remain a virgin lifelong; child marriage (if a girl attains puberty at 9); and wife-beating (the husband is the Amir and can beat a disobedient wife…”
Didn’t the Prime Minister say he hoped Zakir would preach and promote the concept of wasatiyyah (moderation) ? Would someone care to ask PM Najib?
P. Waytha Moorthy
25th April 2017.

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