Najib’s Indian Blueprint with Waythamoorthy in GE13 good on print & now new bluepring for GE14 will still remain as print material

Equal opportunities the only way forward! (P.Uthayakumar 24/4/2017)After 11 Malay-sia Plans, countless National Development Plans, Wawasan 2020, Satu Malaysia, Nambekei etc. spanning over 60 years, Prime Minister Najib Razak continues the UMNO game plan rhetoric in further segregating the Malaysian Indian poor from the National Mainstream Development for yet another 10 years via his Indian Blueprint unveiled on the 23 rd of April 2017.
Najib’s ‘consistency’ shows from the word go. When he became Prime Minister on 3rd April 2009 within over one month on 9th May 2009 he released me from I.S.A. detention with the promise that as the Cabinet Committee Chairman on Indian issues he would seriously solve the grievances as per the ‘no holds barred’ Hindraf 18 Point Demands dated 28/7/2007 which in essence demanded equal rights and equal upward mobility opportunities including and not excluding the Malaysian Indian poor. 
In the interim within days after the 2013 General Elections Najib sent me back to jail for another 2 years at the Kajang Prison, for which i have no regrets and appointed a certain Deputy Minister to implement his pseudo Indian Blueprint @ 2013 elections gimmick! I believe i was punished primarily as i had turned down his public invitation for me to meet him in person weeks before the said elections. My precondition was for Najib to implement at least 5 of the Hindraf 18 Point Demands first which could have been easily implemented merely by the stroke of the pen by Najib signing an Executive Order ordering the Chief Secretary to the Government to forthwith accord permanent solutions in effect :- (1) to direct that all 450,000 up to even fifth generation Malaysian born but rendered stateless Malaysian Indians denied their rightful Birth Certificates and Mykads to be granted Malaysian Citizenship – why not when even India born alleged terrorist Zakir Naik could be hosted at UMNO Home Minister Zahid Hamidi’s house in Country Heights and granted Permanent Resident status within months, (2) All 523 Tamil Schools be granted Land Titles and fully government funded, (3) All 18,000 Hindu temples and cemeteries be granted Land Titles,(4) 100,000 Felda like 10 acre land scheme titles be granted to the poorest of the Indian poor and (5) Granting 100,000 business licenses with MARA like business loans across the board, equal :- College, University, scholarships and especially top and managerial level civil service and private sector job opportunities … to undo the 60 years of injustices for starters. Najib for obvious reasons chose not to respond … i believe these demands do not conform to the Malay Country and Islamic State UMNO Rule. 
Fast forward 8 years on and on the ‘eve’ of the 14th General Elections, Najib now unveils yet another “kosong” Indian Blueprint which looks good but only on print if not leaving behind dubious footprints and fingerprints. To add insult to injury the same is slated to be delivered in the distant future 10 years time. 
As in the previous 60 years of Independence, it is not Najib but the powerless M.I.C. President with zero implementation powers vis a vis the very powerful top civil servants, who is to “… head of the executive committee and prime mover of the blueprint…” Very clever UMNO game plan! So that when the 10 years is up and there is no or very little delivery UMNO can yet again claim that “the blueprint policy was good but it was the implementation that was bad! Or yet again get to blame the M.I.C. When there is no history of top government Officials cum implementers acting insubordination to the Prime Minister cum Cabinet Committee on Indian issues Chairman Najib being sacked for refusing to implement Najin’s earlier policies on the Indians, what chance does the M.I.C. President have?
The Indian poor are doomed to continue to be begging for basics as UMNO continue to accelerate its hampers and pampers political games and now clothed in the recycled Indian blueprint name. The alternative political force is also of very little help as they seem to condone the aforesaid UMNO racist agenda. A la “Police statistics also show that more than 70 percent of felons are ethnic Indians, Al Jazeera reported in 2014.(Malaysiakini 23/4/2017) will continue to hog the headlines and bylines… unless …
De Facto Leader, Hindraf.

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government