Anwar: Budget failed to tackle structural flaws

The PKR de facto leader points out that corruption, poor governance and political patronage remain widespread.

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today accused the government of failing to address the fundamental flaws needed to push Malaysia’s economy forward with its Budget 2013.
The PKR de facto leader in his speech at the start of the budget debate said nothing in the Barisan Nasional spending plans indicated any political will to tackle structural problems blamed for the country’s devalued competitiveness.
Corruption, poor governance and political patronage remain widespread, said Anwar, the former deputy prime minister.
He called Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s policies as “more for the cronies” disguised as “people-friendly” through generous but one-off perks announced in the budget unveiled in Parliament last Friday.
Anwar said that a strong domestic market driven by small and medium businesses, a skilled labour force, limited government interventions and strong policies are key to sustainable development.
This in turn will help raise income. Spending power, distributed equally even to the poor, is crucial for growth, he added, citing the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Trade and Development Report for 2012.
“Budget 2013 touched nothing on holistic efforts to increase the household income,” said Anwar, who was also a former finance minister.
Pakatan Rakyat had promised to revitalise the country’s economy by raising the monthly household income to RM4,000 and widening the government’s revenue stream by tightening governance and weeding out corruption.

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