A group of people came to Brickfield Police station with a noble intention. They cared for their fellow human being who was sick. They just wanted to make some police reports hoping that the authority would show some compassion as to allow this sick man to get proper treatment.

All they wanted was that this detainee be sent for treatment to the doctor of his choice. Was that unreasonable? Was this a threat to the police or was this a threat against the national security? This prisoner who was detained on a certain perception by some paranoid people but the authority could not find any reason to charge him in court.

There were many women in the crowd who came to Brickfields in such a beautiful Saturday morning. They came with high spirits and they were standing under the hot sun. They were greeted with fully armed FRUs, some carrying machine guns.
In a crowd of about 500 people, there were boisterous which was normal under any circumstance but sadly that was not a normal day when the police was in an uncompromising mode. Some in the crowds asked for some drinking water for the women in the crowd but were told to wait. Such a heartless rejection from a royal institution.
A small group of people were invited into the police station to make some police reports. The police would have gained much goodwill if they had invited these people for late morning tea. But no, someone decided to give command ordering the crowd to disperse. The police decided that they had the fire power and decided to use them. The boisterous crowd thought that the police was opening a line of communication.

Suddenly without further warning, the police decided to serve water, not the drinking water that some from the crowd requested earlier. This was toxic water! This was the water that had been laced with chemicals so that those who came into contact with it were tortured and tormented - their skin burned with stinging pain radiating to every part of the body surface with billions of nerve endings and for those whose eyes were fired with this toxic water, the burning and stinging sensation was like being gnawed with the eyeballs being pulled out from the sockets.

The lungs turned into bubbles stifling in breathlessness and suffocation. Many women became the victims of the ruthless police. That was excessive use of unnecessary force.

The crowd did not advance and there were never a threat to the well armed FRUs and the police in Brickfields. It was the well armed FRUs marching towards the crowd after they were fired with toxic water. This was police terror against peaceful crowd and every one would have gone back with happy memories if only police had used some common sense to win the hearts and minds of the people. A beautiful morning became a tormenting afternoon.

Head of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) says "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS LIKE A TRAFFIC OFFENCE"


Ahmad Said, the MACC chief commissioner, has been attacked in blogs and via e-mail over the issue of his son bringing child pornographic material into Australia. His son, a pilot, pleaded guilty and paid a fine for the offence.

Ahmad Said vehemently denies that it was child pornography. He said that the titles of the video clips found in his son’s laptop computer were misleading. “I can bet with you that it’s something that you will find on most men’s handphones,” he said. Ahmad Said also questioned the motive of those linking him to his son’s offence.

“Why are they targeting me? I did nothing over there. It’s like committing a traffic offence here and paying the summons – and then the father gets blamed for it. Is that fair? It’s brainless,” he said. He pointed out that the offence happened in 2007but has resurfaced now because of his appointment as MACC chief commissioner.

“There were other Malaysian and Singaporean pilots who also paid fines for similar offences, but my son was picked on (by the blogs) because of his link to me,” he said in an interview with a Malaysian local newspaper, and to be precise this newspaper has followed the articles of the Mighty Pen for quite some time now.

Ahmad Said, however, sympathises with his son and in-laws, who have been dragged into the picture unnecessarily. He also dismisses the claims that he interfered and asked Malaysia Airlines for help.“There was no interference. People called me up and asked me if I wanted help. I said ‘Nothing doing’. “I said let him face it, although I got him a lawyer,” he said.

The Mighty Pen says: Ahmad Said is at his best. He says that this is not child pornography, but holy materials stored inside his son’s computer.

He also seems to know what is stored inside everyone’s hand phones, as his own mobile phone too is loaded with pornographic materials.

This guy seems to know many things. The impact of our more than 10 articles on this website and the articles on many other websites has affected him and his family tremendously. Poor Ahmad Said! We never picked up stories on the Singaporean pilots as their newspapers have not covered up this news, on the contrary it was given wide media coverage, but in Malaysia even the main news agency Bernama hid the whole truth!

The newspapers too protected this pedophile’s father. The no-balls Malaysian police have failed to investigate this case. Look at the cover-up! Ahmad Said, our deepest sympathies too to your in-laws, they must really be regretting now for associating with your family.

Might of the Pen

Malaysian Police attacking defenseless Indians

Barisan Nasional Kerajaan yang tiada pendirian dan "Kerajaan Flip-Flop"

KDN batal warta kebenaran guna perkataan 'Allah'

Sehari selepas kerajaan menarik balik kenaikan tol di lima lebuhraya, Kementerian Dalam Negeri pula membatalkan warta kerajaan yang membenarkan penggunaan bersyarat perkataan "Allah" dalam penerbitan agama Kristian, berkuatkuasa serta merta.

Sambil mengakui bahawa ada kesilapan dalam menggubal warta itu yang menyebabkan kekeliruan berhubung isu itu, Menterinya Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar berkata keputusan kerajaan untuk melarang penggunaan perkataan itu dalam penerbitan majalah Herald tetap berkuatkuasa sehingga mahkamah memutuskan sebaliknya.

Baru-baru ini, kerajaan melarang terbitan Herald dalam edisi Melayu sehingga mahkamah membuat keputusan sebagai sebahagian dari syarat untuk membenarkannya terus menerbitkannya dalam Bahasa Inggeris, China dan Tamil, lapor Bernama.

"Terdapat semakan semula kehakiman dalam perkara ini dan saya serahkan kepada mahkamah untuk memutuskannya. Saya berpendapat ada kesilapan dalam warta itu. Apabila kita membuat kesilapan, saya mesti akui ia perlu diteliti secara menyeluruh.

"Tetapi oleh kerana perkara itu sudah silap...maka lebih baik kita buat pembetulan," katanya kepada pemberita di Kota Kinabli semalam.

Syed Hamid berkata demikian ketika mengulas kenyataan Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) hari ini yang meminta kerajaan menarik balik keputusan itu kerana ia menyentuh sensitiviti umat Islam bukan sahaja di negara ini malahan di seluruh dunia.

Yang Dipertua YADIM Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad berkata, kerajaan tidak bertindak secara bijak apabila membenarkan penggunaan kalimah itu oleh penerbitan Kristian kerana ia akan menimbulkan kemarahan umat Islam dan boleh membawa kepada tindakan agresif.

Semalam, melaporkan Perintah Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (Larangan Dalam Penggunaan Perkataan Tertentu dalam Dokumen dan Penerbitan) 2009 yang baru diwartakan KDN bahawa penggunaan perkataan "Allah" dalam penerbitan agama Kristian bukan lagi satu larangan.

Warta kerajaan yang diwartakan 16 Februari itu berbunyi: "Percetakan, penerbitan, penjualan, pengeluaran, pengedaran dan pemilikan sebarang dokumen dan penerbitan berkaitan agama Kristian yang mengandungi perkataan 'Allah', 'Kaabah', 'Baitullah' dan 'Solat' adalah dilarang melainkan di muka hadapan dokumen dan penerbitan itu ditulis dengan perkataan "Khusus Untuk Penganut Agama Kristian".

Get out, PKR opportunists told

With three by-elections around the corner, PKR is in serious mood. And the party has to be.

Today, PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim sets the tone for the tough battles ahead by calling on all party leaders and members to strengthen the party from the core.

Speaking at a special meeting for PKR legislators and other key party leaders in Shah Alam, Anwar said one of the major steps needed to strengthen PKR is to rid the party of opportunists.

Without naming names, he told his party chiefs that there were members who emailed him specifically to request for titles and posts in the party.

“Some of them even threatened me by saying that they will leave the party if they don’t get any posts. If they want to leave the party just because of this, let them leave,” Anwar told his audience of some 300 people gathered in a Shah Alam hotel this afternoon.

He stressed it was better for such selfish people to leave as they would be liabilities to the party.

Anwar, both casual in mood and dress, seemed to give Sarawak voters something to look forward to in the upcoming by-election in Batang Ai by focusing on native customary rights (NCR) land issue in the state.

“But this is not only Sarawak’s issue, but a national issue,” he said, promising that land problems will feature prominently in the coming Batang Ai campaign.

PKR is expected to vie for the Batang Ai seat and among those present at the event today were key PKR leaders from Sarawak, including its potential candidate Nicholas Bawin.

Bawin, the Sarawak PKR deputy chair, is a known advocate of the rights of indigenous groups in Sarawak to own NCR lands and have them titled.

On the proposed on-off toll hike, Anwar lashed at the government for their incompetency, saying that it was nothing short of lip service by the government.

“Trust me, after the by-election in Batang Ai (Sarawak), the toll increase will be put back on track as it was postponed for only a short period of time…this is definitely Umno-BN culture,” he said.

However, he conceded that the current political scenario has put Pakatan Rakyat at a crossroad as they are now faced with an “emotional propaganda - three R’s - race, religion, and royalty.”

“These three emotive issues have developed into the Malay’s psychology.

“If the people are not shown the real picture on these issues, they will be fooled by persuasion on the symbols of race, religion and royalty, which will bring their way of thinking back into the feudal era,” said Anwar.

‘Police acting like Umno tools’
At a press conference later, the PKR supremo slammed the police for arresting the PKR parliamentarian for Kapar, S Manikavasagam, earlier today for lodging a police report against the authorities for denying medical treatment for detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar.

“He and the supporters were just defending their friends in detention but it looks like the police have become the tools for Umno,” said Anwar.

Earlier in the afternoon, about 300 Hindraf supporters had gathered in front of the Brickfields police station in Kuala Lumpur to demand proper medical attention for Uthayakumar, only to be sprayed by chemical-laced water by the police.

This also resulted in the arrest of 17 people including Manikavasagam and Police Watch and Human Rights Committee co-ordinator S Jayathas.

“What is wrong in lodging police reports? They’re not even disrupting the traffic. It is not healthy for the police to obstruct anybody from doing so,” said Anwar.

Polis Malaysia macam alat atau ketua cawangan Umno

Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menyelar tindakan polis menahan beberapa orang, termasuk, ahli Parlimen Kapar, S Manikavasagam yang berkumpul bagi membuat laporan polis beramai-ramai berhubung layanan perubatan terhadap tahanan ISA, P Uthayakumar.

“Manikavasagam tampil membuat laporan kepada polis berhubung kekecewaannya terhadap apa yang berlaku terhadap pemimpin Hindraf itu.

“Tidak perlu tangkap beliau. Kalau kata beliau mengganggu lalulintas, saya lihat demonstrasi Umno di Pulau Pinang, trafik dikawal di seluruh kawasan,” kata Anwar selepas menyampaikan ucapan khas “Amanat Harapan Rakyat” kepada wakil rakyat dan pemimpin PKR di Shah Alam petang ini.

“Hendak buat laporan untuk mempertahankan rakan mereka di Kemunting ditangkap. Jadi, nampak polis ini macam alat atau ketua cawangan Umno,” kata ketua pembangkang itu.

Pagi tadi, polis menggunakan meriam air untuk menyuraikan kira-kira 300 orang yang berhimpun di luar ibu pejabat polis Brickfields untuk membuat laporan polis beramai-ramai berhubung layanan perubatan Uthayakumar.

Ahli Parlimen Puchong, Gobind Singh Deo dilaporkan berkata, selain Manikavasagam, polis menahan 17 orang lagi.

Sementara itu, berucap di hadapan kira-kira 300 hadirin, beliau berkata, “PKR akan menyerang habis-habisan” dalam tiga pilihanraya kecil yang akan datang – Bukit Gantang, Perak; Bukit Selambau, Kedah dan Batang Ai di Sarawak.

Pilihanraya kecil

Anwar juga dilihat cuba mengambil hati pengundi Sarawak dengan berkata akan mengambil berat isu tanah adat yang disifatkannya sebagai “bukan isu Sarawak, tetapi isu nasional”.

Beliau juga yakin, penangguhan kenaikan harga tol yang diumumkan kerajaan semalam dan kaitan dengan pilihanrya kecil yang bakal berlangsung April ini.

“Lepas pilihanraya kecil Batang Ai, percayalah tol akan naik semula macam (harga) minyak naik mendadak selepas (pilihanraya umum) 8 Mac dahulu,” katanya.

Menyentuh soal memantapkan jentera parti bagi menghadapi pilihanraya, Anwar menegur sikap ahli partinya yang mengambil kesempatan terhadap kemenangan besar Pakatan dalam pilihanraya umum lalu dengan meminta jawatan pangkat dan jawatan.

Selain itu, menyentuh krisis perlembagaan di Perak, Anwar mengakui Pakatan “berada di persimpangan jalan”.

Katanya, isu raja-raja Melayu “perlu ditangani dengan sikap serhana, berhikmah tetapi tegas”.

“Dalam konteks ini, tiga sikap terhadap raja perlu dibentangkan: Pertama, sikap Hang Tuah yang setia membuta tuli; Kedua, sikap Hang Jebat yang menderhaka dan menumpahkan darah rakyat yang tidak berdosa. Di antara keduanya adalah Bendahara Paduka Raja, yang setia lagi bijaksana.”


Anwar blasted malaysian Police over Detention Of Kapar MP

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim regrets the detention of Kapar member of parliament (MP) S.Manikavasagam and 17 supporters of Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee P.Uthayakumar at an illegal rally at Brickfields police headquarters today.He said police should not have prevented the supporters from handing a report that diabetic Uthayakumar was not given proper treatment.

"I protest. People who lodged police reports against Karpal Singh escape while those who defended their friends at Kamunting are detained.

"I've seen Umno's demonstration in Penang. They controlled the entire area but nobody was even questioned," he said at a "peoples' aspiration address" here today.

Anwar also claimed that the toll rates would be increased after the by-elections at Bukit Gantang (Perak), Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak).

The Cabinet has decided to postpone indefinitely the toll increase for five expressways that was supposed to take effect on Sunday.


mi1: UMNO controls police and the police are their slaves because their salary comes from UMNO controlled government.

Anwar reminded PKR opportunists to get out from the party

SHAH ALAM: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told members of his PKR party today to embark on a soul-searching exercise and ask themselves if they had done enough to fulfil the promise of March 8.

In a special address here to party leaders just a week before the first anniversary of the general election which saw PKR and its partners make significant inroads into the dominance of Barisan Nasional, Anwar attempted to rally the faithful and acknowledge the pressure it has recently been placed under by the ruling coalition.

“If you are among those who are complacent or who feel as though the work is too hard and the sacrifice too great, let me remind you of how I felt from a dark cell, humbled by your courage, overwhelmed by your loyalty, and inspired by your extraordinary feats in the face of adversity.

“It is this spirit that propelled us into a new dawn and it is the same commitment and resolve that we must renew to raise our party to the next level,” said Anwar.

Today's meeting of PKR elected representatives and leaders was planned to relaunch the party's agenda for change.

He warned party leaders not to be preoccupied with government positions and awards but should instead focus on building the party machinery ahead of three crucial by-elections.

His special address comes amid intensified attacks from Umno and BN, which led to the fall of the Perak state government and the investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on Selangor's PKR Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for alleged abuse of power.

Anwar urged party leaders to revisit the party's agenda and not to be satisfied with the victory last year.

“On this eve of the anniversary of our March 8 victory I ask you to reflect on whether you have worked hard to fulfil this promise.

"I ask you whether you have — in your capacity as a leader — done everything you could have to raise this party to the status which it deserves,” he said.

He also warned the opportunists in the party not to belittle the party's struggle by asking to be rewarded after PKR's success.

The former deputy prime minister said the party had lately been bogged down over issues of race, religion and the royalty, which he said could reverse PKR's efforts in promoting change.

“The current political scenario has put Pakatan Rakyat at a crossroads.

"We are facing an emotional propaganda — three Rs — race, religion and royalty. These three emotive issues have developed into the Malay psychology. If the people are not shown the real picture on these issues they will be fooled with arguments on the symbols of race, religion and royalty, which will bring their way of thinking back into the feudal era,” said Anwar.

“The issue of the Malay Rulers must be handled with moderation. We must be diplomatic but firm. It has to reflect mainstream thoughts and not just rhetoric,” he added.

malaysian insider

Chemical-laced water sprayed on Uthaya's supporters

Chaos broke out at the Brickfields police station this morning as the police sprayed chemical-laced water into about 300 supporters of detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar.

The Hindraf leader's supporters were demanding proper medical treatment for Uthayakumar.

By 12.15pm, about 12 people have been arrested, including Kapar MP S Manikavasagam and Police Watch and Human Rights Committee coordinator S Jayathas.

Puchong MP and DAP leader Gobind Singh Deo was also present at the police station to show support.

However, at 12.45pm the crowd had dispersed, leaving only the police and some journalists at the scene.

The situation turned chaotic when the crowd was believed to have turned up to lodge “hundreds” of police reports against the authorities for alleged mistreatment of Uthayakumar.

This also came a week after Kapar MP S Manikavasagam had given a seven-day ultimatum to the police to give proper treatment to Uthayakumar, or else “hundreds” of police reports against the authorities would be lodged.

'We will fight'
Previously, Uthayakumar’s friends and supporters had also warned that the authorities would face street demonstrations should he not be given proper medical attention.

“If anything happens to Uthayakumar, the Malaysian Indians won’t keep quiet. We will fight (for his treatment),” Kapar MP S Manikavasagam told a press conference in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur last week.

Uthayakumar, a diabetic, has broken several toes on his left foot on Jan 31 while in the Kamunting detention camp.

According to his fiancee, S Indra Devi, the swelling is worsening by the day and she feared that he may eventually have to amputate his foot.



The verbal attacks by Umno ministers and their agents on Hindraf supporters, as well as the authorities punishing the movement and its leaders will not solve the basic problem posed by a Tamil underclass of impoverished, desperate Indians who are ruled by a fascist-like regime and tightly hemmed in by state-erected social barriers, a lack of upward mobility and exclusion from affirmative action programmes.

Malaysians are very concerned with increasing instances of police abuse of power have called for an independent institution to investigate alleged police misconduct and instances of such shootings.

Different communities have reported many instances of abuse of power by police personnel. These abuses have occurred in the context of the disputes of these communities with various parties.

1. It was a crystal clear that the police-gangster were licensed to beat, bash, threaten and harm the people.

2. It was clear that they have more budget (as announced during the BUDGET 99, RM3bil = RM250mil/mth = M8.3mil/day) to mobilise bigger force with helicopter support, more water cannons etc.

3. It was clear that what UMNO is saying in the Malaysian official media reports the holy truth.

4. Police always blame that the demostrators who intend to act violently.

5. Barisan Nasional government says that the foreign news tell lies whereas the local news is worse than the foreign news.

6. UMNO has its own agenda and they are hungry for power/domination.

7. It was clear Malaysian police-gangster will be brutal on us on the street

Cops break up Hindraf protest with chemical water, MP and others detained~malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28 — Kapar MP M. Manikavasagan and up to 18 others, who were at Brickfields district police headquarters to lodge reports on the deteriorating health condition of P. Uthayakumar, have been arrested.

Manikavasagam, who called The Malaysian Insider from the police lock-up, said the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) also fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse a crowd which was estimated to be between 400 and 600 strong.

He said a 50-year-old man who suffered breathing difficulties had to be sent to hospital in an ambulance, during the incident at about 11am.

The gathering was to compel authorities to provide better medical treatment for Uthayakumar, who is being detained in Kamunting under the Internal Security Act.

The crowd had initially gathered at a restaurant in Brickfields at about 10.30am before walking 500 metres to the district police headquarters.

According to Manikavasagam, the police had initially agreed to let up to 50 people enter the police station to lodge their reports, but the FRU, stationed outside, started moving against the crowd with tear gas and water cannons soon after.

mi1: Malaysian Indians are going to be very angry and mi1 hopes that this will be end of BN era once and for all to rule Malaysia.

Malaysian Doctors offer to treat Uthayakumar for free but refused by authorities

Many private doctors have come forward offering to treat ISA detainee P. Uthayakumar for free, said Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran.

Since Uthayakumar's wife revealed that her diabetic husband was not getting proper medical treatment, Kulasegaran said he has received over five calls from doctors over the past week.

“They offered to go but the authorities have not granted any of their request. It would not cost them anything.

“I have raised the matter in Parliament and hope that the Malaysian government will listen,” he told reporters after lodging a police report over the alleged mistreatment of Uthayakumar here on Saturday.

He was accompanied by about 15 Makkal Sakti members and other Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

Kulasegaran also voiced concern for Uthayakumar, a leader of the banned Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), who appeared to be suffering from the early stages of gangrene from fractures in his left foot.

“The Home Affairs Minister must know that Malaysians will hold him and the Government liable if anything happens to Uthayakumar,” he added.

Makkal Sakti Ipoh coordinator J. Vijayalingam told reporters that Uthayakumar was spotted with his foot swollen and “oozing pus” when he was brought to the Kuala Lumpur Court for his sedition trial on Feb 3.

Star Online

Malaysian police attack Indians with Chemical Water cannons in Brickfields~malaysiakini

Police arrested 17 people, including Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam, according to Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo. Among the arrested, three, including Uthaya's wife, some were sent to the hospital but police declined to comment.
KUALA LUMPUR: Water cannons were turned on a group who came to the Brickfields police station to lodge mass police reports against the mistreatment of ISA detainee P. Uthayakumar who suffers from diabetes.

Police arrested 17 people, including Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam, according to Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo.

Among the arrested, three, including a woman, were sent to the hospital but police declined to comment.

Earlier Saturday, about 200 people, including several Members of Parliament, had gathered to make the police reports.

Police allowed about 50 people - five family members of Uthayakumar and five representatives each from the country’s nine states, including MPs - to enter the station to lodge the reports.

The rest outside were asked to disperse. Most of them did but about 30 refused to leave.

The Federal Reserve Unit, which was already on standby, began shooting chemical-laced water at the crowd. The 30 ran away and then came back. They were again shot at with water cannons.

They ran way again, regrouped and returned to face a third round of dousing before dispersing.

The FRU now has established a safety perimeter around the police station.

Star Online

Polis Malaysia ganas guna meriam air lerai penyokong Uthayakumar~malaysiakini

Polis melepaskan tembakan meriam air untuk meleraikan kira-kira 200 orang yang berhimpun di luar ibu pejabat polis Brickfields untuk membuat laporan polis beramai-ramai berhubung layanan perubatan terhadap tahanan ISA, P Uthayakumar.

Polis melepaskan tembakan meriam air itu kira-kira jam 11.55 pagi selepas mereka tidak mengendahkan tiga arahan polis supaya bersurai.

Sebelum itu, kira-kira 50 orang dibenarkan masuk untuk membuat laporan polis berhubung layanan terhadap Uthayakumar.

Mereka terdiri daripada lima wakil dari sembilan negeri dan lima anggota keluarga Uthayakumar.

Sehingga jam 12.20 tengahari, polis menahan sembilan orang, termasuk ahli Parlimen Kapar, S Manikavasagam.

Mereka berkumpul hari ini sebagai membantah kerana Uthayakumar - yang menghidap kencing manis - tidak diberi rawatan perubatan sewajarnya.

Beberapa anak jari kaki kiri Uthayakumar mengalami kecederaan pada 31 Januari lalu ketika berada di Kem Tahanan Kamunting.

Pada 20 Februari lalu, Manikavasagam dilaporkan berkata, jika keadaan itu berterusan, 'beratus-ratus" laporan polis akan dibuat terhadap pihak berkuasa hari ini.


E_flyer for the Sat 28 Feb Mass Police Report on Uthaya health right denial~malaysiakini

Flyer for Sat 28 Feb, Mass Police Report

Massive Police Report at Brickfields on 28.2.09~malaysiakini


In the past 20 years or so almost of all the citizens shot dead by the mono ethnic Police Force were ethnic Tamils. And in every case the Police have maintained that they either fired in self defence or that the victims refused to surrender and therefore had to be killed. Human rights lawyers however think that all these were carefully planned extra judicial killings.

In one case a 19 yr old unarmed ethnic Tamil college student was brought down by the Police in a hail of bullets in Seremban, a town in the state of Negri Sembilan. The incident which took place about four years ago was reported in the Govt controlled media as a case where the courageous police fired in self defence but lawyer Uthayakumar who is now wrongfully in detention under the obnoxious ISA laws was able to show reporters the bloodied T shirt the boy was wearing at the time of his murder. All the bullet marks were on the back of the shirt, which means the lad was running from the police not attacking them.

You must not be surprised that the Police continually kick the Law on its rear end. The present Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan admitted under cross examination by the defence in the infamous Anwar Ibrahim trial a few years ago that he would do what is illegal if ordered by his boss. And Raja Petra the fearless blogger who is contesting the Home Minister's order requiring his detention under the ISA has made allegations in his blog that Musa Hassan had symbiotic links with leaders of the underworld.

Recently a Malay woman working in a pub made a Police Report against Jamaluddin Jarjis a UMNO politician alleging that he had groped her at her place of work. Initial reports emerging about the incident said that he was 'tipsy' at that time. Now, commonsense and a sound system of Laws would require that Jamaluddin be be hauled to the Police station and his statement recorded prior to him being investigated for the offence but here in Malaysia a special mollycoddling law applies to UMNO politicians...... The poor woman after having made the Police Report had second thoughts: she took out a Statutory Declaration contra ing the report. Never in legal history has this kind of thing happened.

Mr Karpal Singh and other legal experts have said that there is no provision in the Law whereby a police report may be expunged by a SD. One cannot withdraw a police and if her report were false and malicious then she ought to charged in court but our Police and Public Prosecutors have not proceeded against Jamaluddin Jarjis or the unfortunate woman.

Some months ago Mr Karpal Singh made a police report against Zaki Azmi the Chief Justice wherein he accused Zaki of corruption but to date no statemebt was recorded from him and Zaki has not been investigated. But quicker than a flash of lightning the police have acted upon two reports made against him by UMNO in that he had committed treason against the Sultan of Perak. The venerable wheel chair bound Mr Karpal was asked to go to the Police Hqrs to sit through a 3 hr long interrogation. Naturally Mr Karpal is annoyed at the double standards,

Investors and tourists must understand that 2 kinds of Law operate in Malaysia. A harsh unbending system against the common citizen and a mollycoddling one which applies to UMNO leaders and their cronies.

Decent taxpaying citizens will become so frustrated with these double standards that eventually they may take the law into their own hands.

Perak speaker calls emergency state assembly meet~malaysiakini

Perak speaker V Sivakumar today called for an emergency state assembly sitting on March 3. The assembly is expected to vote on two motions related to the constitutional crisis in the state.
According to the Star, the motions are believed to be on the vote of confidence on Pakatan Rakyat's ousted menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as well as the no confidence motion on Barisan Nasional’s menteri besar Zambry Abdul Kadir.

All state representatives, except for Zambry and the six BN executive councillors, are expected to attend.

Zambry and the six were suspended by Sivakumar for a period of 18 months and 12 months respectively on the grounds that they had acted in contempt of the state assembly.

Perak has been turmoil since BN seized control of the state following the defection of four Pakatan Rakyat representatives.

Three declared themselves as 'BN-friendly' independents while the other had rejoined Umno.


Corrupted Malaysian Chief Justice Zaki Azmi~malaysiakini

DAP chairperson Karpal Singh today handed over to the King a tape recording of Chief Justice Zaki Azmi allegedly admitting that he had bribed court staff.

Karpal, who is also a practising lawyer, handed over the audio evidence to a palace staff at 4.45pm.

The veteran opposition leader said that with the evidence, the King should convene a special rulers session to sack Zaki.

The recording was of Zaki's speech at a convention in Kuching last November on 'Integrity - the Catalyst of Sustainable Development'.

The recording, which is of poor quality, was said to consist of the part where Zaki talked about bribing court staff when he was a lawyer.

Ever since his appointment as the head of the judiciary, Zaki has come under constant fire from the Bukit Gelugor MP, who strongly believes that he is not fit to be chief justice in light of his open admission of having indulged in corrupt practices during his days as a practising lawyer.

Zaki, however, has previously clarified the matter, claiming that the media had misinterpreted his comments at the Kuching conference.

Following transcript when listening to the audio file.

"It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were attended to."

"That is my personal experience, I am telling this to all the clerks and all the registries to stop this nonsense."


Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states~malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR: A businessman has taken a full-page advertisement in a major daily newspaper asking warring political parties to call a truce and focus on the shaky economy and jobs.

Consultant Anas Zubedy shelled out more than RM36,000 for his advertisement yesterday in The Star, the country's biggest-selling English-language newspaper.

In the ad, he spoke of the challenges faced by his 20 staff, their fears for the future — and how the country's leaders seem oblivious to the anxiety that he feels is gripping the nation.

“Whether (the governing) Barisan Nasional or (opposition) Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leads is meaningless . . . if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table,” he wrote.

“Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and just let go. The nation can wait until the next general election if they want change.

“Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR lawmakers. You have proved your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general election if they want your party.”

Anas called on politicians from all sides to “get together and compromise”, telling them: “Someone has to give in. Take the nation to heart. That's why you are in politics in the first place. Focus on the people. Focus on the economy.”

The last time an individual placed a full-page newspaper ad about their political feelings was in 1998, when the late social scientist Tan Sri Dr Noordin Sopiee attacked former US Vice-President Al Gore for praising Malaysia's “Reformasi” movement at an international banquet hosted by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Reformasi movement supported Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who Dr Mahathir had just sacked as deputy premier. Noordin felt that it was rude of Gore to attack Dr Mahathir at a banquet attended by many foreign leaders.

In the ad, Anas may have articulated what many Malaysians, frustrated over the constant political bickering, really feel — that the government has been distracted from more important matters.

For instance, a second economic stimulus package, mooted by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in December last year, is only being tabled on March 10 this year.

Some observers say that Anas's message — and his willingness to pay more than RM36,000 to get it across — could galvanise mass support.

“He is echoing what many of us are thinking — that enough is enough, and that everyone needs to get down and get back to work,” activist and writer Marina Mahathir wrote in her blog on Wednesday.

But whether Anas will move politicians is anyone's guess.

Business Times Singapore

UMNO diistiyarkan parti Gangster~malaysiakini

Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) perlu profesional. Mungkinkah peringatan Perdana Menteri itu menggambarkan badan tersebut belum mampu keluar dari dimensi lama.

Pertukaran nama baru daripada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR), belum memadai apabila banyak kes yang dilaporkan Pakatan Rakyat seperti disenyapkan.

Sebaliknya pantas sekali bertindak kalau melibatkan aduan daripada pemimpin Umno.

Buktinya Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Perak, V Sivakumar terus disiasat SPRM setelah menerima laporan pemimpin Barisan Nasional (BN).

Sebelum ini Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM, Dato' Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan membuat kenyataan pihaknya akan menjalankan siasatan berhubung dakwaan salah guna kuasa V. Sivakumar kerana menggantung Menteri Besar Perak dan enam anggota Exco daripada menghadiri persidangan Dun.

Mengulas perkembangan tersebut Mursyidul Am PAS Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat mempersoalkan mengapa SPRM tidak menyiasat orang yang dikatakan menjadi punca kepada tiga Adun Pakatan Rakyat di Perak berpaling tadah.

"Sepatutnya yang bertanggungjawab mencetus isu tersebut dan membawa tiga Adun terbabit ke Istana Perak perlu disiasat SPRM kerana segala masalah yang berlaku sekarang berpunca dari situ.

"Kita belum mendengar ada maklumat badan tersebut menyiasat Pengerusi Perhubungan Umno Perak yang baru dilantik, kerana difahamkan dia ada hubungan dengan tiga Adun tersebut hilang dan muncul di Putrajaya.

"Hilang ke mana.. tentunya ada hubung kait pemimpin tertentu. Jadi kita persoalkan kenapa tidak disiasat pihak terbabit, kalau benar-benar mahu lebih profesional," katanya ketika ditemui di kediamannya di Pulau Melaka, semalam.

Beliau berkata, SPRM seolah-olah berfungsi menyiasat kes tertentu sahaja dan pembaharuan yang dilakukan sekarang tidak memperlihatkan badan itu benar-benar telus.

"Selama tidak ada sifat taqwa pada pengerusi dan jawatankuasanya, mereka tidak akan melakukan siasatan ke atas pemimpin negara. Yang disiasat hanya anak-anak bilis.

Habiskan duit rakyat

"Oleh itu, tubuh apa jenis badan sama ada polis atau badan pencegah rasuah, ia menjadi kerja sia-sia kalau dilihat terhadap apa yang berlaku sekarang. Habis masa dan wang rakyat," katanya.

Sebelum ini tiga bekas Adun Pakatan Rakyat di Perak, Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang), Jamaluddin Mat Radzi (Behrang) dan Mohd Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) hilang dan tiba-tiba muncul bersama Dato' Seri Najib Razak di Putrajaya.

"Tindakan itu tidak sah, tindakan yang tidak membawa ke syurga, bahkan tindakan yang boleh membawa ke neraka," kata Menteri Besar Kelantan.

Menurutnya tindakan pemimpin yang menjatuhkan kerajaan di luar normal biasa jelas tidak ada dalam diari perjuangan Islam.

Beliau juga mempersoalkan adakah kerana Dato' Seri Nizar Jamaluddin melakukan kesalahan rasuah sehingga Pengerusi Perhubungan Umno Perak bertindak merampas kerajaan negeri dengan cara tidak halal.

"Yang menjadi persoalannya kenapa Pengerusi Umno bertindak demikian. Adakah Nizar melanggar peraturan Kerajaan atau menyalahgunakan kuasa hingga menyebabkan berlakunya rampasan kuasa di Perak.

"Jika tidak demikian bermakna tindakan dilakukan pihak berkenaan berasaskan semata-mata nafsu. Memuja nafsu dan bertindak seperti gengster," katanya.

Menurutnya segala yang berlaku kerana Umno membuang sifat taqwa kepada Allah menyerlahkan lagi amalan mereka memisahkan agama dan politik.

Beliau berkata, berdasar kepada tindak tanduk Umno itu membuat rakyat terutamanya golongan cerdik pandai semakin menjauhi parti tersebut.

Tindak tanduk Umno seperti gengstar

"Apabila Umno mencetuskan banyak isu, semakin dibenci golongan intelek,? katanya.

Malah katanya, orang muda sekarang melihat pemimpin Umno semacam terkena allergic.

"Seorang bekas mufti mengatakan Umno sekarang sudah menjadi allergic dan saya pula anggap macam penyakit berjangkit yang mesti dijauhi orang ramai,? katanya.

Beliau juga berkata, sekiranya seseorang pemimpin itu mendapat kedudukan tinggi kerana amalan rasuah yang diamalkan, mereka tidak layak hidup di muka bumi ini," katanya.

Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz menyifatkan Umno sekarang berada dalam kolam najis kerana amalan rasuah sudah sebati dengan pemimpin parti itu.

"Mana rakyat boleh menerima pemimpin sebegitu," katanya.


UMNO gangsters mob Karpal Singh at Parliament lobby~malaysiakini

A day after proclaiming that 'Singh is King', DAP veteran Karpal Singh finds himself mobbed by a group of angry Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby.

This followed Karpal's accusation yesterday that the 'celaka' (damn) Umno Youth was responsible for the death threat and live bullets he had received via mail last week.

Karpal had also warned Umno Youth not to play games with him and likened himself to the recent Bollywood blockbuster 'Singh is King'.

At about 2.30pm, the wheelchair-bound politician was surrounded by about 30 Umno Youth members who prevented him from entering the Dewan Rakyat.

Karpal then telephoned fellow DAP MP Fong Po Kuan, who arrived with a rescue team comprising DAP MPs to save their chairperson.

During the ensuing drama, which saw a little shoving and pushing, DAP MP for Segambut Lim Lip Eng claimed that he was assaulted.

According to Lim, he was hit a number of times on the face and his body.

The opposition parliamentarians also complained that security personnel did not intervene until they made noise.

In an immediate reaction, Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia expressed regret over the incident, which he said was a first in Parliament.

The Speaker added that he would ask the Home Ministry to investigate the matter and vowed that such incidents would not recur.

Meanwhile, a defiant Karpal later declared: "I might be disabled but I will not take any intimidation from any quarters."

Khairy lambasts Karpal

Earlier, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin challenged Karpal, whom he described as an "arrogant MP who thinks he knows everything", to repeat his accusation outside of the Parliament building.

"It is a wild and insane allegation... Karpal should not hide behind his parliament immunity and face us outside," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

Karpal had levelled the accusation when debating on the motion of thanks on the royal address in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

Meanwhile, Khairy said Umno Youth cannot take any legal action against Karpal because the accusation was made in Parliament.

"DAP always talks of a world class parliament but their chairman behaves in a very uncivilised and rude manner," added the Rembau MP.

'Give us proof or be branded a liar'

Khairy also challenged the veteran lawyer to provide proof of his allegation within 24 hours.

"If he doesn't show us the proof, then the people should consider Karpal a liar and that he has no credibility," he said.

Asked if an apology would be sufficient, the Umno Youth leader replied: "There is no use in asking him for an apology because he is an arrogant MP and he thinks he knows everything."

Furthermore, Khairy said more than a hundred police reports were filed against Karpal when he threatened to sue Perak ruler, Sultan Azlan Shah, over the political turmoil in the state.

The Umno Youth leader urged the Attorney-General's Chambers to look into the reports and take action.

"We want to remind him that Umno Youth is not playing games and Karpal is the one who is playing with the sentiments of the rakyat, he is playing with fire.

"If he does not repent, then it would only serve to aggravate our anger and the anger of the people," he warned.

In a related development, Jerlun MP Mukhriz Mahathir, who is vying for the Umno Youth chief's post, also lashed out at Karpal for his remarks.

He said Karpal should be charged with sedition for questioning the Sultan of Perak. He also reprimanded Karpal for his arrogance in stating that 'Singh is King'.

"It shows that he does not respect our rulers," he said in a statement.


S'gor MB digs up more dirt on Khir Toyo~malaysiakini

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has intensified his attacks against Dr Mohd Khir Toyo by accusing his predecessor of failing to declare the perks he enjoyed as chairperson of the state’s investment arm. In a statement issued by the MB’s office today, Khir had allegedly failed to declare perks in the form of a Toyota Harrier and a driver he received as chairperson of Permodalan Nasioanal Selangor Bhd (PNSB) in 2005 and 2006.

The statement further said the matter was uncovered following an evaluation exercise conducted by a group of advisors appointed by the MB’s office on PNSB to enhance its performance.

“Khir used these benefits until he resigned as PNSB chairperson in March 2008. However, none of these benefits were included in the EA forms,” read the statement.

The Employers Assessment (EA) form is issued by an employer to the employee detailing their quantum of tax paid.

According to the statement, PNSB had also failed to include the petrol and maintenance fees paid by the group.

It is learnt that PNSB has over the years given its employees including its chairperson, members of the board of directors benefits in the form of material, cash or both.

“Among the benefits are cars and drivers, as well as holidays for local and international destinations.

“Holiday benefits are given to all staff while cars and dedicated drivers are provided only to chief executive cum director, senior managers and managers,” explained the statement.

PNSB must declare past benefits

Following this, Abdul Khalid had instructed that PNSB submit all list of benefits in kind the company has given to its employees in the past years to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

“This directive was made following the discovery that PNSB has over the years failed to declare benefits in kind in the EA forms to IRB.

“The move is to ensure that the state subsidiary does not run foul of the income tax laws,” read the statement.

Today’s allegation of financial impropriety against Khir is the third accusation made by Abdul Khalid in the past three days.

Two days ago, the former Selangor MB was accused of receiving a RM159,250 Patek Phillipe watch as a souvenir.

Although he claimed to have returned it, his foes claimed Khir had found ways to take back the watch via a “backdoor”.

Yesterday, Khir was again implicated and this time the accusation being property scandal worth more than RM20 million.

Khir has been alleged to have perpetrated both these acts also during his time as chairperson of PNSB.

He and his supporters however said the allegations were acts of vengeance by Abdul Khalid who now faces the prospect of legal prosecution following the former’s accusation that the latter had abused his powers when he purchased a car and bought cattle for a Hari Raya Haji event.


Sujatha's death: Kapar MP wants answers from OCPD~malaysiakini

Kapar member of parliament M Manikavasam this morning filed an application at the High Court to compel the former Sentul police chief K Kumaran to answer several questions on his relationship with MIC president S Samy Vellu and his son Vell Paari.

In his application, Manikavasagam also wants the court to order the police officer to reveal why it took him a long time to investigate the death of television actress K Sujatha.

Sujatha died in June 2007 and Manikavasagam has for long been claiming that Vell Paari was implicated in the death. He further claimed that Kumaran was slow in investigating the matter as a result of his close ties with Samy Vellu and Vell Paari.

Vell Paari had denied the accusation and Kumaran had filed a defamation suit against Manikavasagam over the claims.

Manikavasagam's application sought for the questions to be answered at the next stage of the defamation suit. The matter will be mentioned on March 5.

Sujatha's inquest is set to be heard from March 16 to 18.

After filing his application, Manikavasagam also said that he would be going to the federal police headquarters in Bukti Aman next week to urge disciplinary action against Kumaran "for his relationship with Samy Vellu".


Pakatan Perak reps: We were offered millions to quit~malaysiakini

Two Pakatan Rakyat state assemblypersons today filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) claiming that they were offered millions of ringgit to quit their respective parties and become Independents or join Barisan Nasional (BN).

According to a Bernama report, DAP's Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar) and PKR’s Abdul Yunus Jamsari (Kuala Kurau) filed the report at the MACC office in Ipoh.

Speaking to reporters later, Keshvinder claimed that he had received various offers from numerous agents claiming to represent Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

One of the agents, he said, was a local freelance journalist with the Chinese media.

The DAP leader claimed that he was offered RM20 million to quit his party and declare himself as an Independent as well as express support for BN.

The lawyer-turned-politician also said he had received other offers such as the prospect of being appointed Perak MIC chief if he joined the BN component party as well as being appointed a state executive councillor.

He said the exco appointment offer was the latest offer since the BN seized control of the state government earlier this month.

"I urge Najib to come forward and explain the matter because this shows that the federal government is corrupt and desperate," he added.

Logging concessions
Abdul Yunus claimed that he was offered cash of between RM3 million and RM8 million.

He also said he was offered logging concessions if he quit his party.

He alleged that the offer was made by several agents comprising businessmen who claimed to be representing the Perak BN leadership.

When lodging the police report, the duo were accompanied by seven Pakatan Rakyat representatives - Ramli Tusin (Semanggol), A Sivasubramaniam (Buntong), Chan Ming Kai (Simpang Pulai), Chang Lih Kang (Teja), Sum Cheok Leng (Bercham), Leong Mee Meng (Jalong) and Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah (Titi Serong).

BN took control of the state after four Pakatan Rakyat representatives quit their respective parties. Three later declared themselves 'BN-friendly' Independents while the other rejoined Umno.

Zambry chairs exco meeting
Meanwhile in Teluk Intan, BN Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six state exco members held their meeting at the Hilir Perak district office.

Zambry later told reporters that the state government had decided to hold the exco meeting in each of the districts in the state on rotation basis.

This is to enable all exco members to better appreciate the problems of the people at the grassroots level, he added.

At the exco meeting today, Zambry said that the annual vacation allowance of RM20,000 for each of the six exco members will be withdrawn and utilised to overcome the people's problems.

He said it would not be appropriate for the allocation of RM120,000 to be used as vacation allowance in the wake of the uncertain economic situation currently.

"The money will instead be utilised for the people who are in need," he was quoted as saying in Bernama.


Killing Democracy the Barisan Nasional way~malaysiakini

IPOH: Perak State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar said today he deemed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) probe on him for suspending Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and six of his executive councillors from attending state assembly sittings, as an insult.

“I consider this an insult to the legislature, but nevertheless, I gave my full cooperation in the probe,” he told reporters after being interviewed by two MACC officers from Putrajaya at the Menteri Besar’s official residence here today.

He added that he could not understand the need for his being questioned when he was only discharging his duties and the whole episode seemed more like “harassment” and an affront to the doctrine of separation of powers in a democracy.

Yesterday, he was interviewed by police at his law office here over the same matter.

The probes came in the wake of reports lodged against him with the police and the MACC over his action in the suspensions of Zambry and the excos.


BN, most corrupted government in the world and Malaysians are most stupidest in the world to listen to them~malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR: Three out of four persons being investigated in relation to the infamous V. K. Lingam video clip case, have been cleared of graft charges, the prime minister told Parliament today.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi told Wee Choo Keong (PKR-Wangsa Maju) in a written reply that the three cases had been marked “NFA” — which means no further action will be taken.

The file on one of the four persons originally investigated remain open. The PM did not name any of the four persons.

Abdullah said there was insufficient evidence to charge the three persons under the Anti-Corruption Act 1997.

The Lingam video clip was widely circulated on the Internet in 2007.

In the grainy clip, Lingam is recorded having a telephone conversation apparently with a minister and appears to be brokering judicial appointments.

The video clip which was recorded by Loh Gwo Burne, who is now the PKR MP for Kelana Jaya, sparked a major public outcry.

A Royal Commission was set up to investigate the videp clip but the findings were inconclusive regarding Lingam’s role in any alleged brokering of judicial appointment.

During the hearing, Lingam famously said “it looks like me, it sounds like me,” when questioned if he was indeed the man in the clip.

The V. K. Lingam video clip scandal was a significant contributing factor towards the Barisan Nasional (BN) government’s poor performance in last year’s general elections.

Four investigation files were opened by anti-corruption officers, the prime minister said in Parliament today.

Three of the cases were “deferred” to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, while one was marked “NFA” by the director of the legal and prosecution department in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Of the three cases “deferred” to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, two were marked “NFA” while the remaining case remains open.

Wee told reporters later that the director of the legal and prosecution department did not have the power to decide on a case but to only investigate.

“This is unheard of and first time as a lawyer. Why are they taking so long? The last time they said that the paper has already been sent but now they say it is for further investigation,” he said.

Police have not learnt their lesson following the death of detainee A Kugan~malaysiakini

The DAP national socialist youth movement (Dapsy) has joined the chorus of calls demanding an immediate public inquiry into last week’s extra-judicial killing of six men in Kulim, Kedah.
National publicity secretary Ng Wei Aik said the inquiry should be a transparent one, to determine the truth behind the death of the six men who were shot dead by the police.

"Until now, the police have failed to provide a satisfactory explanation. The inquiry should be held urgently to prevent the truth being swept under the carpet. The public has the right to full disclosure," he said in a statement today.

He also demanded that the police personnel involved be suspended immediately pending the investigation, and for them to be prosecuted if there is sufficient evidence to take them to court.

Those killed were contract worker R Elangovan, 38; LS Santana, 34; contractor R Pannir, 28; crane driver S Vadivelan, 29; carpenter S Gurusamy, 50, and lorry attendant R Dilip Kumar, 20.

Police alleged that they were believed to be involved in several cases of armed robbery in Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor.

A team from the federal police headquarters was involved in what was described as a “shootout” at 11pm on Feb 17 in the small town of Karangan, some 15km from Kulim.

Police claimed that they had no choice but to act in self-defence.

Ng, the Komtar assemblyperson, was critical of the incident, saying that the police have not learnt their lesson following the death of detainee A Kugan, 22, at the Taipan police station in Selangor on Jan 20.

"This shameful incident in Kulim happened despite the public outcry against Kugan’s death while in custody,” added Ng, who is also political secretary to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“The police have not learnt anything - they are not committed to correcting their wrongdoings."

The shootout has unleashed an uproar among the public, politicians and NGOs, who have questioned the brutal manner of the killing.


Najib incessant negative politicking will hit the economy hard~malaysiakini

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has slammed Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak for his refusal to accept a two-coalition system, warning the non-stop negative politicking will only worsen the economic crisis overtaking the country.

Civil society groups too are becoming increasingly alarmed at the speed of deterioration in the economy and the growing public distrust for the federal government machinery and its institutions, scorned after a recent string of scandalously-biased decisions.

“We must not allow ourselves to get into this kind of morass, otherwise foreign investors will get put off from coming here to invest,” said Ramon Navaratnam, president of Transparency International Malaysia.

“If the politicians do not desist, then this morass will deepen and it will not be just political but also social, because the institutions are now becoming involved. This has to be resolved quickly.”

Anwar, who was officiating a function at the Sin Ming Chinese school in Puchong, took Najib to task for gambling with the economic future of the nation.

“While the leaders of other countries have acknowledged that serious measures are needed to fight the economic slowdown, Malaysia has not issued such statements because the Finance Minister is too busy abducting people. Only on March 10th will he finally take additional steps to tackle the slowdown,” said Anwar.

Malaysia’s MIA file

The reform icon was referring to a slew of people who have mysteriously and suddenly disappeared from public view after being embroiled in some form of scandal or other related to Najib and his Umno party.

The first high-profile Missing-In-Action person, arguably, was a private investigator named P Balasubramaniam, who had linked Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor to the controversial murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu.

More recently, three assemblymen - Mohd Osman Jailu, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Hee Yit Foong - too disappeared and could not be contacted for days before suddenly re-emerging in a group to help Najib wrest the Perak state government from the Pakatan Rakyat.

The latest on the MIA list is Hilmi Malek, widely reported to be the ex-boyfriend of Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong.

Hilmi is alleged to have illegally circulated semi-nude pictures of Eli, a move that forced her to quit her state seat and executive councillor post, paving the way for Najib to regain control of Selangor state.

Growing distrust for federal institutions

Since losing big in the March 2008 general election, Najib and Umno have sworn to re-take the five states it lost to the Pakatan - Selangor, Penang, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan - no matter how high the stakes nor how far-reaching the consequences for the country’s economic future.

For example, rumours have been rife that Hee was offered RM25 million ringgit to leave the DAP to support the Umno-led Barisan Nasional. It has also been widely speculated that a budget of at least RM100 million was set aside to topple the Selangor state government.

Najib and his advises - former premier Mahathir Mohamad and ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin - have also twisted the federal institutions to their advantage.

The most recent cases involved the Election Commission, which has incurred public scorn after two key decisions that many believed were clearly biased against the Pakatan.

Last Friday, the chief of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commisson, too joined the Umno-organised fray to snap at the Pakatan. Discarding the cloak of discretion that he is duty-bound to wear, Ahmad Said Hamdan publicly discredited Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

Ahmad’s move - perhaps calculated to please Najib - was immediately condemned by civil society, amid growing fears that trust for institutions and all things related to the federal government was visibly wearing thin.


BN government enriches the rich community~malaysiakini

In another case of high-cost deals that benefit corporate bigwigs at the expense of taxpayers, Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat admitted today that the Finance Ministry has been indirectly subsidising Express Rail Link, operator of the high-speed rail service from the KL International Airport.

Grilled by KeADILan vice president Azmin Ali, Tee Keat told Parliament that ERL - a unit of tycoon Francis Yeoh’s YTL Corp Bhd - has been reimbursed since April 2008 because it was unable to cover costs due to poor sales

“For example, if RM51 is collected from an international flight, RM5 is allocated to ERL,” Tee Keat said.

The ERL is the latest in a long running series of deals that have turned out to be disadvantageous to taxpayers. Most of these mega-deals - so called because they involved billions of ringgit - were crafted and approved during ex- premier Mahathir Mohamad’s time in power.

There is growing fear that his protege Najib Abdul Razak, the finance minister and incoming prime minister, will perpetuate this legacy of dubious wheeling-and dealing.

Adverse to taxpayers

In fact, just days ago, Najib had axed a low-cost-carrier-terminal project proposed by Air Asia boss Tony Fernandez, that aimed to reduce the rich margins charged by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd and passed onto consumers across the board.

Said Azmin: “I ask the Finance Minister to come into Parliament and give a response towards this issue so that the people can get a proper explanation. For us it is clear, the government already has a master plan for KLIA which includes a designated area for the building of LCCT.

“Why was it not built in the early stages when the government has already spent 268 million ringgit for building the temporary LCCT in KLIA?,” Azmin asked, referring to the policy flip-flops that has resulted in unnecessary and additional costs to taxpayers.

Under the existing concession agreement, MAHB, the operator of the airport, has to pay ERL a portion of service charges it levies on all passengers.

But under a restructuring exercise in MAHB itself, the Finance Ministry has to reimburse MAHB for the sum it pays to ERL.

Tee Keat defended the payout, saying ERL invested huge amounts of capital to operate the rail line but ticket sales could “cover the cost of the outlay and maintenance”. The allocation was also based on projected traffic before ERL began operations.

“With the inception of the low-cost carrier terminal two years ago, takings have further deteriorated,” Tee Keat said.

The BN federal government has collected RM1.86 billion in airport taxes since 2004. Last year, RM446.4 million was collected, with RM292 million from KLIA itself.


Utusan Malaysia menghasut Orang Islam cuba melagakan dengan bukan Islam~malaysiakini

Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim GUan Eng akan menyaman Utusan Malaysia serta Yang diPertua Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (MAINPP), Shabudin Yahya berhubung tuduhan 'DAP menghina Islam' yang termuat dalam laporan Utusan Malaysia hari ini.

Ia berikutan kenyataan Shabudin yang melahirkan rasa kesal dengan kononnya ada penubuhan Majlis Perundingan Antara Agama oleh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang.

Guan Eng dalam satu sidang media bersama Paktan Rakyat di Parlimen hari ini melahirkan rasa kecewanya dengan laporan Utusan Malaysia itu yang baginya tidak bertanggungjawab.

Hadir sama dalam sidang media itu ialah Setiausaha Agung PAS, Dato' Kamarudin Jaffar dan Naib Presiden KeADILan, Azmin Ali serta dua ahli Parlimen KeADILan, Dato' Johari Abdul (KeADILan Sungai Petani) dan Yusmandi Yussof (KeADILan Balik Pulau).

Sambil menggangap laporan Utusan itu satu 'berita palsu', Guang Eng menegaskan ia akan tetap menyaman Utusan dalam apa juga keadaan sekalipun.

Ditanya kemungkinan Utusan dan Shabuddin mempunyai bukti membuat laporan sedemikian, Guan Eng berkata, setakat ini kerajaan negeri tidak pernah menubuhkan majlis itu.

"Macam mana beliau kononnya dapat maklumat mengenai majlis ini sedangkan kami dalam mesyuarat exco tidak pernah membincangkan hal ini, ini satu fitnah yang keterlaluan," kata Guan Eng dengan nada marah.

Beliau seterusnya melahirkan rasa marah dan geram dengan laporan utusan tersebut dan nekad akan mengenakan tindakan undang-undang kepada akhbar tersebut dan Shabudin sendiri.

Beliau menegaskan DAP tidak pernah menghina Islam atau berhasrat menghina Islam seperti yang digembar-gemburkan oleh akhbar seperti Utusan.

Malah katanya sebelum ini beliau sendiri pernah membela nasib keluarga Melayu yang pernah dianiaya dalam kes rogol membabitkan orang kenamaan di Melaka yang menyebabkan dirinya terpenjara.

"Hal ini tak pernah pula dilaporkan," soalnya.

Terdahulu, pada 23 Februari Shabudin dalam akhbar utusan berkata, cubaan menyamakan Islam dengan fahaman agama lain ternyata menghina Islam dan tindakan seperti itu mesti dihentikan.

Katanya, MAINPP berasa cukup tersinggung apabila ada beberapa ahli jawatankuasa (AJK) majlis tersebut terdiri daripada orang Melayu.

"Saya difahamkan ada tiga orang AJK Melayu beragama Islam duduk dalam majlis tersebut yang kononnya mahu menuntut kesamarataan agama.

"Ini sesuatu yang cukup menakutkan kerana agama Islam dipandang sama seperti Buddha yang diasaskan oleh manusia bernama Gautama Buddha, disamakan juga dengan Kristian, Taoism dan Bahai," katanya.

Shabudin berkata demikian kepada Utusan Malaysia ketika diminta mengulas ucapannya semasa majlis penyerahan Dana Zakat Program Didik Cemerlang Akademik 2009 di Sungai Dua pada 23 Februari.

Ketika berucap pada majlis tersebut, Shabudin melahirkan rasa kurang senangnya terhadap penubuhan Majlis Perundingan Antara Agama Pulau Pinang yang bertujuan meletakkan semua agama, termasuk agama Islam sebagai sama rata dengan agama-agama lain.

Utusan melaporkan, majlis tersebut ditubuhkan tahun lalu iaitu selepas kerajaan pakatan pembangkang yang diterajui Ketua Menteri, Lim Guan Eng mula memerintah negeri itu.

Majlis itu dipengerusikan Guan Eng sendiri. Mengulas lanjut, Shabudin yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Permatang Berangan, Tasek Gelugor berkata, agama Islam itu tinggi dan tidak ada yang lebih tinggi daripadanya.

Malaysians hoping for Pak Lah to stay for another term~malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 – At a dinner soiree in honour of his time as prime minister last night, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wistfully admitted that he was planning to stay for two terms until it was cut short by the transition plan.

He said that his second term was when he had planned to introduce his reforms.

The prime minister told the members of the Kuala Lumpur Business Club that he was proud of the two commissions he managed to persuade parliament to pass – the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC).

“That, to me, is satisfying,” he said in response to a question from a dinner guest on what was his proudest achievement as prime minister and Umno president.

“It was what was promised but a bit late. It may not be the best but it is a beginning – a good beginning. In the coming years, there will be amendments made.”

He said that he had been discouraged as many doubted he could pass the laws without a two-thirds majority in parliament or working with the opposition.

“I said ‘never mind, just try it’,” he said, adding that he made the decision not to try to amend the constitution rather than work with the opposition.

When asked on his advice for Muslims leaders trying to deal with a world that has become increasingly suspicious of Islam, Pak Lah replied that the solution lies with the Muslims themselves.

“The real threat to the Muslim community is not from the non-Muslims,” he replied.

“The real threat is that the big percentage of Muslim countries suffer from poverty, illiteracy and are lacking in progress.”

Asked what his advice was for Malaysians facing adversity, he replied that Malaysians should work hard and have faith in their ability to survive.

“I myself was thrown out of the cabinet for three years and nine months,” he recalled.

“I called it my sabbatical. And I still made it to the top. We have survived so many crises because we have faith in our abilities and ourselves.”

When asked for his comments on his role as the person who expanded the space for expression in the country, he said that he wished for more responsible exercise of expression.

“I know I have a high level of tolerance. But I wish that, if I give you more freedom, please remind yourselves you have to be more responsible. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. We have to think what is good for the public.”

When asked what he plans to do next, Pak Lah replied: “Gardening, planting fruit trees and melons. A kampung boy returning to his old ways.”

When the moderator – noted regional news presenter Lorraine Hahn – pressed him on what he will miss the most about being prime minister, he said he would not know “until I am out of office.”

Pak Lah’s term as prime minister is expected to end by the end of March or early April, soon after he hands over the reins of the Umno presidency to his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

By convention within the BN coalition, the Umno president also assumes the mantle of prime minister.

The nation’s fifth prime minister was pressured into stepping down prematurely after the worst ever showing by the BN coalition in the general elections in March last year.

His time in office began on an optimistic note when he promised to tackle corruption and be the prime minister for all Malaysians, regardless of race.

In the intervening years, however, he failed to make good on his promises and also suffered relentless attacks from his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and this resulted in the opposition making unprecedented gains in the 2008 general elections, winning five states and denying BN a two-thirds majority in parliament.

His two proudest achievements – the JAC and MACC – have also come under heavy criticism for not being fully independent of the executive branch and not being answerable to parliament, rendering them flawed from inception.

There are some quarters within Umno who are believed to be urging Pak Lah not to step down as prime minister as it is not a written requirement that the Umno president has to be prime minister.

The Pakatan Rakyat is also said to prefer Pak Lah over Najib who is seen to as a throwback to the more authoritarian Mahathir era.

But Pak Lah is not giving them much hope.

“Who is interested to listen to a prime minister about to leave the stage?” he quipped at the beginning of the evening.

The Malaysian Insider

Do you want to be led by leaders tainted with criminal acts?malaysiakini

A large PKR dinner function in Petaling Jaya last night was supposed to be an upbeat fund raiser filled with song and dance. But as the night progressed, the tune slowly changed.

This was despite the party and its supporters having legitimate reasons to celebrate. In a month, PKR will be celebrating the first anniversary of its reign over Selangor. In a few more months, the party will turn a decade old.

But last night, the party had no choice but to celebrate its milestones while fending off a spate of crises that have stricken the party.

Even the man of the night, de facto party leader Anwar Ibrahim, was in no mood to celebrate and showed up guns ablazing.

"They rob your money. They take your land. They steal contracts. But when we give cows to the poor, they want to charge us," said a livid Anwar, who apologised several times during his 30-minute speech over an uncharacteristic and unbridled display of anger.

Anwar was referring to the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission’s (MACC) announcement that they were going after Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim over graft charges.

Khalid defends himself

Khalid has been accused of abusing his power over a state agency’s distribution of cows for slaughter in the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency and maintenance of his personal car.

Khalid himself, however, last night appeared unperturbed by the allegations and neither was the 5,000-strong crowd, who gave him a standing ovation upon his arrival.

When he took to the podium later, Khalid reiterated that he was innocent of the charges leveled against him and accused Barisan Nasional of using the MACC to attack the party.

"We are not afraid of MACC. We believe that what we do is not for ourselves but for Selangor and her people," said Khalid, who added, to the amusement of many, that he does not even eat beef.

Meanwhile, party information chief Tian Chua told the crowd that the corruption charges were a sign of double standards as the countless reports against BN have been ignored by the authorities.

"It is true, our elected representatives have no experience - they have no experience in being corrupt and no experience in inciting racial hatred," he said in Khalid’s defence.

"Over the months, they will be using even dirtier tactics to smear us. Today it is Khalid. Yesterday it was Elizabeth Wong. But we will not back down and we will stand with the people," said Tian to loud applause from the floor.

Crowd cheers for Wong

Wong, the Bukit Lanjan state representative and state executive councillor, is currently on leave after intimate pictures of her surfaced in public.

Despite the controversy, the dinner crowd clapped and cheered when her picture appeared on a large projector screen when a short film featuring PKR leaders was played.

In their speeches, Anwar, Khalid and Tian all pinned the blame on BN for Wong's predicament.

Although angry during much of his speech, Anwar appeared in a happier mood when talking about Wong.

"Me and (my wife Dr Wan) Azizah (Wan Ismail) now check our rooms for cameras. Every night before we sleep, I ask Azizah, ‘Are you sure you have checked?’" he quipped, prompting laughter from the floor.

Najib flayed

As in all his ceramah, Anwar launched a vitriolic attack on Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, whom he credited as the main culprit behind the ‘disappearances’ of certain figures and a limp economy.

"In the past, Altantuya disappeared. When she was found, she was in pieces. Later, Balasubramaniam disappeared. No one knows where he is. Then, two of our Perak excos go missing.

"All this ‘missing person’ cases, have something to do with the deputy prime minister. Do you want to be led by leaders tainted with criminal acts, corruption and abuse of power?" he asked.

On the economy, Anwar said as opposition leader, he had called on the government to revise the 2009 budget last year, which Najib. who is also finance minister, brushed off.

"Finally, last week he said that on March 10 he would introduce a mini-budget. My reaction is, he has no time to do a mini-budget because he is busy with mini-kidnappings," he said.

The dinner, themed ‘Keadilan - A new hope for Malaysia’ was organised by Selayang MP William Leong and was mostly targeted at raising funds from the suburban Chinese crowd, who paid RM50 per head for a seat.

Almost all 500 tables were filled and about 1,000 non-paying guests and curious onlookers surrounded the stage and Padang Timur where the dinner was held, to hear Anwar speak.


Sabah MP backs independent probe on Kugan death

KUALA LUMPUR: A government backbencher has called for the controversial Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to be set up to deal with cases of police brutality.

This comes just days before Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi tables an Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission Bill, which replaces the IPCMC, as the final piece of his reform package.

Datuk Ghapur Salleh (BN-Kalabakan) had earlier told the Dewan Rakyat that an independent commission must inquire into the circumstances surrounding the death of suspected car thief A Kugan while in police custody last month.

The high-profile case has become a lightning rod for protests against apparent police brutality.

“It (IPCMC) would have been the perfect body to investigate this case,” he said to reporters later, adding that he was disappointed when the Special Complaints Commission (SCC) bill had been withdrawn from Parliament.

In 2005, the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysian Police had recommended the establishment of the IPCMC.

In 2007, the government instead tabled a bill to form a Special Complaints Commission which would have both the Inspector General of Police and the Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Agency (now the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) as automatic members.

This bill was withdrawn amid heavy criticism and was due to be retabled early last year, but Parliament was dissolved ahead of the March 8 General Elections.

Abdullah will table a replacement bill, known by its Malay acronym Siap, at the beginning of March.

“The commission must start on this case to prevent future abuses,” the Umno lawmaker said.

Ghapur added that some form of independent inquiry must be conducted into the Kugan case as it was taking a toll on Barisan Nasional and would result in a loss of votes in future elections.

“If a dead body is found in my house, I cannot be the one to investigate it. Someone outside must do it,” he had told Dewan Rakyat, criticising internal police investigations into the affair which has yet to see any suspects being charged.

He also criticised the investigation into two deputy ministers — Senator T. Murugiah and Datuk S.K. Devamany — who were accused of breaking into the mortuary where Kugan’s body was held.

“They were only showing their sympathy to the family of the deceased. It is the police who should be investigated for any criminal involvement.

“Even if the boy was a criminal, it is not up to the police to mete out punishment, but the courts. Let us not defend the police if they are criminals,” he added.

Ghapur had initially been chosen as Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment after the March 8 General Elections last year but turned down the appointment.

Shannon Teoh
The Malaysian Insider