Malaysians recoil with SHOCK & ANGER at Rafizi's arrest: 2 main targets

M'sians recoil with SHOCK & ANGER at Rafizi's arrest: 2 main targets
News of the arrest of PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli has shocked Malaysians, who have reacted angrily to the news. Among the most cited reasons for their anger was why should Rafizi, who was trying to expose corruption, be penalized while the wrongdoers were let off.
Indeed, corruption-tainted Prime Minister Najib Razak may have opened a new can of worms for himself. Already embattled and facing pressure from possible loss in general elections due to be called latest by April next year, many believe he was out to "scaremonger" his way through.
His two main targets are believed to be whistle blowers - many of whom come from the investment and financial community - so that they will stop exposing the misdeeds of his Umno-BN coalition.
The second target are politicians - including from his own government. Leaders from the Pakatan Rakyat opposition do not expect another crackdown like the Operations Lalang effected by former premier Mahathir Mohamad against political rivals in the 1980s.
However, they do not discount the possibility that Najib was also trying to scare BN leaders who have begun defecting to the opposition amid rising concern at Umno's growing extremism as the 13th general election neared.
From leaders
Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader
Applaud his courage on the Cow-Condo case and GeorgeKent involvg dSNajib! .
Tian Chua, PKR MP for Batu
No, we don't expect Ops Lalang. That would be political suicide for Najib and he knows it. This is another ill-advised stunt to discourage whistle blower from coming forward. It is  real shame for Malaysia's image to investors, who are watching closely. We also see him trying to warn BN leaders who are switching out from his coalition that they can expect rough and tough action like this. But he has missed the pulse of the nation. Everyone is fed up and this latest arrest only confirms the need to change the current regime.
Nurul Izzah, PKR MP for Lembah Pantai
Despite expose, despite arrest, despite being charged, George Kent prevails. Shame on you
Shamsul Iskandar Akin, PKR Youth chief
Shahrizat's family, when? RT
Hannah Yeoh, DAP assemblywoman for Subang Jaya
Woke up to news of @rafiziramli being arrested by police. We stand by you
Ambiga Sreenevasan, co-chairman of the Bersih movement for clean polls
The nation is watching! We stand by those brave enough to expose wrongdoing and condemn those who suppress the truth!
Dzulkefly Ahmad, PAS MP for Kuala Selangor
We knew it was coming but why the sudden rushed timing. Was it coincidental with the George Kent news? This is Ramadan, a fasting ad holy month to observe restraint and righteousness. But Umno seems so desperate it is committing blunder after blunder. We also note that such hypocritical action is coming from Najib who has been promising reforms and a clean government.
From Netizens
very very angry rakyat
This is so damn WRONG SO WRONG !!! Rakyat Malaysia , terutamanya saudara dan saudari dari luar bandar tolonglah tengok dengan mata sendiri is this the govt that you wanna cast your vote on ?? Jom mulakan kempen "" BEBASKAN RAFIZI , Hero Rakyat !!! "'
What do you expect from a Third Country like Malaysia. The person who reported the crime get arrested but the criminal got off free. Remember the ex CM of Melaka case!!!!!!!!!!
Stupidest thing for Najib to do. The whole nation loves Rafizi for his courage in exposing the corrupt at the top level... God is with those who are righteous too. Keep on doing what is right, everyone!
Trying to do the Mahathir? Equivalent of Operation Lalang? More arrests of oppositions. People realise Mahathir's authoritarianism, stupidity and vanity after he retires. But they could see Najib's authoritarianism, stupidity and vanity now.
Malaysia Chronicle

Hindraf Chairman Waytha Back In Malaysia

Hindraf Makkal Sakti Chairman P Waytha Moorthy finally returned home to Malaysia at 12.20pm today.

There was minor scare of arrest on Waytha Moorthy when his passport was held for 1/2 hour by immigration officials when he stopped at 12 noon at Johor Baru check-point in a grey coloured Toyota Estima.

He had earlier crossed the Johor causeway after checking out from Singapore immigration border check-point at 11.45am.

There was red alert on the computer screen of the Malaysian immigration counter when Waytha Moorthy submitted his passport for clearance.

The counter officer told Waytha Moorthy that he had to meet her superior officer due to the alert.

Another official then collected passports of Waytha Moorthy and some 20 members of the entourage escorting him for clearance.

The entourage included Waytha Moorthy’s wife K Nageswari and 10-year-old daughter Vwaishhnavi.

However, the fear of arrest quickly disappeared when the Malaysian immigration officials returned Waytha Moorthy’s passport together with several others.

A relief Waytha Moorthy was then driven straight away by Hindraf activists to a local resort before heading to a Hindu temple in Ulu Tiram for prayers at 5pm.

During the hiccup at immigration operation office at the check point, Waytha Moorthy said he and Hindraf leadership was well prepared to handle any situation if he was detained.

Hindraf advisor N Ganesan said Waytha Moorthy timely return to Malaysia opens up a the next chapter in movement’s struggle to uphold civil rights of ethnic Malaysian Indians.

“Previous our cause was to establish the problems. 

“Now our struggle will be focused to find effective and decisive solutions to resolve the marginalised Indian issues,” said Ganesan.

He said it was time for who ever in power at both state and federal, levels, to stop their political games and seriously address the marginalised Indian issues.

Hindraf Chairman Waytha Back In MalaysiaAugust 1, 2012

Najib had “shamelessly broke every single rule on transparency, accountability and integrity” and with little moral authority to justify the award of lucrative Ampang LRT project

Najib’s pledges a pack of lies, says DAP
August 1, 2012 
The PM, says Tony Pua, has 'shamelessly broke every single rule on transparency, accountability and integrity' with regard to the LRT line extension job.

KUALA LUMPUR: Putrajaya’s confirmation that George Kent received the lucrative Ampang LRT line extension job exposed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s reform pledges as nothing but lies, said DAP.

Party national publicity chief Tony Pua said the announcement proved the allegation that the prime minister had interfered in the contract award process despite his earlier denial that the consortium, whose owner was said to be Najib’s golf partner, had received preferential treatment.

Yesterday, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana), the project and asset owner for the LRT Line Extension Project (LEP), confirmed in a statement that the contract had been given to a George Kent-Lion Pacific joint venture.

The project’s value was not stated but the firm disclosed that it would be below the RM7 billion ceiling.
Pua and PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, the leading man behind the exposé on George Kent, had said in the past that the consortium had no qualified experience for the project with its core expertise being only in water infrastructure projects.

“What is completely beyond belief in the sheer abuse of power by the prime minister is that George Kent, a manufacturer and supplier of (water infrastructures) can be qualified for a billion ringgit LRT project.
“What is worse is the fact that George Kent made only net profits of RM19.3 million on revenues of RM152 million for the financial year ended Jan 31, 2012,” the Petaling Jaya Utara MP said in a statement.

‘Broke every single rule’
Through a series of exposés, Rafizi showed leaked official documents indicating possible power abuse in the contract award process when the Ministry of Finance had overruled the recommendation from Prasarana to award the contract to British engineering firm, Balfour Beatty-Invensys Consortium.

The MoF Acquisition Committee, headed by Najib, had subsequently instructed the contract to be given to George Kent which bid far higher than what was offered by Balfour Beatty-Invensys.

Pua said Najib had “shamelessly broke every single rule on transparency, accountability and integrity” and with little moral authority to justify the award.

It was learnt that the consortium had failed both the contract’s technical and commercial evaluations.
“The decision to proceed with the award proves beyond doubt that Najib is willing to shamelessly break every single rule on transparency, accountability and integrity, despite the scandal having already been exposed.

“The blatant crony award of the RM1.18 billion contract above also confirms that the prime minister’s cornerstone ‘Government Transformation Programme’ (GTP) to improve transparency and reduce corruption is nothing more than rhetorical propaganda,” said Pua.

The George Kent saga would likely cast doubts over the accountability of other major projects Putrajaya had in the pipeline and provide the opposition with more fodder in the run up to key national polls that must be held by mid next year.

Message from Waytha to all Malaysian Indians

We have completed the 1st chapter of our struggle. 

Today marks the beginning of the 2nd chapter of Hindraf struggle. 

50 years of marginalization and discrimination of the Indian community were concealed and Hindraf successfully exposed this blatant human rights violation. 

It is now time. 

To find permanent solution and comprehensive solution to our problem.

Live Update - Hindraf supremo entering Malaysia

Live update : Mr. Waytha is leaving Singapore at 11.25 am

11:50 Mr.Waytha Left the Spore immigration. Going towards Malaysian Immigration

11.54 About to Enter Malaysian Immigration

12.06 The Maklaysian Immigration stopped all the supporters and took Mr.Waytha´s passport away.

12.09 All the passport from supporters are taken away by Malaysia Immigration

12.:24 The immigration officer wanted to interview Mr.Waytha but our hero denied interviewing. Now the passport are given back. The supporters and Mr.Waytha moving ahead to Johor Bharu.

12.31 Mr.Waytha entered Malaysia peacefully. Right now he is in JB for prayers and meeting with supporters

At 3 pm Mr.Waytha will be having a press conference with local medias.

At 5 pm Mr.Waytha will be meeting public and Hindraf supporters at Ulu Tiram Karumariamman temple.

Rafizi charged under banking law

K Pragalath | August 1, 2012
Rafizi and former Public Bank employee Johari Mohamad will be back to the court for a mention hearing on Sept 10.

PETALING JAYA: PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli was charged at the Shah Alam Sessions Court this morning for revealing confidential banking details in relation to the NFC scandal.
He was charged under section 97(1) of the Banks and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) which carries a maximum jail sentence of three years and a RM3 million in fine.
He has allegedly breached the secrecy provisions of the Act by producing, divulging, revealing, publishing or otherwise disclosing, of any information or document whatsoever relating to the affairs or account of a banking customer.
Rafizi pleaded not guilty and was granted bail at RM15,000 with one bailor. Judge Aslam Zainuddin fixed Sept 10 to mention the case.
Rafizi was represented by N Surendran and Puspawati Rosman while the prosecution was led by DPP Nahra Dollah and Normie Faizura Aminuddin.
He was earlier arrested this morning at the Hulu Klang police station after Bank Negara formally lodged a report against him. Earlier this morning the police raided his home and detained him.
“Here’s my 1st reaction at being arrested: Damn GeorgeKent. @NajibRazak must surely love his golf buddy to risk this public relations mess,” wrote Rafizi on his Twitter message.
PKR vice president and lawyer Surendran however confirmed that the arrest was in relation to Rafizi’s National Feedlot Centre exposure.
Meanwhile Rafizi also in a Twitter message said that one Johari Mohamad would also be jointly charged.
Johari, a former employee of Public Bank, was also charged under the BAFIA law for allegedly revealing banking documents of a customer to Rafizi.
He too claimed trial and has been released on a RM15,000 bail.

DAP: Government exacting revenge
In an immediate reaction, DAP publicity chief Tony Pua said the case filed against Rafizi marked a serious blow to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s anti-corruption credentials.
He added that this further undermining the underperforming Anti-Corruption National Key Result Area (NKRA) in the Government Transformation Programme (GTP)
“Rafizi has been charged for allegedly breaching the Banking and Financial Institution Act when he exposed some of the worst abuses by National Feedlot Corporation (NFC).
“Rafizi has led the charge to expose a long list of wrong-doings by the company and its directors, who are the husband and children of Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the recently resigned Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.  Shahrizat is still the Umno Women’s wing chief
“Despite the overwhelming evidence exposed to date, only Shahrizat’s husband, Mohamad Salleh has been brought to court, and even then only on two 2 key charges – for misappropriating RM40 million of NFC’s money, and for acquiring 2 units of luxury condominium in One Menerung, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur for RM13.5 million,” he said in a statement.
Pua added that the authorities had failed to act on Rafizi’s exposes, and instead of pursuing the culprits who have abused the RM250 million government soft loan extended to NFC, “the government has chosen to exact revenge on the whistle-blower Rafizi”.

Lawan tetap Lawan

Let’s End BN’s 55 years of injustice to Malaysians

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak sounds confident of sweeping all states in leading BN to 14-0 victory but yet still dare not call for elections. Clearly he knows that Pakatan Rakyat has succeeded in putting across to the public that a Barisan Nasional government would lead to what I describe as the 5Ds of Deficits, Debts, Deceits, Dictatorship and brain Drain of BN.

However I would be the first to admit that telling the public that BN represents 5Ds is not enough. What is the solution? PR’s biggest hurdle is to convince the rakyat that PR can end the BN’s 5Ds. PR believes that ending corruption will remove and end 5Ds.

Najib has attacked Pakatan Rakyat, allegedly for encouraging a wrong culture of breaking promises, being ungrateful and not paying our debts. Actually it is BN that have been breaking their promises of being fair to minority races by persecuting and hounding Bersih co-Chair Datuk Ambiga Sreevenasan at her home with beef burger stalls, butt dance by army veterans and even that she be hanged for treason against the King. Ambiga is an easy target because she is a Hindu, Indian and a woman.

Najib wants the people to be grateful to BN, when it is political parties such as BN that should always be grateful to the people for voting them. Further Najib is not qualified to talk about not paying their debts when billion of ringgit in loans taken by UMNO cronies from local banks in financial scandals have never been paid. Why so special for UMNO cronies but not for the ordinary rakyat?

Deceits, Brain Drain and Deficits
At present corruption has deteriorated with Transparency International ranking Malaysia at No. 60 in the Corruption Perception Index last year compared to No. 37 in 2003.

Instead of giving out loans to farmers who breed cows, the family of a Minister who has never reared a cow is given RM250 million loan, which is misused to buy condos. We can see some of the worst excesses in Sarawak where wealth controlled by families of state government leaders are openly flaunted.

Clearly rampant corruption can only be permitted by BN’s deceit and dictatorial powers which will lead to an even larger brain drain. Since Merdeka in 1957, more than 2 million Malaysians have left the country. The recent change in Australian work visa policy that allows Australian graduates to stay back in Australia for 2 – 4 years will only accelerate the brain drain.

BN’s recent RM13.8 billion 2012 supplementary budget will add on to the projected RM 45.9 billion projected deficit in the 2012 budget, resulting in a total deficit of RM 59.7 billion, the highest in Malaysian history.

The fiscal irresponsibility of the BN government is proven by the fact that the additional funds will be spent on the extra RM1.5 million allocation to BN MPs from this supplementary budget while non-BN MPs including those from Pakatan Rakyat will be given nothing.

As of 31 March 2012, government debt stood at RM470 billion. If we include the expected deficit from the 2012 budget, our government debt will easily increase to beyond RM500 billion by the end of the 2012. And this does not even include the worrying increase in the contingent liabilities that are not officially on the books amounting to nearly RM110 billion.

If contingent liabilities are added to official government debt, our debt would increase to more than RM600 billion or RM21,500 each to be paid by the 28 million Malaysians!

The last time this country ran a budget surplus was in 1997 when Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Prime Prime Minister. Since 1997, we have experienced 15 consecutive years of budget deficits, which is why we want Anwar as the new Prime Minister to turnaround the deficit budget into a surplus budget.
Our government debt has increased by 5 times from RM89 billion in 1997 to RM470 billion as at March 2012 as compared to the increase in GDP by only threefold.

Success of PR state governments
In contrast to BN’s dismal financial performance, PR state governments have recorded surplus after surplus every year and even managed to reduce our debts sustainably.

Penang reduced our debts by a whopping 95% or RM600 million from RM630 million at 8 March 2008 to only RM30 million by end 2011. All this was achieved not by BN’s deceit but by straight talking of running a clean government based on CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency.

Clearly the system of open competitive tenders, disclosure of government contracts with the private sector, public declaration of assets certified by an international accounting firm and the passing of a Freedom of Information Act works in combating corruption. PR states like Penang have proven that a clean and good government can end 5Ds. - the Rocket

Rafizi dalam Kandang Mahkamah

Rafizi di Mahkamah

Hancur2, Hancur BN, Hidup2, Hidup Rakyat!!!

Masa Pengerusi NFC, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail di hadapkan ke Mahkamah ada tak dia kena gari? 

Masa bekas MB Selangor, Khir Toyo di hadapkan ke Mahkamah atas pertuduhan Rasuah, ada tak korang tengok dia di gari? 

Hancur2, Hancur BN, Hidup2, Hidup Rakyat!!!

Cynthia Gabriel with Tok Guru

Heroes in Court

What use are whistleblower protections laws if those who provide information are instead hunted down and later charged in court?

August 01, 2012
 If not for his arrest today, one would only remember that Rafizi Ramli has been going at the Ampang LRT line extension project with hammer and tongs over its systems contract, insisting for months that it would go to the George Kent joint-venture despite the consortium failing both the technical and commercial evaluation.

And, of course, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd confirmed the contract said to worth more than RM1 billion has been given to George Kent, a water meter- and tank-maker whose biggest deal before was just RM40 million.

But that was up to yesterday.

Today, Putrajaya reminded us of Rafizi’s first explosive exposé ― that RM250 million in public funds was used to buy luxury condominiums and other properties instead of being fully invested in its intended use for a national cattle farm project.

This morning, the PKR strategy director was arrested and later brought to court over charges of violating the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) for exposing financial details of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), which runs the National Feedlot Centre (NFC).

The NFCorp is owned by the family firm of Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.
Only a court can decide if Rafizi has broken any laws when exposing the scandal that led to Shahrizat losing her Cabinet post after her senatorship was not renewed earlier this year.

But a few questions come to mind. The authorities took their time to investigate the NFC scandal despite alarm bells rung by the Auditor-General in his report last year.

The authorities have only charged Shahrizat’s husband, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Salleh Ismail, with criminal breach of trust (CBT) and cheating nearly RM50 million.

But what about the others involved? Or even allegations of money laundering in their quest to buy properties in Kazakhstan and Singapore rather than cattle from Australia?
Why the gentle treatment for the NFCorp owners and the witch hunt for whistleblowers who have exposed how public funds were abused?

Wouldn’t such action cow future whistleblowers? Or is this a warning to those in the civil service and government agencies to keep their mouth shut and not reveal the chicanery in their respective units?

This government is going down slippery slope by pursuing whistleblowers, especially a credible whistleblower like Rafizi, whose exposés in the NFC and Ampang LRT contracts have shown how public funds have been wasted for the benefit of the few. Especially with the prevailing view that the NFC culprits have been treated with kids gloves.

Rafizi became a hero today, thanks to Putrajaya’s missteps in handling the NFC and Ampang LRT extension project and, now, prosecuting him.

It would be little surprise if he wins the Pandan federal seat in the next general election, barring a quick judgment that he is guilty of the BAFIA offences.

And it would be even less a surprise that those who run Putrajaya now feel the anger of voters upset that a whistleblower is treated as a criminal.

Heroes of the Nation (Rafizi & Johari handcuffed)

Govt urged to lift ban on Hindraf

Athi Shankar | August 1, 2012
Despite having been issued a valid passport by the Malaysian government, Hindraf chairman P Waythamoothy is still on alert for any eventualities.

SINGAPORE: Hindraf supremo P Waythamoorthy wants the ban on Hindraf Makkal Sakti lifted.

He said his first task when he returns home today is to write to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to do just that.

Waythamoorthy equated the issuance of a valid passport to him as a recognition by Putrajaya administration of the movement’s legitimate struggle for the civil rights of ethnic Malaysian Indian community.

He said his passport was revoked on March 2008 by the Home Minister because of his struggle for justice and equality for the Indian community.

On July 30, he said the government issued him a valid passport after Hindraf activists and supporters had campaigned hard for it.
“Hence, the Malaysian government should lift the ban and allow Hindraf to be registered as a legitimate human rights movement in the country.

“I will write on this to the Home Minister immediately once I return home,” the Hindraf national chairman told FMT here today.
Waythamoorthy left the country three days after a Hindraf-organised mammoth rally in KLCC on Nov 25, 2007.
Following the rally, the police detained several Hindraf activists on Dec 13 under the draconian Internal Security Act.
The Home Ministry outlawed Hindraf in October, 2008.

‘Hindraf is prepared’
Following revocation of his passport, Waythamoorthy successfully secured a political asylum granted by the UK government under the Geneva Convention.
Waythamoorthy lived in exile for nearly five years in Britain from where he highlighted the perceived marginalisation of Malaysian Indians by the Umno government.

After filing a class action suit against the UK government in London High Court on July 2 this year, Waythamoorthy announced his return home with or without a valid passport on Aug 1.
But on Monday, immigration officials in the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore issued him a valid passport to pave the way for his safe return home today from Singapore’s Woodlands to Johor Baru.

Waythamoorthy is scheduled to attend prayers at Arulmigu Sri Karumariamman Kovil in Ulu Tiram, a 15-minute drive from Johor Baru, at 5pm on the same day.

The Hindraf leader is expected to be accompanied by some 30 people, including his wife, daughter, relatives, Hindraf adviser N Ganesan and its national coordinator W Sambulingam, London-based human rights lawyer Suresh Grover and Waythamoorthy’s legal counsel N Ram, when he crosses the Johor causeway.
Eventhough he has received a valid passport, Waythamoorthy is not fully convinced that he would not be arrested by Malaysian authorities after he crossed the border.

“But we are prepared for any eventualities… Hindraf would react accordingly to deal with it in the event I am detained,” he said.

Ah Jib Gor-nomics: Mahathirism revisited - Hoorah for Cronyism

YOURSAY 'This is no more than a mega-subsidy scheme for business and industry. Yet Najib wants to cut oil and other subsidies.'

Tun Razak Exchange: A soon-to-fail mega-project?

your sayOng Guan Sin: From a PM who is known to buy off the electorate with a RM500 handout, don't be surprised if, being so desperate for a failing project with his late father's name on it, he applies the same to the prospective investors, only that it will be RM500 million apiece.

Malaysia is indeed doomed with a PM who is desperate and indiscreet with public funds.

Bob Teoh: This is no more than a mega-subsidy scheme for business and industry. Yet Najib Abdul Razak wants to cut oil and other subsidies. This is simply Ah Jib Gor-nomics.

The end result is that his tenure will be a greater failure than Dr Mahathir Mohamad's as it costs very much more.

Paul Warren: When The British gave us our Merdeka, they gave up the cost of administration and provision of security, but kept for themselves the revenue generating assets of the country.

Umno is just doing the same. Committing the nation to huge future expenditures but contracts are given to crony Umno companies.

So what does it matter if Pakatan Rakyat wins? They can carry the burden of costs of running the country. Umno continues to receive the benefit of revenue generating assets as well as revenue generating contracts entered into now.

Just like the British when they gave us independence and yet kept for themselves all the plantations and tin mining companies.

JomUbahUbah: I fully agreed with DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua. This will be another big white elephant from our Mr Flip Flop. It's time to vote out the corrupt Umno and BN.

NasiLemak: Malaysiakini has a strange set of readers. Everything is wrong for them in this country. They think PKR and DAP are always right.

Look at corruption in Selangor. Four years ago, public money was used to bail out former Talam chairperson Chan Ah Chai. No corruption? It's okay to do this?

PKR/DAP in power will be worse. It's bad as it is when they are not yet in power.

Foodforthought: NasiLemak, you too are a strange feller, the facts are slapping you in the face and yet you refuse to acknowledge them.

Raja Chulan: This is yet another contractor/construction-based mega-project where the money will be wrinkled out up-front during the construction phase by Umno politician and cronies.

Thereafter the white elephant will be left there for taxpayers to clean up the mess later. This is the same tactic used over and over again by the Umno government to suck the rakyat's blood and sweat.

Telestai!: What Najib failed to recognise is that when you promote a financial hub, you don't need a dedicated district because in the age of IT, physical proximity is no longer an issue.

Rather, what is critical is availability of human resource. If you don't have it, you can import but can you attract talent to work in Malaysia?

Singapore is an excellent example of a financial hub but notice that it hasn't got a special district for it. Yet many international financial institutions like banks and insurance/re-insurance companies have relocated there.

With excellent infrastructure, low tax rates, high quality dwellings, it is easy to see why they don't need a financial district.

Anonymous #43051382: We Malaysians know that all these mega-investment announcement are just sweet nothings that go into our ears. The billions and billions in investment are just to create a feel-good atmosphere... that's it.

Nothing solid will come out of those announcements. Indeed, the election is very near.

Anonymous_3e86: The bigger the project, the greater the kickbacks. Like all the other mega-projects, this one will most likely end up as a mega-white elephant. Has Labuan been recognised as a successful financial hub? Did it surpass Singapore?

Ferdtan: The government thought that by just changing the name and voila, you hereby have a transformation and a new brand.

If it is so easy then we don't need costly consultants. Najib, please tell us what is new, other than the usual tax incentives?

When investors invest their millions, they look for long-term benefits. They look at the political situation, share structure (now they are limited to 30 percent), the available qualified workers and the reasonable ease to do business unhindered by bureaucracy and corruption.

Other smaller factors include whether it is a safe place to work, with no worry of crimes and restrictions on foreign experts allowed to work in the country. It is not all about monetary incentives.
Dumb&Deaf: Tony Pua has brilliantly put his finger on a massive problem: these BN dinosaurs are trapped in an analogue time-warp, no matter how fond they are of dropping catch-phrases like "K-economy" or "Internet savvy".

It's virtually impossible for them to think outside the box because they are the box!

Odin: I agree with Tony Pua that this project is highly unlikely to succeed. Only some 400km south, there is a great financial centre already.

There, the government is almost 100 percent clean like the city. There, you don't find extremist groups causing all sorts of problems. There, you don't find racists and religious bigots irritating and provoking those not of their kind and religion.

There, corrupt politicians are so few and far between as to be non-existent. There, life is so much better not only for the locals but also for expatriates. - Malaysiakini

Unprecedented nationwide prayer for Malaysia Day and GE

In an unprecedented move, churches in Malaysia have come together to hold a nationwide prayer for the 50th Malaysia Day celebration on Sept 16 and the upcoming 13th general election.

The prayer movement dubbed ‘Prayer United' was announced on Monday by an interim committee consists of representatives from all Christian groups in Malaysia, including Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM), National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) as well as those in Sabah and Sarawak.

According to the announcement, the aim of the joint action is to get all Christians, churches and prayer networks in Malaysia to come together to pray for the church and the nation.

"The first purpose is to set up a united prayer movement for the whole church to coordinate prayer and to enhance unity among Christians.

"The second purpose is to challenge the whole church to pray together for the transformation of society and nation.

"In particular, the focus will be on the two upcoming key national events, namely the National Jubilee Celebration beginning on Sept 16, 2012 and the upcoming general election," said the announcement.

More specifically, Christians are to "pray that the upcoming general election will be carried out peacefully and with integrity, and those elected will be honest and able men and women, who sincerely have the country's true and long-term interest in their hearts".

RAFIZI ARRESTED after George Kent awarded LRT deal: Scorpene fear grips Najib?

RAFIZI ARRESTED after George Kent awarded LRT deal: Scorpene fear grips Najib?
In a move that many believe will backfire badly on Prime Minister Najib Razak, his government arrested PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli for exposing financial details in alleged contravention of the Banking and Financial Institutions Act.
Rafizi, a member of the PKR party led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, had in recent months exposed the RM250mil NFC corruption debacle that led to the husband of former Women's minister Shahrizat Jalil being charged for criminal breach of trust.
His red-hot revelations had the Umno-controlled media baying for his blood and calling on the police to arrest him for allegedly breaching banking confidentiality rules.
However, Rafizi and other leaders suspect the arrest was more to do with the Ampang LRT deal in which a crony of Najib's was just awarded the billion-ringgit contract despite being the least qualified tender candidate in terms of experience and technical know-how.
"I am now arrested under the Banking and Financial Insitutions Act (Bafia) and will be taken to court right now," Rafizi said on Twitter.
"My 1st reaction at being arrested: Damn GeorgeKent. @NajibRazak must surely love his golf buddy to risk this public relations mess."
Also arrested was Johari Mohamad, a bank staff. It is believed that the police will charge both men at 10am at the Shah Alam High Court.
Corruption and the Scorpenes link
Rafizi had also accused Najib of using George Kent Bhd, a firm run by his close friend Tan Kay Hock, to obtain the Ampang LRT deal and at the same benefit Thales, a European conglomerate also participating in the tender and on allegedly preferential terms.
DCNS is the vendor of 2 Scorpene submarines ordered by Najib in a deal estimated to be worth at least RM7.3 bil and in which Najib is accused of accepting a bribe from DCNS to seal.
DCNS is now on trial in the French courts for allegedly paying illicit kickbacks to Malaysian officials including Najib worth at least RM570mil or 114mil euros.
Apart from Thales, Rafizi had also unraveled a chain of transactions and scenarios alleging how George Kent stood to benefit from being the middle-main in the deal. According to Rafizi, George Kent would farm out the contracts and earn commission from these. Thales would also be amongst the main beneficiaries.
The PKR leader had made his revelations even before George Kent was confirmed as the tender winner. Najib had denied his allegations but Rafizi then revealed the minutes of a meeting held by the Finance ministry's procurement unit. The minutes showed Najib - who is also Finance minister - had personally chaired the meeting that approved George Kent for the deal.
Shock at how the whistle blower is punished and not the wrongdoer
Meanwhile, civil society leaders and prominent citizens expressed shock at Najib's "desperate" move.
"The nation is watching! We stand by those brave enough to expose wrongdoing and condemn those who suppress the truth!" Ambiga Sreenevasan, the co-chairman of the Bersih movement for clean polls, said on Twitter.
"We knew it was coming but why the sudden rushed timing. Was it coincidental with the George Kent news? This is Ramadan, a fasting ad holy month to observe restrian and righteousness," PAS MP for Kuala Selangor Dzulkefly Ahmad told Malaysia Chronicle.
"But Umno seems so desperate it is committing blunder after blunder. We also note that such hypocritical action is coming from Najib who has been promising reforms and a clean government."
Malaysia Chronicle

Rafizi arrested, to be charged for exposing NFC scandal & comments from public.

August 1, 2012
The charge is believed to be in connection with his National Feedlot Centre exposure.

PETALING JAYA: PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli was arrested this morning at the Hulu Klang police station after Bank Negara formally lodged a report against him.

He is currently being taken to the Shah Alam Magistrate’s Court to face charges under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989.

Earlier this morning the police raided his home and detained him.

“Here’s my 1st reaction at being arrested: Damn GeorgeKent. @NajibRazak must surely love his golf buddy to risk this public relations mess,” wrote Rafizi on his Twitter message.

PKR vice president and lawyer N Surendran however confirmed that the arrest was in relation to Rafizi’s National Feedlot Centre exposure.

Meanwhile Rafizi also in a Twitter message said that one Johari Mohamad  would also be jointly charged.

Comments from Public

The criminals go frree while the whistle blower is arrested This is the modus operandi of the elite group!!! Revealing a crime commited is a crime if you report the wrong people!!! The disaster our country faces is actually a crooked government The communist JI's Christians are but fictions of their twisted minds! This sick gang should be put out of their miseries and ours

Another blunder of najib. Arresting the whistle blower just makes you look uninterested in discovering corrupt practices. Why? Is this really about the cows or George Kent? Promised fulfilled - Janji di tepati

Where is the Witness Protection Act etc to protect those who expose scandals and corruption??!! Government Transformation Program and all janji ditepati BN during this Merdeka month go down to drain. Keep it to yourself asshole, Najib!

A bloody disgrace. But is anyone surprised? I don't think so. Hang in there Rafizi. You are a hero. Sh*trizat and her scumbag family are going to hell. Never in a million years will BN get my vote. And I will ensure I try and influence everyone I meet to NOT vote BN either.

I suppose for the coming GE, Rafizi's slippers will be making the rounds of the ceramah circuit. People of Pandan, please vote for the slippers, and ditched OTK. Not that I do not like OTK, but the GE is all about removing the BN slime from Malaysian politics, and if OTK choose to remain in BN, he too had chose to oppose the people's aspirations for a clean, righteous and effective government.

I used to vote for BN, but now, I will definitely vote for Pakatan and 100% behind Rafizi. Rafizi has done a good work for all Malaysian and exposed the evil. I am now very very angry with BN.

Arrested for exposing scandals and corruption?! We have bunch of crooks running the nation!!! Please, stop manipulating and oppressing the nation and the people during this holy month!

As much as I sympathize with Rafizi with his arrest, but its time whistle blowers like Rafizi and others take note of provisions in the law and not caught up by it. The BN is just waiting to shoot anyone with any legal provisions it has to claim that they have nothing to do with the arrest and its a legal matter. I do like to suggest Pakatan leaders to cover themselves from legal harrassments like this. But we are behind you Rafizi and you are one courages man indeed.

As always the Police and Authorities have their values upside down! They prosecute and harass the messenger instead of the criminal, although in this case they were forced to prosecute both as the evidence was already in the public domain! This BN Government is really laughable especially in the eyes of the international community!

Pakatan to include police reform in its budget

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | July 31, 2012
PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali says crime is on the rise and the BN government is in denial.
KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat said today it will include plans to reform the police force in its 2013 shadow budget following criticism that the authorities have failed to tackle rising crime.
PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali said this will include the redeployment of more officers to combat street crimes by reallocating at least half of the existing numbers used for internal security and public order.
Currently as many as 32,656 from the 105,000 officers in the force are designated for the two categories while only 9,346 are slotted for crime investigations which he said is key to decreasing crime.
He also noted that the police’s budget allocation for crime investigation had only increased by 8% annually in the past two years while internal security and public order had an overall increase of 72% in the same period.
“We have been analysing how the police has been performing its duties and found that most of the resources are not channelled towards fighting crime despite the negative perception that it is not doing its best to combat rising crime,” he told reporters here.
The country is now locked in a raging debate on the recent spate of street crimes including high-profile kidnappings and robbery but the authorities claimed statistics showed otherwise and blamed the nationwide panic on media sensationalisim.
Pemandu claimed data showed crime had dropped by 10% from January to May this year, the same period the supposed “crime wave” took place.
Opposition leaders alleged the statistics do not reflect the ground reality and accused the government of embellishing figures to gloss the Najib administration’s crime fighting initiative.
While defending the statistics, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the authorities must not dismiss public fear and step up efforts to beef up security.
Crime was one of the key policies introduced by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak when he took office in 2009, a crucial election push for the unelected premier.
This could be the reason behind Pakatan’s move to include its police reform proposals in its Budget which is likely to be unveiled just before Najib table his in Parliament on Sept 28.
Mustafa revealed that the project will be spearheaded by former police CID chief Fauzi Shaari who joined PAS in May.
PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar at the same press conference said the reform would also take into account “the needs of the force” pertaining to crime fighting.