Isnt it shameful for Muhyiddin to say that PPSMI scrapped because teachers not up to mark

When the teaching and learning of science and maths in English (PPSMI) was introduced in 2003, the education minister then was well aware of the challenges particularly in improving the English proficiency among teachers. The minister had set up an implementation committee, which he headed, imposing strict intervention programmes and close monitoring of these teachers.

Knowing the scale needed to achieve this, the government had allocated RM5 billion for this purpose spending on software and hardware with teachers playing the role of facilitator and educator. Teachers were put through a rigorous regime by teacher trainers and many passed the high standards set by these trainers. In addition, cash incentives were offered to the teachers to be used to improve their proficiency. Teachers were motivated and raring to go.

At the ministry level, the PPSMI unit was the place to be and seen at.

When the leadership changed hands, existing programmes began to falter as the focus on new ideas came along with the new minister. Teachers attitudes towards PPSMI blurred and the desire to return to their comfort zones strengthened.

But ask any veteran teacher and he will say there has been a marked improvement among students’ English proficiency and thus understanding the scientific and technological knowledge learnt over the years has been encouraging with teachers gaining confidence moving forward.

Now the ministry should assist and nurture the students who have chosen to continue PPSMI because it is the responsibility of the government.

No one size fits all and the government has acknowledged this by liberalising education.

The government must make good education policies but unless and until the implementation and monitoring processes are carried out to a tee, policies will continue to fail to succeed.

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