Perak speaker Ganesan the man in MIC sex video clip?

Perak Assembly speaker Ganesan’s chances of contesting a state seat in the coming 13th General Elections is probably dashed by the revelation of his sexscapade in Thailand.
The online media FMT that broke the news did not name the MIC leader but sources confirmed the person in quandary is indeed Genesan.
An online media had today published a report of the existence of a sex video involving a senior MIC official from Perak.
S. Vell Paari
In refuting this report, MIC Communication and Public Relation Chief, S. Vell Paari, that this only highlighted the internal rivalry within the party in getting rid of competitions before the coming 13th General Election (GE).
“This is all done to sabotage certain party members who will be contesting in the coming GE. Someone within the party is jostling for seats,” said Vell Paari when contacted by The Malaysian Times today.
In giving some comments on this issue TMT also contacted MIC Secretary-General, Datuk S. Murugesan said that he was unaware of such video.
“This is just a form of scare tactic. If you have it then expose it instead of just speaking about it. This only descends into a lower level of politics,” said Murugesan.
Datuk S. Murugesan
It is believed that MIC will be contesting two parliamentary and four seats in Perak. There maybe seat jostling within the party, but this is an expected situation be it the opposition or the current governing party.
It was reported today that a prominent Perak-based MIC leader had apparently been caught on video having sex with a sex worker in Thailand.
An unnamed Perak Youth leader had admitted that he was aware of the video clip but has yet to watch the video. The individual also said that the video is currently in the hands of the Opposition party and would be exposed during the upcoming GE.
He was quoted saying that should the video be exposed before the election it would be a major problem for the MIC. He hopes for the top leadership to look into the matter before it goes out of hand.
He had also stated that the particular leader was almost caught red-handed a few years ago after allegations that he had an affair with his driver’s wife. –TMT

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