Malays are LOSING INTEREST in Umno: Like the Chinese, they don't fear May 13 anymore

Malays are LOSING INTEREST in Umno: Like the Chinese, they don't fear May 13 anymore
Desperate UMNO is well-known with their politics of fear, race and religion – signs of disreputable politics subscribed by desperate politicians seeking to hang on to power. They are cognisant of PAS’ popularity, as the writing is on the wall that the latter will soon replace UMNO as the biggest party to represent the Malays in the country.
Najib Razak, the Prime Minister, had allegedly accused Bersih (The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections) of being influenced by the communists and “foreign” elements and his right-hand man in the home ministry declared that Bersih was an illegal body which the court of law found it to be otherwise. Bersih is indeed a legal entity. Special Branch says JI (Jemaah Islamiah) and the communists are infiltrating PR (Pakatan Rakyat) which has proven to be wrong.
And now Muhyiddin Yassin the DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) is sullying the mind of the youth with the long forgotten May 13 bogeyman.
UMNO disappointingly comprises some flippant politicians who have no idea of how to initiate, inspire and unite Malaysians. It is still the old divide-and-rule politics for the past five decades.  It only shows that UMNO has not kept up with the times.
Disgruntled politicians and enraptured winners
Muhyiddin was reported to have said, “Unite to avoid a repeat of May 13”. He was reported to have uttered this at a national youth conference held in Parliament recently. Muhyiddin called on the young generation “to be united in order to ensure the country remains stable and peaceful and to avoid a repeat of the May 13, 1969”.
Is he insinuating that the next general election is going to be made “dirty” so that the country can still be under the force of UMNO?  Can’t the Opposition ensure political and economic stability in the country?
The present four states under the Opposition rule – Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan – are in fact politically and economically stable. These states are in fact doing far better than the BN controlled states in governance.
The youth do not have to be reminded of “the declaration of a state of emergency” after the May 13 incident that “saved” Malaysia. They have their own vision for the country which Muhyiddin finds it difficult to fathom with his aptitude.
If truth to be told, May 13 was instigated by a small group of disgruntled politicians and enraptured winners immediately after the 1969 general election that turned into a racial riot. It was nigh on an isolated incidence – largely confined to some areas in Kuala Lumpur with some patchy incidences in some other spots in the country.
The May 13 is a reference point to Malaysians, no doubt. The tirade between the vanquished and the victorious did surmise violence between races within a community.  The whole episode of the past is however long forgotten. The present generation Malaysians are more sensible and united; they do not see racial and religious difference as a worth reason to squabble.
But is UMNO sincere about avoiding a May 13? Or is Muhyiddin more interested in using it as bogeyman to threaten the people into voting for UMNO-led coalition?
“Muhyiddin is obviously intimidating the nation with it,” said a PAS youth wing leader. “This discourse from a 'Malay first, Malaysian second' DPM whiffs of duplicity,” he added.
What has MCA, MIC and Gerakan got to say?
Muhyiddin’s main intent here is nothing but scare-mongering. He must be unswervingly nerve-racking the youth. “Why does the government he represents lack sureness about national unity when the people themselves do not seem worried about the tragedy ever happening again,” asked a PAS supporter.
What has MCA, MIC and Gerakan got to say about this intimidation by Muhyiddin?  Or is that UMNO feels that these parties have become insignificant in their political equation? Or perhaps these parties are contemplating of leaving BN (Barisan Nasional) to allow their members to vote for PR in the next general election to edify UMNO on racial harmony.
UMNO deports itself as if there has always been ill-will between the Malays and the non-Malays.  In this reckoning it’s always the non-Malays that have been made the punching bag for UMNO’s hegemony in Malaysian politics.
Little does UMNO recognise that this “bully” mentality is not favoured by a large section of the Malay population who feel that Malaysians of all races should live together in line with Islamic teachings of social justice, racial harmony and unity.
The irony is that the May 13 tragedy happened more than four decades ago and UMNO has been beating the drum to tell the people that it has done wonders to foster unity among the races. Yet, UMNO has leaders who can never stop evoking old memories of the May 13 incident.
Will not repeat
Now that 40 years have passed and Muhyiddin is still vexed that the May 13 tragedy happening again. Why is he so diffident about what his government has put together all these years? This must be just his wily strategy to jolt the people and make them vote for the ruling coalition.
Possibly, Muhyiddin is indirectly prompting the youth to racial riots if UMNO cannot make it in the next general election “No Malaysians want May 13 repeated,” said a PAS supporter in Shah Alam. “We Malays will make sure that this incident will not repeat,” he added.
Another PAS supporter from a local university quipped, “But should there be a racial ruckus again, it will be the muddy work of UMNO through its mobs of the likes of Perkasa and Pekida.” “Unlike in the 60’s Malay support for PAS today is huge and Malays are in both the political divide. There can never be another May 13,” he added.
Issuing a covert threat on the risk of a recurrence of May 13 is tantamount to indirectly encouraging it to happen if things do not go UMNO’s way. But the emotional crescendos that educed the 1969 incident have long died out and the dynamics that spurred the incident exist no more.
“It’s a blessing that all ethnic groups in the country are split into two formidable groups – BN and PR,” said a political observer. “By virtue of this balance there cannot be another May 13 incident,” he added.
Muhyiddin must be far behind time in politics. He must be having his forty winks filled with dreams and nostalgia of an event that took place over 40 years ago. He is still oblivious to the fact that the people of Malaysia today are politically mature and united under two political flags – BN or PR, where in the latter coalition, race and religious differences have become of little issue.
The youth of today are essentially united against tyranny, oppression and unjust rule. The question now is for them to unite under which banner – BN or PR?  They are wise enough to make a decision.
An undependable political leader
The May 13 bogeyman has lost relevance today. Malaysians of all races have since moved forward except for UMNO, which is still bust of morals and is facing a real temporal danger of being rejected by the people after a protracted, dissolute and besmirched rule for the past 55 years.
There is thus no necessity for UMNO to fright the people away with the wraith of May 13. Malays can be united under UMNO. They can also be united under PAS and PKR. In fact, all Malaysians can be united under two political banners – BN or PR. This bodes well for the country as May 13 will then stop spooking the political opportunists.
Muhyiddin is a man in a hurry to replace Najib Razak as UMNO president and has to resort to cheap political stunts to garner Malay support and instil fear in the non-Malays. He has to show to the Malays that he is more pro-Malay than the superior commander, Najib. Muhyiddin, however, lacks the charisma of a politician.
His is a case of another UMNO leader resorting to rash statement to preserve UMNO in power at all costs when the people have more than UMNO to represent them. It looks like Muhyiddin is just an undependable political leader who opts for dodgy and despicable politics of fear and race to preserve UMNO in power at all costs.
In a two-party system and regardless of which party wins in the next general election it is incumbent upon political leaders to ensure that the people do not resort to violence.  Wresting control of Putrajaya will be decided by the people in a democratic process and politicians have no right to coerce or petrify the youth into voting for any incumbent party.
Losing interest in UMNO
“Muhyiddin observes that Malay voters are losing interest in UMNO and he is giving them a whiff of ‘May 13' to activate their memories and fears,” jibed another PAS leader. “It looks like ‘May 13' is back in rage to frighten us to cast our votes in UMNO's favour. These fortune hunters will never change their style of politics,” she added.
May 13 is a detached chapter for the present generation Malaysians. The current mushrooming of Malay middle-class will have too much to lose if there is any racial riot. The non-Malays, especially the Chinese, are wise enough not to be senseless to create anxiety as they are already resilient to the ups and downs of their fortunes in the country.
Thus UMNO’s strategy is mind-bending to the “new” Malays. UMNO seems to be inescapable from their old tactics of using race, religion or May 13 in their brand of politics. “This is actually a gambit used by UMNO for so many decades to stay in power to enable them to continue pillaging the nation's wealth,” commented a political observer.
IMalaysia seems to uphold national unity. But who now is held responsible for not creating the ambience peace and unity by alarming the people of the May 13 incident?  It’s apparently not the Opposition.
Muhyiddin can ask the youth to unite but not necessarily under the BN platform. They can also be made to unite under the PR platform. After all the youth of today have their own perspective of how the nation should be governed.
Unite under a political banner that determines social justice
“The youth of today are united not to see any form of violence in society.  Muslim youth are cohesive in seeing a peaceful Malaysia following the fine Islamic teachings of racial harmony and unity,” said a PAS lawmaker in Selangor.
UMNO has to accept their possible loss in the nest GE. The people will not allow any emergency declaration prompted by any form of violence,” he added.
Raising the spectre of May 13 is akin to indulging in immature politics. No single party has ever ruled forever in most countries. “Do not deceive people into voting for UMNO with the May 13th ghost,” said a PAS youth leader in Selangor.
Only politicians who are not innovative and optimistic seem to fall back on hate and violence to achieve their self-seeking goals. For almost 40 years in our history, the Malays, Chinese, Indians and Others have lived in harmony with no incidence of racial clatters. Only self-centred politicians who have an itinerary of their own are continually fuelling racial sentiments to stay in power.
“The young generation should unite to establish a two-party system for the country. They should unite under a political banner that determines social justice in governance,” remarked a youth leader.
The May 13th ghost has died out. The youth in the country should forge awareness and fight, among others, against injustice, violence, intimidation, racism, religious bigotry, corruption, abuse of power and cronyism. They should stand tall by uniting under the banner of a coalition that ensures a better future for the country.
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