Does Malaysia deserve a seat in UNHRC? How pathetic is UN?

February 28, 2012

Malaysia is currently one of the 47 member states in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and will serve in the council till 2013. The UNHRC was created by the UN General Assembly on 2006 under resolution 60/251 in order to strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights for every human being.

The question is whether Malaysia deserves to seat in the respected seat in promoting and protecting human rights? This letter does intend to look into this question whether Malaysia deserves or not by looking at the refugee situation and current state’s policy and implementation in regard to refugees’ survival in Malaysia.

I am, once again disenchanted with the statement made by one of the senior ministers that refugees can’t work because they were covered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It is not a matter of welfare.

It’s a matter of right – human right. To work is a right not welfare regardless of nationality, race and status. It is covered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Furthermore, the right to work is a fundamental right enshrined in the 1951 Refugee Convention to which Malaysia is reluctant to ratify it.

Malaysia often promoted its self as a moderate country and committed to promote human rights. While doing that, Malaysia keeps reluctant to ratify many UN conventions and treaties including the Refugee Convention. Non-legally binding commitment is the best way in showing its commitment to promote human rights and helping refugees in the country.

Malaysia committed to provide assistances to refugees based on the humanitarian basis. Does this guarantee that refugees may enjoy their rights? Does this assurance the protection and empowerment of refugees? The statement made by the minister that refugee can’t work has shown that no one is able to make the government accountable to what they have committed to do.

Malaysia is reluctant to be a signatory to the Refugee Convention, and the domestic act has never protected refugees. Malaysian Immigration Act 1959/63 does not even differentiate between refugees and irregular migrants and therefore they can be arrested, detained, deported and caned for up to six strokes. While facing all the threats above, UNHCR’s role in protecting and providing immediate and necessary assistances are limited.

In terms of empowering refugee community and helping in need of immediate assistance refugees, how many refugees are now given allowance by the UNHCR since they are not allowed to work legally in this country? If they are given in cash, how much does UNHCR give them? Is it enough to cover one family (between 3 to 6 family members)?

If a refugee is handicapped, injured because of accident or has a chronic disease, is UNHCR able to provide assistances? If a refugee is not be able to pay for hospitalisation fees (even after 50% discount), is the UNHCR able to look into this and help? If refugess are not allowed to work and UNHCR does not provide them any assistance, how do they survive? Many of refugees in Malaysia I’ve met expressed their difficulty in getting assistance from UNHCR.

The government tends to look at the refugee issues in this country from a security perspective. Issues related to the inflow and daily survival of refugees has escalated beyond humanitarianism.

Government institutions and agencies tend to look them as a threat to the state, and environmental security. My question is how many refugees involved in street crimes, robbery and any other serious crimes? Does the Malaysia statistic able to prove the alarming figures?

By looking their presence in the country as a threat, the war against refugees has long been undertaken. But not in a direct war and proclamation but war through proxy’s issues such as war against people smuggling, human trafficking and terrorism. Even the victims of people smuggling and trafficking to which many of them were genuine refugees – have been charged and criminalised under specific acts.

No right to seek asylum where they were arrested upon arrival. No genuine protection to not be forcibly returned to home country to which they will face serious threat. No right to gain education.

Nothing is given in the form of genuine and fundamental rights to refugees in Malaysia but Malaysia still seat in the UNHRC to so-called promoting and protecting human rights. Does Malaysia deserve to seat in the UNHRC?

Shahrizats to open swanky supermarket in Singapore requiring RM40mil in annual overheads

Shahrizats to open swanky supermarket in S'pore requiring RM40mil in annual overheads
The family of Umno minister Shahrizat Jalil will be opening a luxury supermarket at Singapore's newest mall Star Vista which will require operating expenditure of between RM30 to 40 million ringgit a year, raising concern this might expose the National Feedlot Centre cattle breeding project to new business risks.
PKR leaders Rafizi Ramli and Zuraida Kamaruddin have accused the Shahrizats of leveraging on the RM180 million fixed deposit in NFC's name placed with Maybank to gain loans for their family businesses including the Singapore Farmhouse Supermarkets.
“We believe the loans were approved with the same method to pay for their two luxury condominiums in Marina Bay Suites worth RM34 million. This exposes public funds to risk of losses from the supermarket business,” Rafizi told a press conference on Tuesday.
Tenancy agreement already inked
According to Rafizi, Farmhouse Supermarkets has signed a tenancy agreement to take up 28 units and be the anchor tenant in Star Vista, a new mall that will begin operations in the third quarter of this year.
He said that based on the average rental for commercial space in Singapore, the estimated 3,000-sq metre supermarket will cost RM2.2 million a month in rental.
“Including other expenditure, the supermarket will require operating expenditure of RM30 to RM40 million a year,” said Rafizi.
He challenged the Shahrizats to come clean on how their could afford to take on such high-cost businesses, pointing out that the family would need to have at least RM500,000 in collective income per month just to service all their loans.
The Shahrizats have been accused to abusing their power and misusing funds meant to develop the NFC cattle breeding project, which had been granted a RM250 million government soft loan. The project was awarded to Shahrizat's family in 2006 and was described by the Auditior General as having fundamental "weaknesses" in his 2010 report.
Protection from a "cheeky" and bungling Najib
PKR has in the past few months unleashed a barrage of allegations against the Shahrizats including their purchase of luxury condominiums in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, a super-class Mercedes Benz, family holidays overseas and million-ringgit discounts to other family-owned firms.
Shahrizat has refused to quit despite the public furore and appears to have the backing of Prime Minister Najib Razak. Although Najib has insisted that a thorough probe would be carried and that the assets of NFC have been frozen to protect the public's interest, it is clear that he has no intention to punish the wrongdoers nor to stop the Shahrizats from their business venture.
“As NFCorp says, it’s business as usual. The prime minister is very cheeky to play with words when he said NFCorp’s assets were frozen. By right the freeze should follow the tentacles all the way because most of the money is already outside NFCorp,” Rafizi said, repeating his call for all NFCorp directors to have their personal assets frozen.
He also showed reporters an advertisement put out by Farmhouse Supermarkets to recruit purchasing managers on January 17, three days after Najib had publicly announced that NFCorp’s assets had been frozen.
No prosecution?
On Sunday, Najib created fresh concern when he suggested that the Auditor General might not prosecute the Shahrizats although the police had recommended that CBT or criminal breach of trust charges be leveled at Salleh Ismail, the NFC chairman and Shahrizat's husband.
It is believed that while those in his camp were the ones who started leaking news of the NFC misdeeds in an attempt to oust Shahrizat and replace her with his ally Raja Nong Chik as the Umno candidate for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat, Najib was unprepared for the scandal to blow up in the way that it has, causing tremendous damage to the party's already corruption-tainted image.
Fearful that this might put a weapon in the hands of the Umno right wing led by former premier Mahathir Mohamad, Najib is believed to have struck a deal with Shahrizat, allowing her time to resign her Cabinet post and giving her family 'immunity' from prosecution.
Malaysia Chronicle

Why BN government did not award NFC project to FELDA?

February 28, 2012

PKR said that the government agency was more qualified, experienced and had readily available resources to handle the NFC project and yet they were overlooked .

PETALING JAYA: PKR today dragged Felda into the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal and questioned why the government agency was not awarded the “high-impact” NFC project.

PKR strategy director, Rafizi Ramli, today said that Felda Farm Products Sdn Bhd was one of the six companies which had put in its application for the project in a “limited tender” process.

Rafizi said that based on the corporate information of all companies (as stated in the Companies Commission of Malaysia), Felda Farm Products was the most stable organisation to handle the NFC project.

“Based on PKR’s preliminary check, from experience, capital size, management and industry record, the company which was most competitive among the six is Felda Farm Product.

“How then can the project which is worth almost RM300 million be awarded to an inexperienced company owned by a minister’s family,” he asked at a press conference at the party headquarters here today.

The other five companies that applied for the project were Group Five Bonsmara Breeding Centre Sdn Bhd, MIG Farm Sdn Bhd, MLC Industries Sdn Bhd, Agroscience Industries Sdn Bhd and Lamberts Agriculture Trade (M) Sdn Bhd.

Eventually, Agroscience Industries Sdn Bhd and an Australuan company Lamberts Agriculture Trade (M) Sdn Bhd were awarded the contract.

Agroscience is a company owned by Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Jalil’s husband Mohamed Salleh Ismail.

National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), also owned and operated by Shahrizat’s family, was established later to assist the NFC to boost beef production.

Rafizi today argued that the other five companies were relatively new and inexperienced to handle a project of such magnitude.

A decade of experience

According to the corporate information, the other companies were formed a year or two before they applied for the NFC project which was awarded in 2006.

“Felda Farm Products was formed in 1995, giving it almost a decade of experience than the other applicants. Its revenue was RM 9.6 million as of December 2010, whereas where else Group Five and MLC Industries raked in zero revenue and MIG Farm’s revenue was RM1.2 million.

“By just looking at the figures it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which company is capable of carrying out the project,” he said.

Zeroing on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Rafizi asked why Felda was overlooked to handle the project when it was capable of doing so.

“Najib was the High Impact Project chairman when the project was awarded.

“Why didn’t he give the project to Felda which has readily available land, many settlers who have the skills and which is waiting for such an opportunity?” he asked.

He added that this revealed the hypocrisy of the ruling regime.

“The government is always saying ‘We have helped the livelihood of Felda settlers by giving them 30 more cows’ or something to that effect.

“But when a project like this comes along, Felda is bypassed and it is given to a minister’s family with no experience,” he said.

He added that Najib must explain why the more qualified Felda was not considered for the project.

UiTM don’s ‘seditious’ remarks over his statements regarding non-Bumi students being given a place in UiTM.

B Nantha Kumar | February 28, 2012

A business organisation and a NGO see red with Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar over his statements regarding non-Bumi students being given a place in UiTM.

KUALA LUMPUR: A business organisation has urged the Higher Education Ministry to act against Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) vice-chancellor Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar over his “seditious” remarks.

The Malaysian Indian Business Association (MIBA) was referring to an interview with Sahol published in the Malay weekly Mingguan Siasah.

In the article, Sahol had, among others, said that Malay leaders should rise to the ocassion to defend UiTM when the issue of opening up the institution to non-bumiputera arises.

(Pihak yang mempunyai keupayaan perlu menyahut cabaran, jangan apabila isu kuota membuka UiTM kepada bukan Bumiputera, tidak ramai pemimpin Melayu berani tampil ke depan untuk mempertahankan universiti ini.)

Commenting on this, MIBA president P Sivakumar said: “As a well-known educationist, Sahol should be more responsible.”

He added that denying poor Chinese and Indian students an opportunity to progress was unbelievable, especially now because of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s policy to create a high income society.

“As a vice-chancellor, Sahol should focus on the progress of the university and not behave like a politician,” he said, reminding the academic that his salary also comes from the tax money of non-bumiputeras.

Sivakumar also said that discrimination was a sin in any religion and no student should be denied education opportunities based on race.

‘Let’s have an open debate’

Meanwhile, National Indian Advancement Team (NIAT) chairman Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim challenged Sahol to an open debate on the matter.

Speaking to FMT, he also said that the vice-chancellor’s remarks were un-Islamic.

“As a Muslim, he cannot insult the other races,” he said. “We know that UiTM is for Malay and Bumiputera students, but is it wrong to open the university to others?”

MTUC ‘lost confidence in Dr Subra’

G Vinod | February 28, 2012

The union now wants the prime minister to resolve all matters affecting workers.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) today declared that it has lost confidence in Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

The MTUC wants Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to directly resolve issues affecting workers’ rights, including the recent amendment made in the Employment Act 1955 and the sacking of two of Maybank’s staff.

Among the affiliates present in support of MTUC’s stand were the National Union of Banking Employees (NUBE) and the Government Linked Companies (GLC) Union Associations.

About 50 MTUC members were present including NUBE secretary-general J Solomon and GLC Union Associations president Mohd Shafie BP Mammal.

Solomon said the MTUC had submitted a letter yesterday voicing its lack of faith in Subramaniam to the Prime Minister’s Department.

The letter was signed by MTUC president Khalid Atan and its secretary-general Halim Mansor.

“The reason we lost confidence in Subramaniam is because of his lackadaisical attitude in dealing with issues involving workers,” said Solomon.

Last year, Subramaniam received brickbats from the MTUC when he tabled a controversial amendment to the Employment Act 1955.

The MTUC claimed that amendment would further erode workers’ right as it would allow third party to employ workers.

Nationwide rally

The minister also courted NUBE’s anger when Subramaniam was said to have failed to curb Maybank from establishing an in-house union, Mayneu, which NUBE claimed would provoke industrial disharmony.

Solomon said that Subramaniam had also ignored NUBE’s complaints over Maybank’s decision to dismiss two of its staff for participating in trade union activity.

“We have sent about six letter and had three meetings with Subramaniam since last year but he never took any action,” claimed Solomon.

Last month, Maybank terminated the employment of NUBE vice-president Abdul Jamil Jalaludeen and its honorary treasurer Chen Ka Fatt, for holding a banner that carried the word “Maybank robs poor Malaysian workers” in Geneva, Switzerland, last year.

Abdul Jamil was employed at the Maybank branch of Pulau Tikus, Penang, while Chen served at the Maybank branch at Ipoh Garden, Perak.

On what MTUC’s next course of action would be should its calls go unanswered, Solomon said MTUC may hold a nationwide rally to voice its dissatisfaction.

“We have already appointed a committee to organise the rally. It will decide on the day and venue soon,” he said.

Subramanian could not be reached for his comments.

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi disputes the prime minister's claim that the government had spent RM340 million on Tamil schools over the past three years

PETALING JAYA: The government must account for the millions it claims to have allocated for Tamil schools as most of them are still in a dilapitated state, Hindraf Makkal Sakthi said.

It’s pro-tem secretary-general, P Uthayakumar, in a letter to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, said he would drag the government to court should the premier fail to account for his statement.

The NST quoted Najib in a report yesterday, saying that over the past three years, the government had spent RM340 million on Tamil schools nationwide.

Najib was reported to have said this at a Ponggal celebration at Kelab Kilat TNB, Kapar, on Sunday.
Citing examples, Uthayakumar said even the fully-aided Jalan Tajol Tamil School in Kota Tinggi has no canteen, a school field or a proper working toilet despite the “generous grant”.

“The St Helier Tamil School in Bahau was certified unsafe by the Works Ministry but nothing has been done till now to rectify it,” Uthayakumar said, adding that it even lacks classrooms.

He urged Najib to stop his political charades and shenanigans and address the problems faced by Tamil schools immediately.

“The prime minister must address the shameful state of Tamil schools in the country which are even denied basic amenities and facilities.

“Remember that Article 12 of the Federal Constitution provides that there shall be no discrimination in providing education out of the funds of a public authority,” he said.

Hindraf filed a civil suit against the government on Feb 9, among others, wanting it to convert all Tamil schools in Malaysia into fully-aided ones.

Lim lodges police report against Umno-Perkasa mob

FMT Staff | February 28, 2012

Police must act with fear or favour and bring to book those who assaulted two reporters and threatened him during the anti-Lynas rally, says Penang CM.

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today lodged a police report on the violent threats by those he claimed are Umno and Perkasa members during the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 anti-Lynas gathering in Penang on Sunday.

“Should anything happen to me, Umno and Perkasa have to bear full responsibility. The police must show that they can perform their duties without fear or favour by acting not only against the Umno and Perkasa members who assaulted the two reporters but also those who threatened me,” Lim said in his report.

He said that he still felt threatened by Umno and Perkasa members nearly two days after the event, adding that he was “shocked” that Barisan Nasional, especially Penang Umno and Gerakan (led by Musa Sheikh Fadzir and Teng Hock Nan respectively), continue to support the violent behaviour of Umno and Perkasa members.

“Instead of a public apology from BN for Umno and Perkasa’s violent behaviour, they are trying to pin the blame on me,” Lim said.

“When Umno and Gerakan do not even condemn violent attacks by Umno and Perkasa members on reporters covering the event, my personal safety is not guaranteed.”

Recounting the Sunday evening incident, Lim said he arrived at Padang Kota Lama to attend the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 event at 6.30pm.

“Before my arrival, Penang senior executive council member Chow Kon Yeow, who was already at the venue at 6pm, informed me by phone of the disruption by Umno and Perkasa members.”

Lim said he was informed that there were 100 Umno and Perkasa members supporting Lynas and behaving violently, while there were about 1,000 who were against the plant.

Immediate target

“They were violently and forcibly trying to disperse the crowd from the field. Fortunately the anti-Lynas people did not retaliate… they just sat down on the field,” he said.

He added that when he arrived, he was the immediate target of the Umno-Perkasa members.

“They used foul language and racial epithets such as ‘Cina Babi, Penang Cina bodoh, babi sokong Lim Guan Eng Ketua Menteri’.”

“They were waving their fists at me and threatened me with words like ‘you jaga’. If not for the members of public protecting me, I believe they would have attacked me.”

Lim said when he was delivering his speech on stage, Umno and Perkasa members, barely a metre away, repeatedly disrupted him.

When he was greeting the anti-Lynas group after his speech, there was a lot of pushing and shoving and the Umno-Perkasa mob continued with its abusive language and racial slurs.

Lim said he did not witness the attacks on the two Kwong Wah Jit Poh journalists, Chew Seng Tung and Lee Hong Chun.

He, however, expressed gratitude to Chew, whose actions had protected Lim. Chew received eight stitches on his injured finger while Lee had a bruise on the head.

Anti-Lynas crowd showed restraint

Lim said the Umno-Perkasa members continued their violent behaviour towards him as he returned to his car.

“Even after getting into my official car, they continued to hit my car, spit on it and refused to let my car leave the venue. The anti-Lynas crowd showed restraint and did not retaliate,” he said.

“This violent conduct does not represent Malay culture or the Malaysian spirit. I do not understand why they are so worked up in supporting Lynas, which is an Australian company.”

“Processing of rare earth has negative effects. How serious these effects are can be seen by the fact that Lynas cannot even get approval from its own Australian government to build the plant in Australia.

“If the Lynas goes wrong with the plant, then everyone will suffer – the Chinese will suffer, the Malays will suffer, the Indians will suffer, the Kadazans will suffer, the Ibans will suffer.”

Yesterday, Penang BN said it wanted police to investigate if the fracas was due to provocation by Lim.

PAS MP says party ready for non-Muslim leaders

February 28, 2012
SHAH ALAM, Feb 28 — PAS research chief Dzulkefly Ahmad said today the Islamic party is ready to accept non-Muslims in positions as high as deputy president.

The Kuala Selangor MP said the party was ready to emulate Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which appointed Coptic Christian intellectual Rafiq Habib as its vice president last year.

“The fundamental principle is that there are some things in Islam which are mandatory and some that are not. This is not,” Dzulkefly told reporters after speaking at a forum titled “Why are Malay votes split?”

The PAS central committee member had cited the Arab Spring, the wave of popular revolutions that began a year ago and toppled dictators in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

The moderator Maszlee Malik then asked if PAS was ready to follow in the footsteps of the FJP, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, who appointed Habib after Hosni Mubarak was forced to resign as Egyptian president.

“Yes, we are ready. PAS is inclusive as seen with our Negara Berkebajikan and PAS for all concepts. We aim to be an active player in new politics,” Dzulkefly responded.

The International Islamic University lecturer posed the question again during a press conference later, asking if PAS would accept a non-Muslim deputy president.

Dzulkefly replied that the matter can be discussed if it is proposed.

“This is only an administrative matter. We cannot say it will never happen because Islam can address change for intellectual renewal. Islam can withstand the challenge of time,” he said.

Tensions between Muslims and Christians have resulted in Islamic NGOs going on a national roadshow under the banner of Himpunan Sejuta Umat (Gathering of a Million Faithful) to rally Muslims against “the challenge of Christianisation.”

Allegations that Christians are trying to convert Muslims peaked last August when the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raided the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Petaling Jaya.

This came after repeated disputes between church and mosque, such as the legal battle over the the use of the word Allah to refer to the Christian god.

An initial court ruling allowing the Catholic Church to use the term Allah had led to places of worship being firebombed in January 2010.

The government also buckled under pressure and ordered the release of Malay-language bibles seized before Sarawakians, half of whom are Christians, voted in the April 16, 2011 state polls.

Before the Jais raid, Umno’s Utusan Malaysia and Malay rights lobby Perkasa accused the DAP of conspiring to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.

Although DUMC has denied Jais’ claims, Utusan Malaysia fanned the flames with allegations that Christian groups in Kuala Lumpur and Johor were actively trying to convert Muslims.

Questions raised over Singapore supermarket owned by Shahrizat’s family

February 28, 2012

PETALING JAYA, Feb 28 — PKR revealed today Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s family is opening a new supermarket in Singapore, throwing up a host of questions over links to the RM250 million government loan meant for the National Feedlot Centre (NFC).

The party posed questions today about how the family, which owns the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) tasked with running the cattle-farming scheme, obtained bank loans to open a supermarket at a new luxury shopping mall on the island.

The party distributed documents showing Shahrizat’s (picture) husband and NFCorp chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh and their two children owned Farmhouse Supermarkets, which has taken loans from Maybank and United Overseas Bank.

PKR had made an earlier disclosure that NFCorp, the company owned by minister Shahrizat’s family, had a RM180 million fixed deposit with Maybank in 2009.

“We believe the loans were approved with the same method to pay for their two luxury condominiums in Marina Bay Suites worth RM34 million,” PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli said.

He had earlier this month claimed the RM250 million federal loan for the NFC project given to NFCorp was used to leverage financing for the two units.

“This exposes public funds to risk of losses from the supermarket business,” Rafizi told a press conference.

NFCorp has insisted it has the right to use its RM250 million soft loan from the government as it saw fit, even to invest in property, as long as it repays the interest.

But DAP publicity chief Tony Pua, who sits on Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), said the Finance Ministry had told the panel last November there was no provision allowing NFCorp to use its federal loan to purchase property.

Rafizi also told reporters today the supermarket has signed a tenancy agreement to take up 28 units and be the anchor tenant in Star Vista, a new mall that will begin operations in the third quarter of this year.

He said that based on the average rental for commercial space in Singapore, the estimated 3,000-sq metre supermarket will cost RM2.2 million a month in rental.

“Including other expenditure, the supermarket will require operating expenditure of RM30 to RM40 million a year,” he said.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat has been repeatedly linked to NFCorp as the project was awarded by the Cabinet to her family.

The RM250 million publicly-funded cattle-raising scheme was coined a “mess” after it made it into the pages of the Attorney-General’s 2010 Report for failing to meet production targets.

The term was repeatedly used to describe NFCorp after PKR launched a series of exposés to show that the project’s funds had been allegedly abused.

The company’s assets were frozen after investigations were launched by the police and the national anti-graft body following the revelations.

Shahrizat took three weeks’ leave from ministerial duties last month to allow the authorities to complete their probe.

She was questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on her first day back at work.

Rafizi had earlier admitted PKR lacked documented proof to show NFCorp had fixed deposit accounts with UOB.

But he dared Shahrizat to “detail the income of the family by which they collect such assets”, saying the combined household income must be RM500,000 a month to service all the loans.

He also showed reporters an advertisement put out by Farmhouse Supermarkets to recruit purchasing managers on January 17, three days after Datuk Seri Najib Razak had announced that NFCorp’s assets had been frozen.

“So as NFCorp says, it’s business as usual. The prime minister is very cheeky to play with words when he said NFCorp’s assets were frozen.

“By right the freeze should follow the tentacles all the way because most of the money is already outside NFCorp,” Rafizi said, repeating his call for all NFCorp directors to have their personal assets frozen.

MACC revamp doesn’t need two-thirds parliamentary majority, says Pakatan, Bar chief

February 28, 2012
Lim believed both BN and PR MPs could work together on this issue in the interest of the nation. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28 — The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) does not need to win two-thirds control of Parliament to improve the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as such plans would not necessarily be opposed by Pakatan Rakyat (PR), say its lawmakers.

Opposition lawmakers told The Malaysian Insider that any steps to improve the efficiency and accountability of the anti-graft body should be welcomed, and that they will be open to debating the matter in Parliament at its next sitting.

Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee said there should be no reason why MPs “across the floor” would not vote in favour of amendments to the Federal Constitution if it was done in the interest of the nation.

They were responding to Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who pledged yesterday to give more freedom to the MACC in the appointment of its officers if BN wins two-thirds control of Parliament in the next general election.

Liew said there was no question of needing a two-thirds majority.
DAP international secretary Liew Chin Tong rubbished the prime minister’s remarks, saying that there should be a proper level of consultation with opposition lawmakers on the matter.

“This is nonsense. In principle we agree on empowering the MACC for the betterment of the public. There is no question on needing a two-thirds majority.

“In principle we agree, and think that the MACC should be placed under the jurisdiction of Parliament, and not the Prime Minister’s Office,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

The Bukit Bendera MP said that in any mature democracy where laws are made, proper consultation on all levels needs to take place.

He said Najib was presumptuous to think PR lawmakers would not agree to some of the recommendations of the advisory panel.

“The opposition is happy to be consulted,” he added.

PAS central committee member Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa stressed that past amendments to the purpose and function of the MACC had already “empowered” the commission, and that the real problem was ensuring the anti-graft body was free from “political interference.”

“You don’t need two thirds. Issue is not about strengthening, but more of allowing autonomy to MACC to carry out its duties,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

“Pakatan Rakyat has agreed to reform measures for the MACC, based on proposals by the advisory panel,” the PAS leader added.

PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar told The Malaysian Insider that Najib’s remarks were an admission that the MACC did not have enough clout to tackle corruption in the country.

Mujahid said the issue was more of giving the MACC the autonomy to carry out its duties.
“The people should reject this kind political motivation from a leader. History has shown that when BN rules with a bigger majority, they are not afraid to abuse their powers,” she said.

The Bar Council’s Lim pointed out that both BN and PR MPs had demonstrated “some amount of maturity” with regards to the bipartisan Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on electoral reforms.

“Thus there is no reason why this cannot equally be the case with necessary and advantageous amendments to the Federal Constitution,” he said.

The lawyer however questioned Najib’s mention of a proposal to elevate the status of the MACC chief commissioner to a standing equal to the Attorney-General or Auditor-General, stating that both had different limits to their jurisdiction.

“A question which arises from the PM’s statement is the meaning of equal standing of the chief commissioner of MACC to the Honourable Attorney-General and Auditor-General.

“The former has unfettered discretion to prosecute, making him probably the most powerful man in Malaysia. Whilst the latter’s powers, duties are prescribed the Audit Act 1957,” said the Bar Council president.

The Star hauled up over ‘Allah’ tattoo picture

February 27, 2012
Badu performs at the Tobago Jazz Experience in Pigeon Point April 24, 2010. — Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — The Star has been directed by the Home Ministry to clarify how a picture of US singer Erykah Badu showing her tattoos of the word “Allah” in Arabic ended up in its print edition today, Bernama Online reported.

The report, citing Deputy Home Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong, added that the managing editor, chief news editor and the senior editor of the nation’s best-selling English language daily were all told to explain the use of the photograph.

“Further action will be based on the daily's written explanation to the ministry,” Lee was quoted as saying in the report.

Earlier today, The Star carried an apology on its website over the accidental use of the image in the newspaper.

In an article entitled “Apology for Erykah Badu photo”, the newspaper said: “A photograph of American singer Erykah Badu with tattoos of various symbols, including the Arabic word for Allah, was inadvertently published in Star2 today. We sincerely apologise to Muslim readers for this oversight.”

R&B singer Badu is also due to perform in Kuala Lumpur on February 29. It is unclear if this incident will have any bearing on her concert planned to be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Explain why FELDA unit overlooked for NFC project, PKR asks Najib

February 28, 2012

PETALING JAYA, Feb 28 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should explain why a FELDA subsidiary with 11 years in cattle farming was overlooked when the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) project was awarded to two companies in 2006, PKR officials said today.

The RM250 million NFC project was awarded to Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s family company, Agro Science Industries Sdn Bhd, and Lambert Sdn Bhd.

“The anchor company selection committee for the NFC was chaired by Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He must explain how he can talk about fighting for FELDA with the public listing but did not give the project which would have benefitted the settlers,” PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli (picture) said, referring to the Federal Land Development Authority under the Prime Minister’s Department.

He told a press conference today that “FELDA has the land and they need to value-add their operations so much so that they often talk about its success in rearing 30 more cows,” a reference to the NFC target of farming 8,000 head of cattle.

PKR distributed to reporters today FELDA Farm Products Sdn Bhd’s financial information which states that for 2010 its revenue was RM9.6 million.

Under the 9th Malaysia Plan in 2006, the NFC was targeted as a High Impact Project with an objective to attain 40 per cent self-sufficiency for beef production by 2010. Agro Science Industries was allocated 2,000 hectares of land while Lambert took 200 ha.

The other five companies that submitted bids in the limited tender were all established in 2004 or 2005.

Agro Science Industries then set up the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) to run the project, which is chaired by Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail, Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat’s husband. Their three children also hold executive posts in the company.

The NFC hit the headlines after it made it into the Auditor-General’s Report last year, and has continued to hog the limelight after it was linked to Shahrizat and her family.

NFCorp has been repeatedly accused by PKR of using a RM250 million federal loan for over RM60 million worth of expenses like the purchase of several luxury condominium units in Bangsar and Singapore, land in Putrajaya and personal umrah trips.

Shahrizat applied for three weeks’ leave from her ministerial duties last month after new allegations of bribery surfaced and resumed work on February 8. She was called in for questioning by the MACC on the same day.

Bukit Aman recommended last weekend that the Attorney-General charge NFCorp directors with criminal breach of trust (CBT), an opinion that was shared by de facto law minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

Umno, Perkasa members threatened me, Guan Eng claims

February 28, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today claimed Umno and Perkasa members had made threats against him during an anti-Lynas rally in Penang at the weekend.

He alleged that the threats were made at the Speakers’ Corner in Padang Kota Lama, Penang on Sunday, which he said about 100 Umno and Perkasa members had tried to disrupt.

“They used foul language, curse words and racial epithets such as ‘Cina babi, Penang Cina bodoh, babi sokong Lim Guan Eng ketua menteri’,” he said in a statement.

“The Umno Perkasa members surged forward, pointing their fists at me, again using racist language and threatening words like ‘you jaga’. If not for members of public ringing me in protection, I believe they would have attacked me.”

Lim (picture), who is also DAP secretary-general, said the Umno and Perkasa members who were standing less than a metre from him continued to create a ruckus during his speech.

He alleged that the “violent behaviour” did not stop even after he got into his official state government car to leave, claiming the counter-protesters hit and spat on the vehicle and did not permit it to leave.

“Should anything happen to me, Umno and Perkasa will have to bear responsibility,” he said, adding that he had lodged a police report against the alleged threats.

Lim said he was shocked that Barisan Nasional (BN), especially Penang Umno and Gerakan, continued to support the allegedly violent conduct of Umno and Perkasa supporters to the point of trying to blame him for the disturbance.

Sunday’s rally in Penang was held in solidarity with Himpunan Hijau 2.0 in Kuantan, which saw thousands turn up to demonstrate against the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng, some 25km from the east coast city.

Anti-Lynas gathering in Penang. Umno, Perkasa attackers were violent, racist and threatening

In a very peaceful and civilized gathering of anti-Lynas activist in Penang's Padang Kota yesterday, some journalists were being attacked by violent and racist members of Umno and Perkasa who were out there to create disturbance.

These Umno and Perkasa members who attacked the peaceful gathering were throwing stones, unwanted shoes, plastic bottles as well as hurling abusive and racist words onto the people who gathered there to voice their support for the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 rally protesting against the construction of a radioactive rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang.

The question here is why didn't the police act against all these violent and racist troublemakers. If you just observe the actions of these supposedly potential terrorists or suicide bombers, you would be able to identify who started the trouble first.

Guess what the police responded then? Instead of taking action against all those Umno and Perkasa terrorists, the police claimed that it was the anti-Lynas group who had provoked the situation into tense.

Just where exactly are the sense of justice and security of the people in the police itself? There are merely serving the interests of Umno and the ruling elites.

By Viktor Wong

All eyes on Gani Patail: Will he order the arrest of Shahrizat's husband

All eyes on Gani Patail: Will he order the arrest of Shahrizat's husband

Attention has swiveled over to Malaysia's notorious Attorney General, Gani Patail, with the Malaysian public watching closely to see if he will request for an arrest warrant for the husband of Women's minister Shahrizat Jalil, accused of criminal breach of trust in the RM250mil NFC debacle.
Gani is often accused of corruption and being under the thumb of the Umno-led federal government, and when Prime Minister Najib Razak said over the weekend it was up to the AG to decide on the next course of action, it sparked warning bells that his comment was a signal to Gani to not bow to pressure from the public, the opposition and Umno itself, to act swiftly on the long drawn-out case.
Najib was actually responding to news that the police had recommended CBT charges to be preferred against Salleh Ismail, the NFC chairman, although deputy inspector-general Khalid Abu Bakar had previous announced in November that investigations did not show any "elements" of breach of trust.
Indeed, the NFC fiasco is fraught with deep undercurrents as all major factions in the Umno party involved in one way or another in the deal. The project itself is aimed to develop a cattle breeding industry in Malaysia and was awarded to Shahrizat's husband and family to oversee in 2006. A RM250mil government soft loan was also granted as part of the project financing but opposition leaders led by PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli and women's chief Zuraida Kamaruddin have revealed that the Shahrizats used a large chunk of this loan on personal items including luxury condos, car, overseas holidays and so forth.
AG must act professionally
Calling on the Najib administration to stop delaying and to bring all guilty parties to book, PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub was among the latest Pakatan Rakyat leader to warn against using Gani as an excuse to block or delay action against Salleh.
"What's important is that the AG must act according to the facts of the case. I hope they will resolve the matter professionally," Salahuddin, who is also the Kubang Kerian MP, told a press conference on Monday.
Salahuddin was obviously concerned with drift of the PM's latest comment on the matter, which implies that there is unlikely to be any prosecution by his administration. The prime minister had said the AG holds absolute power under the Constitution to decide if a case has sufficient evidence to be accepted in court, failing which the latter could also return the matter to the police for further investigation.
“I am saying this on the principle that assumptions cannot be made on what is going to happen (next) because it is up to the A-G ... and only he has the right to make the decision in this matter. We cannot make the assumption that all investigations end with prosecution,” Najib told reporters on Sunday.
Najib and his camp have been blamed for starting the NFC debacle by blowing the whistle on its dubious wheeling-and-dealing for the purpose of discrediting Shahrizat and replacing her with Raja Nong Chik as the candidate for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat in the next general election, widely expected to be held later this year.
However, Najib was unprepared for the way the scandal blew up and how it is now being blamed for weakening Umno's chances in the GE-13. It is believed that he has now struck a deal with Shahrizat to not prosecute her, provided she surrenders her Cabinet position in due course.
Prolonging the 'embarrassment' for Muhyiddin and Badawi
Umno watchers believe that he is now intentionally prolonging the NFC drama as rival factions led by former premier Abdullah Badawi and Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin are also involved in the case.
Badawi was prime minister and had wanted to give the project to the Shahrizats to manage. Najib's potential rival in the race for the Umno presidency, Muhyiddin Yasin, was the Agriculture minister who officially signed over the project to the Shahrizats. By playing up the NFC scandal, Najib hopes to discredit the Badawis as well as Muhyiddin.
"Najib will maximise the bad press for Muhyiddin, KJ and the Badawi faction, so don't expect any swift or decisive action from the Attorney General. Such a tactic is currently to Najib's advantage and he will use it to the max. To the public, he will of course sing a different tune and his stooges will go around creating all types of stories to try and dissociate themselves from the NFC scandal," an Umno watcher told Malaysia Chronicle.
"But I don't think it will fool many people in Umno. They know who has the most to gain from blowing the whistle on the Shahrizats in the first place and now by prolonging the situation and discrediting Muhyiddin and Badawi. The biggest loser is of course Umno, the party as a whole, because of the dirty politicking of its own president."
Malaysia Chronicle

How did the Sabah poor vanish?

How did the Sabah poor vanish?

STAR’s Jambun takes Najib to task over his statement about poverty reduction.

KOTA KINABALU: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak continues to draw angry reactions with his recent assertion that Sabah is no longer the poorest state in Malaysia.
Opposition leaders have expressed shock, and one of them, Daniel John Jambun, said today that the statement was “unacceptable and insulting”.
In an article published in local newspapers, Jambun, who is STAR Sabah’s deputy chairman, demanded that the Statistics Department corroborate Najib’s statement with verifiable data.
According to him, Sabahans are “scornful” of the statement and “believe it is all a desperate political spin to give a positive impact for Najib’s visit to Sabah prior to the general election”.
Speaking on Feb 17 in Kampung Nala, about 60km from Lahad Datu, Najib said Sabah had surpassed Kelantan in per capita income, with the number of hardcore poor households reduced from 30,000 to 7,000.
Jambun noted that he did not mention how long it took to achieve the reduction.
He said it was an insult to imply that Sabah deserved to be compared only with the second poorest state in Malaysia. “Why not compare us with Selangor and Penang? If we had crept past the second poorest state, the progress wasn’t much and it meant we had to struggle on our knees just to do that.”
He reminded Sabah BN leaders that when the World Bank submitted its report to the state government in November 2010, its representative Emmanuel Jimenez described Sabah as the poorest state in Malaysia and likely to stay that way for “a considerable length of time given current efforts in poverty eradication”.
Mismanaged programmes
The report, he added, “specifically said that the bottom line was that Malaysia’s economic planning in Sabah so far had not been for inclusive growth”. He interpreted this as meaning that the growth strategy “did not include most of the state’s economic sectors and excluded most of the people”.
“My question is how did those poor people suddenly disappear?” Jambun said.
“Certainly it was not because of any fantastic government effort. All those poverty eradication programmes didn’t work and aren’t working. The i-Azam Wanita 1Malaysia (a rural economic financing programme for women) has not made any impact in Sabah, the e-Kasih has been widely accused of being implemented with ‘pilih kasih’ (favouritism) and the PPRT (a housing programme for the hardcore poor) is being abused to reward Umno supporters who are already doing well financially.
“They are all not achieving their targets as planned although the government has bragged they would be bringing poverty down. The government actually has not even taken into account the force of high inflation, which is killing off whatever small effects are coming from these mismanaged programmes.
“So what the people are really getting is the receding value of their incomes in the face of the skyrocketing cost of living, which is causing dramatic increases in urban poverty.
“Because of this inflation, even government servants have to depend on Ah Longs to make ends meet.
“Employment and business opportunities are scarce. What you see in the local newspapers are court summonses and bankruptcy notices. As of June 2010, 218,561 Malaysians have gone bankrupt, and worse, Malaysia itself is feared to be going bankrupt by 2019.”
Economic strangulation
Jambun accused the BN government of causing poverty in Sabah by draining resources from the state without giving back sufficiently in the form of economic development.
“Do Umno-BN leaders want to keep Sabah poor so that the people here have to continue being beholden to them?”
He said Najib’s statement that Sabah had great potential was both insulting and hypocritical.
“He knows very well how the federal government is denying Sabah a lot of potential growth by taking away 95% of our oil, taking a massive collection of taxes from Sabah, giving us small development allocations, perpetuating the cabotage policy which is accelerating inflation in Sabah and Sarawak, and taking lands in Sabah for Felcra and Felda which do not contribute much to the state economy.
“All these policies are strangling Sabah’s economy, have contributed to us becoming the poorest state. So where are we going with this great potential that we are supposed to have now? All I can see is that Sabah has great potential for the federal government to exploit it further, and to be treated as a fixed deposit for the BN.”
Jambun also mentioned a report about widespread illiteracy in Ulu Paitan. “The report talks about people being unable to attend school due to impossible distances between their villages and the nearest schools,” he said. “If that is not abject poverty, I don’t know what is.”
He said he could continue citing “thousands of examples” of pervasive poverty. “We can even provide graphic pictures of people living in abject poverty in the interior. We have known and have spoken about this for a long time. So when the chief executive of the land comes here and declares most of our poverty has disappeared, it is just unacceptable and insulting.”

Amid China’s Railway Ministry’s Corruption Scandal

We should look within Malaysian shores for a main contractor for the Gemas-JB EDTP package

As many Malaysians in the know – that Mahathir power of attorney crony Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary is out to take over KTMB and assume ownership of KTMB then it will be up to him to decide which crony should get the job and who would give him the handsome kickback prior to being chosen as the main contractor. And when shit hits the fan, Syed Mokhtar will dump KTMB citing losses and offering a million excuses to force the government to buy back from Syed Mokhtar, the government will then have no choice but to step in and bail out at probably double the market price, which is a repeat of the great Tajudin Ramli-MAS scandal.

Adam Malik

As the Gemas-JB electrified double track railway project (EDTP) stretch is the final package for the EDTP, and has been delayed for more than a decade, we feel that it is high time the government takes immediate measures to award and implement the project as soon as possible.

Many quarters have argued that the government should consider a strong local party to become the project delivery partner and even the main contractor for the Gemas-Johor Bahru stretch; echoing this, may I suggest the government should consider looking within the shores of Malaysia itself. By awarding the job to the most qualified local main contractor, this will pave the way for local players to increase their expertise and portfolio once undertake this project and boost the confidence in the Malaysian ability to complete such works. More so, this is a great opportunity to showcase the varied capabilities Malaysia as a whole has to offer to the region.

Why should we even consider the Chinese at this stage? Reason being, firstly, the Chinese Railway Ministry is known to be corrupted and the cover-ups are well blanketed by all agencies of China. So how can we justify giving any contracts to a corrupted party, and by right we should not do so until this party clears itself of all corruption. If the Prime Minister of Malaysia gives a contract to any Rail party linked to Beijing now without them first clearing their name, then the Prime Minister himself is compromised.

Hence when the scandals first hit local Chinese media with regard to the former railway minister Liu Shijun who was then charged with corruption and embezzlement charges together with three other railway ministry officials, many news media then have started feeding news of lurid backroom dealings which has since dampened some of the crowing over the high-speed trains, which has also been hit with concerns over the real cost and safety of lines that has been and will be constructed.

This should pose a great danger for our PM Najib to consider before appointing them as this will create further controversy and an outright adoption of corruption. It is understood that our Prime Minister Najib also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of China favoring one of the candidates. So the question is how can our Prime Minister be so one sided when it comes to a foreign Chinese company? Has our Prime Minister taken any money from any of these parties that he must give the contract to a bunch of corrupt Chinese companies at a time when Malaysian companies are starving for contracts to survive?

Just have a quick re-look. “The rail ministry has been run like an independent kingdom for years,” said Hu Jintao, China’s own Premier. “The concentration of power has caused inefficiency and mismanagement, and it’s a hotbed for corruption.” Corruption is the name of the game for the Chinese companies; so what does that say about our Prime Minister if he gives the contract to a party that he knows full well is corrupt.

Secondly, the Chinese Railway firms lack clear and present safety record. This is evident in the many China bullet train crashes which have happened in the past year, despite widespread upgrading works being done. This is the effect corruption has on this industry, where safety standards is compromised which resulted in major accidents happening as corrupt officials had stolen from its construction budget. The point is lives are lost. People die in such accidents and who is to be blamed?

Due to above reasons, China country’s railways have come under constant scrutiny and China construction of railway lines is desperately easing up the throttle but still all the problems and scandals persist. For safety reasons, the new head of China Railway system told that the trains would lower their top speed. This slowdown marks a blow to the ambition of the Chinese government and we in Malaysia should take heed.

No doubt, the Chinese Government is making efforts to crack down on graft, which is one of the main triggers of public discontent, and is seen executing high-profile officials accused of corruption. However, this process to stamp out corruption within the government in a rapid growing economy will need time before all the chips fall into place. Furthermore, the fight against graft is hampered by the lack of an independent judiciary. In the meantime, if the Malaysian government wishes to immediately award such major project to existing China Railway Ministry subsidiaries, until immediate change is seen it will be akin to cutting from the same corrupt cloth.

Mind you, the level of corruption in the rail companies is not a Kuala Lumpur-sized corruption – rather, it is corruption in the world’s largest economy. The mismanagement in China’s railway ministry has already been highlighted in the press globally, from CNN, Al-Jazeera and BBC, even China’s state-controlled press could not cover it up entirely after pressure from these news agencies. Now give me one good reason why our government should place the lives of its people in the hands of corrupt Chinese companies?

The Najib administration has from the beginning agreed that the Gemas-Johor Bahru EDTP will be a project given priority for the Chinese companies. But given the above scenario with regard the Chinese government railway ministry – very controversial and very corrupt -opportunities should now be given to the qualified local players who possess the right expertise and track record in this area, also internationally competitive companies. We have an excellent slew of local companies who are able and ever willing to take on such mammoth project to add to their order book, but more so an opportunity to shine in the railway engineering industry. This impact will have major impact to provide new jobs in the market and more liquidity in the economy. So why is PM Najib adamant in giving to the Chinese? Is there something more than meet the eye? Money perhaps.

The more important question here is, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, how can he award such a contract to a foreign company tainted in corruption and knowing full well there is no safety standard to be adhered to – should an accident occur in the near future, no other than the PM will be held accountable. Even tendering process will not exempt the PM of the responsibility and duty as PM, the vanguard of the Malaysian interest and safety. As the bottom line is – why is the government still extending tender to the same three crooked Chinese companies with three lousy safety standards all under the Chinese Ministry of Railway which is proven to be corrupt ? Might be better if PM Najib just asks for his letter that he wrote to be shredded or this will be the document that will hang PM Najib in the near future.

Hence, as PM of the Malaysian Rakyat, what does this mean? Simply put it, as a reasonable and responsible PM - regardless of the promise that he has made that the award for the final package of EDTP is for the Chinese companies, PM and the Najib administration should reconsider this promise and to weigh it carefully against the important things such as the safety of its people and to make good any wrong judgment made. Heaven forbid, if a crash happens soon in Johor – who will be blamed for this if not the PM himself?

However, a word of caution to the PM and his administration – let this also be a new beginning to award projects by merits and not to another politically-linked crony company. Don’t tell me we have to stomach another huge 30% to 50% variation order and cost overruns. The people are very tired and very much aware of yet another repeat of this fabulous money-making scheme. So many (countless) taking shape including how Air Asia is raping MAS – can you imagine Tony shut down the only lucrative Dubai-KL route so that Air Asia can start in Dubai a hub for another low cost carrier?

Back to our topic – why is the government considering giving such a huge contract to the Chinese when we know that the scandals and corruption have not been resolved? Would we give a crooked plumber another job in our house when we already know he is corrupt? If we did, then it merits investigation like the big NFC scandal that the BN is trying to cover up. So why is the government behaving so strange? Of course, PM Najib will give that lame excuse – I have already given my word to the Chinese that they would build the track. Funny, they didn’t tell you Najib they were corrupt, nor did they tell you that they would compromise on the lives of the innocent ordinary Malaysians. Did they?

As many Malaysians in the know – that Mahathir power of attorney crony Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary is out to take over KTMB and assume ownership of KTMB then it will be up to him to decide which crony should get the job and who would give him the handsome kickback prior to being chosen as the main contractor. And when shit hits the fan, Syed Mokhtar will dump KTMB citing losses and offering a million excuses to force the government to buy back from Syed Mokhtar, the government will then have no choice but to step in and bail out at probably double the market price, which is a repeat of the great Tajudin Ramli-MAS scandal.

Mind you, the great Syed Mokhtar is already in control of Malaysia’s rice, sugar, water, proton, power plants, ports, bread, post, airport, seaports, books and whatnot, yet his company is in debt of up to RM20billion and counting. What to do… he is representing Mahathir right? And Najib has no balls to correct this wrong after Alttantuya? So Najib goes and do another grave wrong – award the Chinese companies which will give Syed Mokhtar a big kickback to build a track which will lead to an accident and claim many Malaysian lives, just as it did in China.

So please Pete, maybe if PM Najib reads this, he will realise that it is time to show the Malaysian people that Najib has balls and that the Najib administration is serious about change from within – Actions speaks louder than words. Appoint any Malaysian companies for all I care, UEM, MRCB, Ah Chong Sdn Bhd – so long as you are not playing with the lives of Malaysians with the proven lousy track record of the Chinese and the corrupt Chinese Rail Ministries and Ministers.


Concerned Rakyat
Adam Malik