UPDATE on Rosmah Mansor AUSTRALIAN Shopping Spree

From 1 of Australia's DAILY NEWSPAPERS again "THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD ( SMH )" does NOT DENY it's report on ROSMAH MANSOR's shopping is TRUE, whereby the FASHION DESIGNER whom she bought all here clothes from
admitted that:

"It was Kapp who later told PS he visited the $20,000 a night penthouse she was staying in, where he met Mr Razak, at the newly opened luxury hotel The Darling."

Even the PRIME MINISTER "NAJIB" was THERE lavishly spending our TAX PAYERS MONEY like nobody's business. What KIND of Prime Minister is this? PEOPLE FIRST he says? BULL$#!T! Would you TRUST a Prime Minister who is a "THIEF" & a "LIAR!"??? -w.i.w.c


"IT'S NOT every week PS lands in the centre of an international scandal, but last week's story about Rosmah Mansor (right, with Michelle Obama), the wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and her lavish New Year's Eve Sydney shopping spree has proved to be hotter than a Penang curry. After the story appeared in the Herald it went viral on the wildly inflammatory Malaysian blogosphere, where readers were outraged the woman introduced to Sydney fashion designer Carl Kapp on New Year's Eve as the First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) had spent an estimated $100,000 on his designer threads.

FLOM, who is at home with all the world's other first ladies, including Michelle Obama, is well known in Malaysia for her purported shopping habits. She visited Kapp's Paddington boutique with her entourage of six after discovering his range at David Jones during a holiday in Sydney.

It was Kapp who later told PS he visited the $20,000 a night penthouse she was staying in, where he met Mr Razak, at the newly opened luxury hotel The Darling.

Following the PS article, FLOM was approached by a reporter in Malaysia and quizzed about her Sydney shopping tour de force, first reported on respected Australian fashion journalist Patty Huntington's Frockwriter website after Kapp's Sydney publicity firm, Little Hero, pitched the story to Huntington, along with two other media outlets. When PS called, Kapp was only too happy to talk about FLOM, even posing for a photo having already crowed about his new VIP muse on his Facebook page, though it was mysteriously deleted once the controversy erupted.

Back in Malaysia, FLOM told the mainstream media, much of it owned by her husband's government, PS's report was ''rubbish'', ''wildly exaggerated' and she was a ''victim'', adding that Kapp would be issuing a statement on the affair.
Meanwhile, a campaign to discredit PS was launched in Malaysia, with everything from details about my personal life to being named on disgraced medico Geoffrey Edelsten's mildly amusing list of ''Australia's Worst Journalists'', being given an airing.

PS managed to get hold of Kapp's official statement. He denied being flown to Malaysia in coming weeks specifically to fit FLOM for her ''massive'' order of 61 garments, for which she paid up front. Yet Kapp told PS last week ''she is flying me to Malaysia for fittings in February''.

Kapp would not disclose the exact value of FLOM's order to PS but he did not dispute PS's $100,000 estimate.

Kapp's statement, issued by the same publicity firm that was originally drumming up interest in the FLOM story, said: ''It is our view that the article has unfairly given the impression that the Carl Kapp establishment is indiscreet and is willing to divulge personal and private information about our clients. This is manifestly untrue, and we wish to state unequivocally that we value greatly the privacy of our clientele and would never violate their confidence under any circumstance.'' How reassuring.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/private-sydney/royals-snippy-over-snappy-cover-20120128-1qmt1.html#ixzz1l0w0tHqk

MCA's marriage with Perkasa's 'White' Chinese New Year

MCA arranged and Perkasa nailed it! Compulsive attention seeker, Ibrahim Ali, and his gang of senseless and at times comical Perkasa members had caused another ruckus. This time, they had forked out almost RM10k only to court another controversy because the money was distributed in white envelopes. Netizens had criticized the act as an insult to the Chinese because the only time a white envelope is used is during bereavement.

MCA Seputeh division committee member Collin Tiew, who had arranged for more than 50 people to attend the Perkasa's CNY open house, claimed that he was victimized after he was criticized for playing a part in the Perkasa's event.

Tiew claimed that he did not know Ibrahim Ali before the event was surprisingly asked to help translate Ibrahim's speech during the event. Tiew said he was upset with the white packet but did nothing to advice or stop Ibrahim Ali from distributing them during the event.

Yes, unbelievable! My experience of working with so many politicians told me that a lack of integrity is common.

This incident is another proof that MCA has lost the plot. The party has been on the offensive against Dap for working with Pas to install an Islamic nation but the party has no qualm working with the racist and ultra Perkasa.

Perkasa's stand on a number of issues which included wild and baseless allegations against the Chinese community and Christians has angered many people, especially the Chinese community but the party which has been vocal against Pas and the latter's ambition to install the Hudud law.

The party has been critical against Dap working with Pas in Pakatan but has largely kept very quiet when section of UMNO and Pas have been mooting a unification of the Malay political forces. If MCA is vary of Pas, it should have reacted with the same contempt against UMNO's intention to work with Pas. Can MCA assure us that the UMNO-Pas partnership does not have an Islamic state ambition and Hudud will not be implemented?

What MCA needed is consistency and a political backbone if the party is serious of rebounding as a political force to be reckoned with. Playing with the fear of the community against the Hudud law is ill conceived and poorly executed.

Hudud does not hurt the innocent. We are being badly affected by immense corruption, racists and ultra politicians, journalists and academics which have no qualm or respect for Malaysia's multiracial society and fabric.

If MCA truly represents the Chinese community, it should have gone down to the ground to listen to the community grouses, fear and needs and not trying to play with communal and religious fire. It should be brave enough to tell those unscrupulous politicians in its coalition to stop abuse of power, corruption and poor governance.

An MCA trying to instill fear to push the community to vote them may eventually face the full brunt for its own lack of political acumen. Who cares if MCA ended up with no representation in the government if the party is good for nothing?

Umno, MCA, & Perkasa insulted Malaysian Chinese community

SO, THE Umno-linked Perkasa’s insult of giving away “white funeral ang pows” to the Chinese community during the Chinese Lunar Dragon Year has attracted the attention of our 1Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
Finally, after two days of silence, Najib saw the seriousness of the stunt pulled by his Umno-linked Perkasa.
However, it was a terrible let down from the premier. All he said were:
1. The use of “white envelope” angpow had nothing to do with the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government;
2. “I think that as long as we can have a better understanding of Chinese culture and promote sensitivity to cultural taboos, such controversial events can be avoided; and
3. “We all know that ang pow means a red envelope, dominated by red rather than other colours,” Najib said, adding that the incident can be used as a social experience.
Ibrahim “Perkasa” Ali’s stunt to insult the Chinese during the communnity’s Lunar Year celebration was deliberate, nothing short of mindless provocation aimed at worsening race relations.
If it was a stunt by a non-Malay aimed at the Malays during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, will Najib still respond the same? All Najib is trying to do is to quell the Chinese community’s anger to save Ibrahim’s hide (skin is too polite a word to describe this animal).
And now, the MCA “adulterer” president’s son, Chua Tee Yong, also wants to pit in his meaningless and worthless say. All Tee Yong had to say in response to the insult which was co-sponsored by a MCA division and branch leader is: “Perkasa cannot be excused for giving out white ang pows at a Chinese New Year gathering on Sunday. Perkasa should have been aware. They should have learnt the practices of another race before organising such an event, so that they did not upset anyone.”
Tee Yong, who is also MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief, is displaying much “pride and professionalism” in taking care of the interest of the Chinese community and defending the insults from Ibrahim the past few months. He is doing it by showing his elders the way to bootlick Umno and its cronies. Like father, like son.
There were also quotes attributed to Tee Yong saying that Ibrahim must apologise to the Chinese community. That’s all? We are expected to accept and forget the incident.
If I use a hearse to deliver something to Tee Yong’s house or place a coffin in front of his house, can I just apologise and forget the incident?
Enough is enough. Ibrahim has been spewing racial and sensitive and seditious remarks against the non-Malays the past few months and getting away with it because Perkasa is backed by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and BN-Umno.
What we want from Najib and MCA is action to be taken against Ibrahim and to stop the garbage coming from his mouth. We don’t want NATO (No Action Talk Only).
Anything short of punitive action and legal prosecution for public mischief or nuisance is to condone Ibrahim’s shameless behaviour as a Malay and Malaysian and he will continue to spew more venom to destroy unity among Malaysians.

NFC says no to memo on credit card expenses

An attempt to hand over a memo demanding the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) to account for its credit card expenses of RM600,000 was refused at the door today at its office in Kuala Lumpur.

NONEA delegation of about 10 members of the PKR-linked NGO Jingga 13 were met by the NFC's corporate communications manager Khaidir Jamal outside its office, but he refused to accept the memorandum.

He said the company's executive chairperson Mohamad Salleh Ismail (left) had given instructions not to accept the memo as he did not want to affect the ongoing police investigations.
Khaidir asked the group to voice their concerns to the police instead.

Speaking to reporters later, Jingga 13 coordinator Fariz Musa, who led the delegation, expressed disappointment over the refusal.

"We want transparency because it involves public funds. Therefore we are disappointed that we couldn't hand over the memo," he said.
Fariz was also baffled by Khaidir’s excuse because the NFC’s bosses had previously made press statements denying allegations against their company.

“We understand and we have already informed the police, but at the same time NFC’s management had responded through the media and through a briefing organised by NGOs to explain that the money was not misused.

“Yes, he can deny, but we want proof... to account for every sen that you used with the credit card,” he said.

The issue emerged on Jan 16, when PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli alleged that four family members of Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil had swiped RM593,500 in credit card expenses, paid for by NFC.

The four are Shahrizat’s husband Mohamad Salleh, son Wan Shahrinur Izmir (chief executive officer), another son Wan Shahinur Izran (executive director), and daughter Wan Izzana Fatimah.

Wan Shahrinur Izmir had denied the allegations, saying that those were for business expenses.

His corporation was previously given a RM250 million soft loan by the government for a project to develop the cattle industry.

Last week, Malay pressure group Perkasa had challenged Wan Shahrinur Izmir to lodge a police report against Rafizi for making false allegations if he was innocent.
MCA challenged to raise issue in cabinet

Meanwhile, in a statement today, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang challenged the four MCA cabinet ministers to raise the matter, which MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said has been “poorly handled (by Shahrizat)”, in the next cabinet meeting.

Taking issue with the Chinese-based party, Lim said that if MCA is laying the blame on Shahrizat, then their cabinet representatives should not have kept quiet in the many months since the scandal broke.

“Are the four MCA ministers brave enough to raise in the cabinet the fact that Malaysians have no faith in either the police or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to get to the bottom of the RM330 million ‘cattle condo’ and that the only credible and acceptable solution is the formation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to conduct a full-fledged inquiry?’ he asked.

The four ministers are Health Minister Dr Liow Tiong Lai, Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha, Housing and Local Government Minister Chor Chee Heung and Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen.

Chua had in an interview with the Malaysian Insider said Shahrizat is not a junior member of cabinet and should have dealt with the issue better, while Premier Najib Abdul Razak’s silence makes it appear like he is protecting the women, family and community development minister.
Anda mungkin juga meminati:

'I'm made victim of Perkasa CNY open house', MCA Seputeh beeing fooled by Perkasa

“I have been made a ‘victim’ for bringing some 50 people to attend Perkasa's Chinese New Year open house in Kampung Baru on Sunday.”

This is the position taken by embattled MCA Seputeh division committee member Collin Tiew.

Collin Tiew (President Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Insan) perkasa cny open houseEven though he knew it was organised by the Malay rights NGO Perkasa, he thought it was just a regular Chinese New Year visit and did not expect the function to turn controversial, Tiew (left) claimed yesterday.

"It was not my intention (to offend anyone), If my action has hurt the people's feelings, I would like to apologise to the Chinese community," he added.

Perkasa at its open house on Sunday stirred controversy after its chief Ibrahim Ali handed out ang pow in envelopes of white, a colour reserved for funerals in Chinese culture.

Tiew, who is also MCA Sri Desa branch chief, raised the ire of netizens for his presence at that event.

Tiew defends his speech

Defending his action, Tiew said he attended the event in his capacity as chairperson of a welfare association, not as an MCA member.

perkasa open house 290112 ibrahim ali 2Asked why he had gone up on stage during the event and praised Perkasa, Liew claimed he was merely translating Ibrahim's speech for the Chinese audience.

"I had attended another open house and arrived half-way through Ibrahim's speech and the MC (master of ceremony) suddenly asked me to translate Ibrahim's speech.

"I do not endorse what he said, I merely translated it," he said.

When it was pointed out to Tiew that he had spoken first in Malay before repeating in Cantonese, Tiew said he did so because he found it necessary since Perkasa was the event organiser.

'I've never met Ibrahim before'

Tiew added that he had never met Ibrahim until yesterday and had only known the Perkasa chief from the newspapers.

If Ibrahim's event on Sunday had a personal agenda, then he owed an apology to the Chinese community, said Tiew.

perkasa open house 290112 1Because of the white ang pow incident, even his family has become a target of criticism, he said, adding that he, too, was personally upset by the white ang pow packets and was outraged by Ibrahim's ignorance of Chinese culture.

"When the 1Malaysia concept is said to be just a slogan, he (Ibrahim) is an example of this," he said.

Asked if he regretted attending yesterday event, Tiew replied: "If Ibrahim Ali did this for his personal agenda, then I regret it... I am being condemned, I'm a victim of this incident.”

BN ‘buying’ the people, but would the people be fooled

Jeswan Kaur | January 31, 2012

Abusing the 1Malaysia tagline to suit its agenda, BN has decided to engage in money politics way ahead of the looming 13th general election.

The much hyped-up Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) might just work wonders for the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional.

The recipients of this RM500 handout have been sold to BN’s so-called generosity. If reports from the mainstream media are anything to go by, those who have benefited from the handout are singing praises of BN and its leadership under Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

This one-off handout to those earning RM3,000 and below has been cleverly devised to win the rakyat’s hearts and is at best a brainwashing process better known as “Beli Rakyat 1Malaysia” (buying over the people).

Where BR1M is concerned, BN is confident that the RM2.6 billion allocated will do the trick in appeasing the 5.2 million eligible heads of households.

BN politicans who are desperately trying to remain in the good books of Najib are working overtime to instigate the rakyat to continue glorifying the federal government. They keep drumming into the people the myth that only BN can deliver and there is no reason why the rakyat should not vote for it come the 13th general election.

The truth reveals otherwise. The BR1M or 1Malaysia People’s Aid is without a doubt a gimmick deployed by BN to assure it remains a favourite among Malaysians. Abusing the 1Malaysia tagline to suit its agenda, BN has decided to engage in money politics way ahead of the looming 13th general election.

While the BN leaders can continue denying it as hard as they want, the fact remains that 1Malaysia and all things related to it are at best a ploy to hoodwink the people into believing BN cares and deserves to continue lording over this country.

For one, the timing of the BR1M is questionable – with the election around the corner, there is every reason to suspect the shenanigans being played by the BN. And the BR1M forms were given out at no cost and snapped up in no time.

With the hike in prices of goods and cost of living on the rise, the rakyat appreciates any support from the government to reduce their financial burden.

BN, however, is not interested in offloading the monetary woes of those in need of aid; instead, the BR1M is the government’s way of holding the people to ransom, of making them feel indebted to it, which is not what a sincere and compassionate government should resort to.

Yes, any money is better than none but is the stingy RM500 sufficient to work wonders in the lives of the needy rakyat?

Let us not forget that the lay person has to put up with a stifling bureaucracy and never-ending corruption from the public sector. The country’s drop in ranking in the recent international corruption index is proof that corruption is very much alive and kicking in Malaysia.

1Malaysia a propaganda, not philosophy

Prior to wooing the rakyat through BR1M, Najib dangled carrots on several occasions; there is the Klinik 1Malaysia, Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M), Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1M) and Kedai Ikan 1Malaysia, and goods and services offered at subsidised cost.

The latest attraction is the Sara 1Malaysia, an investment scheme managed by Permodalan Nasional Bhd and sister company Amanah Saham Nasional.

It helps those earning RM3,000 and below to invest and allow their money to grow in five years. The objective is to increase disposable income and encourage savings among the lower income group.

The rakyat is thankful for the various aid made available to them by the BN government. The issue here concerns the government’s agenda, which is to “buy” the people’s unconditional loyalty.

The many 1Malaysia schemes being championed by BN are also its way of raising the stakes after opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat introduced initiatives to assist the rakyat.

In Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng took steps to eradicate hardcore poverty and in Selangor, both Pakatan-administered states, efforts like the Mesra Usia Emas, Tawas and Jom Shopping were much welcomed.

Not about to end up as a sore loser, BN wasted no time in trying to emerge as the real champion of the people, struggling so hard to live up to its slogan of “People First, Performance Now”.

The worry here is that unlike Pakatan which funded its schemes through budget surpluses, BN’s massive budget deficits keep increasing and so are the national debts.

Resorting to the Employees Provident Fund and banks as its cash crops is in no way going to help BN win the rakyat’s trust.

Anymore handouts, BN?

It is said that the BR1M payments are being made in time for the general election. This means that BN is hoping the rakyat will remain loyal to it after the RM500 “bribe” it gave them and not bat an eyelid when casting their vote.

Is BN planning anymore handouts to excite the people? Or is it satisified and secure in the knowledge that the rakyat is committed to BN, having enjoyed a variety of cash handouts doled out by it?

Whatever the case, clearly, the various 1Malaysia schemes are all politically motivated and an act of despair.

If the government is sincere in helping the rakyat, it should not blow its own trumpet by using the mainstream media to seek glory.

Maybe BN subscribes to what Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor, had said: “The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no fatherland, financiers are without patriotism and without decency, their sole object is gain.”

Jeswan Kaur is a freelance writer and a FMT columnist.

White ‘ang pow’ nothing to do with govt, but Perkasa belongs to UMNO

January 31, 2012

According to the prime minister, the incident can be used as a social experience.

KUALA LUMPUR: The use of white envelopes along with the customary “ang pow” red packets at Perkasa’s Chinese New Year gathering last Sunday has nothing to do with the government, said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

He said leader of the NGO, Ibrahim Ali, is an independent member of parliament. Perkasa is a Malay right-wing group.

“As such, the while packet distributed at the Chinese New Year function should not be construed to be acceptance by the government,” Najib said in a posting on his Chinese-language “Ah Jib Gor” Facebook page.

“I think that as long as we can have a better understanding of Chinese culture and promote sensitivity to cultural taboos, such controversial events can be avoided.

“We all know that ‘ang pow’ means a red envelope, dominated by red rather than other colours,” he said, adding that the incident can be used as a social experience.

Yesterday, Perkasa was asked to apologise for insulting the Chinese community by using white envelopes as “ang pow” packets at its first Chinese New Year “open house”. White envelopes are reserved for funerals in Chinese custom.

Gerakan vice-president Mah Siew Keong had said that giving cash in white envelopes during Chinese New Year, which is meant to be a prosperous and joyful festival, showed that Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is “greatly insensitive and insincere”.

MCA Youth secretary-general Chai Kim Sen had said that Perkasa’s action was disrespectful to Chinese culture and custom.

He said Ibrahim should act in the people’s interests and understand the multi-cultural society and the taboos and prohibitions of each ethnic group and religion.

Perkasa deputy president Abdul Rahman Bakar had explained that due to the large turnout at the open house at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru, the red “ang pow” packets ran out and white envelopes were used instead.

Dr Mahathir’s intended mishap malady with Perkasa

January 31, 2012

Seriously, do you think Perkasa has even an iota of intelligence to organise a CNY do to counter the skepticism of the non-Malay community in Malaysia.

Perkasa is nothing but a bunch of field soldiers at the helm of Dr Mahathir, the leader of the 3M to rock the boat for Najib Tun Razak.

Even a ordinary citizen like me, knows that an ang pow is never given in any other colour other than red for the Chinese community, what more for seasoned politicians who keep licking the asses of the people when they need their voters.

This is a clever plot initiated to taint Najib, for he is seen to condone and be blessed with the antics of Perkasa for the benefit of the 3M.

Dr M is not just an ordinary personality, this is the guy who wielded the iron shield to protect only his interest and his agenda.

Perkasa is nothing but a tool for Dr M as we now see the statement by the MCA Youth secretary-general Chai Kim Sen in detesting the act of Perkasa in handing out white envelopes for CNY, courtesy of Najib.

Najib should be wary as the knives are out there in the form of Dr M, as the enemy within his own Umno will ensure his demise.

The power struggle of the Umno political hegemony is not new, then it was window dressed, these days, it is pretty obvious as seen in this episode.

Perkasa unlike Hindraf, a movement of people’s conscience is a toothless tiger without Dr M, yet the friction is to place the pawns in their right places to achieve only what Dr M wants.

That is the trade of this man and his field soldiers. There is no loyalty or conscience, only loyalty is power to the great Dr M’s agenda.

Korupsi di Malaysia canggih, kata Anwar

Muda Mohd. Noor | January 31, 2012

Ketidak kelihatan korupsi itu kerana Malaysia bekas jajahan Inggeris.

JAKARTA: Ketua pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mendakwa korupsi di Malaysia lebih canggih tetapi tidak kelihatan.

Beliau membandingkan dengan Indonesia yang menurutnya berlaku secara terang-terangan.

“(Di Malaysia) tahap korupsi itu tinggi tapi tidak kelihatan, itu hebatnya kita,” kata pemimpin pembangkang itu Malaysia itu dalam pidato kebudayaan dengan tema ‘Kepemimpinan dalam Dinamika Perubahan Ekonomi Politik’ di Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Cikini, Jakarta Pusat, semalam.

Menurut Anwar, ketidak kelihatan korupsi itu kerana Malaysia bekas jajahan Inggeris.

“Inggeris ini tahapnya hebat,” tambah Anwar seperti dilapur detiknews.com.

Di Indonesia, kata beliau korupsi dipengaruhi oleh penjajahnya Belanda.

Belanda dikenal sebagai negara yang keras sehingga korupsi Indonesia tidak lagi terlihat seperti di Malaysia.

‘Atas meja, bawah meja’

“(Di Indonesia) di atas meja di bawah meja jalan,” ujar Anwar yang menyebabkan hadirin tertawa.

Anwar mendakwa, cara korupsi di Indonesia itu tidak dapat diterapkan di Malaysia.

“Sebab, hal itu akan dianggap sesuatu yang curang, tidak beradab, serta dianggap pengkhianatan.

“Tapi kalau disimpan masuk ke akaun di London atau di Switzeland itu ada kecanggihan caranya,” kata beliau.

Anwar bagaimanapun, menegaskan korupsi sangat tidak bermoral.

Menurutnya, mengkritik pemerintah bukan lagi sesuatu yang cukup dalam membanteras korupsi, melainkan ketegasan pemimpinlah yang menentukan.

“Maka kita ambil keputusan, kita menentukan bahawa pemimpin itu harus lebih tegas,” tambah Anwar.

Malaysian Crooked courts give ‘native’ titles to foreigners

Luke Rintod | January 31, 2012

Chief Judge of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak Richard Malanjum says that under the common law, Native Customary Rights (NCR) pre-existed any statutes and land laws.

KOTA KINABALU: Corruption and abuse of power in the Sabah Native Courts is so bad that even Chinese nationals from Hong Kong and Taiwan have managed to become “natives” in the state, according to Chief Judge of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak Richard Malanjum.

“There are citizens from Hong Kong and Taiwan who have been given the status of native (anak negeri). Judges of the Native Courts gave them the ‘Sijil Anak Negeri’. There are cases, it is a fact.

“Sorry to those Native Courts,” he revealed in his keynote address at a symposium on Sabah Native Rights: Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward held at Universiti Malaysia Sabah yesterday.

In the audience were several native court judges.

Malanjum said some rich non-natives married native girls and used the native spouse to buy native title lands that should only pass among natives.

“They married the native, but the real owner (of the native title) is a non-native,” he said.

Malanjum called on Sabah leaders, especially native leaders, to reflect on the problems plaguing natives.

‘NCR pre-existed any land laws’

He said more can be done by the state government to protect the rights of the natives.

“One thing the authority can consider is to establish a Land Tribunal to hear land-related cases and not throw to courts every land-related case. The Court relies on evidence as in Evidence Act and it is not easy to provide evidence in court on native customary lands.

“(However) a tribunal does not strictly follow the Evidence Act, perhaps the government should consider establishing a tribunal,” Malanjum said citing as an example the Waitangi Tribunal in New Zealand.

The senior judge made it clear that his talk should not be construed as a view from the bench but from him as an ordinary citizen and leader of Pusaka (Pusat Sumber Adat dan Mediasi Anak Negeri Sabah) which he founded with a group of lawyers and which co-organised the two-day symposium with UMS’ School of Social Science.

Malanjum said Pusaka was founded to document the traditional customary laws or “adat” of the various indigenous societies of Sabah, handed down from their forebears and which had become the basis of their culture.

He also pointed out that under the common law, Native Customary Rights (NCR) pre-existed any statutes and land laws.

“The accepted court pronouncement is that native do not own land but is part and parcel of the land,” he said.

Malanjum also explained that while Section 5 of Sabah Land Ordinance stipulated that “the whole land of Sabah belongs to the government”, the court’s position when it comes to dispute between native land owner and the authority is guided by the principle that “the government is in a fiduciary position to protect the interest of the natives.”

“Whenever the court deliberates on cases that potentially will erode NCR, the court shall weigh the ‘adverse effect’ on the natives…,” he said explaining how the laws of the country, as in other countries like Canada and South Africa, are set to respect and protect native rights.

‘Boot out BN to stop RM500 mil dam’

Luke Rintod | January 29, 2012

As long as Barisan Nasional rules Sabah, there is no assurance that it won't drown Tambatuon with a new dam.

KOTA BELUD: The only way to stop the building of the proposed RM500 million Tambatuon Dam is to end Barisan Nasional rule in Sabah. This was the advise Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) gave the frustrated Tambatuon villagers.

According to SAPP supreme council member Peter Marajin, it was no longer logical for the villagers to hold onto any promises made by Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahlan.

“We cannot hold onto any of the pledges made by BN leader on not to go ahead with the controversial dam.

“Even the Kota Belud MP’s own words are not an assurance it will not be built.

“It maybe not this year, but they will surely build it later, maybe in 2013. We never know with their (BN) kind of words,” said Maraji.

“What Rahman said was the dam would not be built without the consent of the villagers.

“In fact he has been asking the villagers to reconsider their opposition to the half-a-billion ringgit dam,” Marajin, who is from Kadamaian, said.

Tambatuon controversy

He said the villagers had also expressed their disappointment with their village head Amin Goling who had allegedly gone along with Rahman.

Marajin said Amin’s premature support for Rahman’s statement was aimed at confusing and hoodwinking the villagers into believing the BN government is now not going ahead with dam, which is not true.

“My observation was further corroborated with the Tambatuon villagers now insisting on a black and white assurance if indeed BN is not going ahead with the dam,” said Marajin.

The Tambatuon dam has become a flashpoint of opinions here with the majority of the Dusun Tindal villagers against it.

In fact they have taken ritual vows over slaughtered buffaloes and chickens that they would defend their kampung with their blood if machines start coming to Tambatuon which many claimed to be a beautiful village.

They have also put signboards and other warnings at the entrance to their kampung that they are against the proposed dam and those who perpetrate to promote its building would be dealt with accordingly.

The Kadamaian PBS assemblyman, Herbert Timbon Lagadan, stands alone among his community over the Tambatuon dam.

He has become a target for criticism for his open support of the dam which he claimed would benefit not only the Tambatuon folks but the whole district as it supplies both electricity and water to paddy farms.

Marajin, not mincing his words, said “to cancel the dam, just cancel BN, lock, stock and barrel with Umno allies PBS and UPKO!”

‘Overseas M’sians must assert right to vote’

Aneesa Alphonsus | January 29, 2012

Bersih co-chairman A Samad Said may be 76-years-old, but he's not 'leaving' without letting Malaysians know that they 'must fight for their country'.

KUALA LUMPUR: National laureate A Samad Said wants Malaysians abroad to assert themselves and demand their right to vote in the 13th general election.

Samad, who is now the co-chairperson of Bersih coalition, believes that there is no sound enough reason why Malaysians living and working abroad should be deprived of their most fundamental right.

“All Malaysians abroad should fight for that (their right to vote) from where they are.

“They should insist that their voices be recorded, that they have a right to vote and they must vote.

“If their right to vote is denied than as Malaysian citizens, they can deny the elections.

“I can’t stand intimidation, fraud, dishonesty. I think everyone, every Malaysian should go and fight against this so they can get the kind of country they want.

“You want to see a change? Then vote and insist on it.

“If I don’t remind them to do this, I’m not carrying out my responsibilities,” he told FMT recently.

Pak Samad, as he is fondly known to many Malaysians, went on to add that the question of difficulty should not take precedence over what needs to be done.

He said it was the duty of every Malaysian abroad to fight for their right to vote.

‘Overseas Malaysians must demand rights’

He said Malaysians abroad should let their respective embassy representatives know of their right and desire to vote.

The right to vote for overseas Malaysians was one of the eight demands that Bersih 2.0 made to the Election Commission. The EC however has not weighed this yet.

Pak Samad said it was not enough that in-country Malaysians fight on behalf of their brethren abroad for the right to vote.

“Malaysians (abroad) too must be willing to take steps towards making this a reality.

“They can change things. If all Malaysians abroad don’t fight for this, what are they doing outside there?

“I’m not saying it’s their sole responsibility to make this happen, but they should be accountable for the positive changes this country can achieve.

“If they allow the country to go on like this for another five decades in the hands of Barisan National, what will happen then?

“We are not talking about another five years of the government being in power, it’s five decades. It’s time. It’s the right time,” he said vehemently.

‘Everyone must band together’

Until July 9, 2011, Pak Samad was best known as author. These days, he’s being celebrated as an activist as well.

At the height of the massive Bersih rally, Pak Samad became a national phenomenon when he lost his slippers in the crowd and walked barefoot all the way to the gates of the palace.

At 76, Pak Samad is ready to die but not before he has said his piece.

When presented with the notion that many of the Malaysians abroad feel apathy towards their right to vote and are disillusioned by vote-buying, Pak Samad had this reply: “Irrespective of these things, you still have to vote. It is your right.

“If everyone bands together, it will work.

“Don’t allow the government to use racial, religious issues against us. Don’t allow them to say they are enriching the country. They are not enriching the country.

“Why aren’t these Malaysians doing anything? If things go on like this, we can be on the verge of bankruptcy.

“So if we don’t do what we can, don’t blame (Prime Minister) Najib (Tun Razak) or Nazri Aziz, or (Dr) Chua Soi Lek.

“We should blame ourselves. We must fight, otherwise don’t complain,” he said.

It must be noted that a test case filed by six Malaysians working in Britain to have the right to cast their ballots abroad failed when it was over-ruled by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Jan 6.

The court dismissed their application by ruling that the Election Commission was following the rules in not allowing them to cast their ballots abroad.

The six had wanted the court to compel the EC to register them as absent voters and amend its regulation within two weeks to allow all Malaysians to vote overseas.

Cara berfikir Umno amat purba

FMT Staff | January 29, 2012

Sikap ini adalah manifestasi dari lesunya daya fikir dan intelek kepimpinan mereka dalam menghadapi realiti politik semasa dunia yang mengamalkan budaya telus dan terbuka.

PETALING JAYA: Cara berfikir pemimpin-pemimpin Umno amat purba kerana mereka gentar untuk berbicara secara bersemuka mengenai hak rakyat, demikian ditegaskan Ketua Penerangan PKR, Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty.

“Jelas, Umno belum berhenti dari muslihatnya terus memperbodoh dan menindas minda rakyat. Dengan ini, kuasa memerintah negara terus kekal di tangan dan pelbagai penyelewengan mudah diteruskan tanpa sekatan.

“Apa yang kita pasti, sikap ini adalah manifestasi dari lesunya daya fikir dan intelek kepimpinan mereka dalam menghadapi realiti politik semasa dunia yang mengamalkan budaya telus dan terbuka,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan media.

Beliau mengulas perkara ini berhubung sikap Perdana Menteri dan juga Presiden Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang berkali-kali enggan menyahut cabaran Ketua Pembangkang dan juga pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat untuk berdebat.

Anwar secara terbuka mengajak Najib berdebat mengenai beberapa isu kritikal semasa – politik, ekonomi dan kebajikan rakyat - yang sedang hangat diperkatakan kini.

Dr Manuty berkata, alasan yang diberikan begitu memual dan menjengkelkan. Sikap ini menampakkan betapa purbanya cara berfikir kepimpinan parti ini dan betapa gentarnya Umno untuk berbicara secara bersemuka mengenai hak rakyat.

Debat – amalan tradisi pemimpin

Sesungguhnya kata beliau, PKR ingin menegaskan pendirian bahawa debat antara pemimpin adalah tradisi mana-mana kepimpinan silam bagi semua tamadun. Di dalam Al Quran sendiri Allah SWT menjelaskan:

“Serulah ke jalan Tuhanmu (wahai Muhammad) dengan hikmat kebijaksanaan dan nasihat pengajaran yang baik, dan berdebatlah dengan mereka (yang engkau serukan itu) dengan cara yang lebih baik; sesungguhnya Tuhanmu Dia lah jua yang lebih mengetahui akan orang yang sesat dari jalanNya, dan Dia lah jua yang lebih mengetahui akan orang-orang yang mendapat hidayah petunjuk.” (An-Nahl: 125).

Beliau menegaskan pada hakikatnya, budaya debat adalah amalan lumrah para ilmuan dan kepimpinan silam. Melaluinya, kebenaran akan lebih terserlah dan “insight” baru dapat dicernakan demi kepentingan negara dan rakyat.

Lebih penting katanya, rakyat diberi peluang menilai secara empirikal dan adil akan ketrampilan dan keikhlasan kepimpinan yang akan diberikan amanah mengurus negara pada masa depan. Inilah demokrasi sebenar yang dituntut oleh rakyat.

“Kita pun merasa aneh mengapa pula Najib tidak punyai keberanian menyahut cabaran ini sedangkan, beliau sendiri dikatakan selalu mempamirkan gaya pidato yang tidak kurang hebatnya semasa berucap di khalayak umum di mana-mana.

“Beliau sebenar lebih beruntung kerana dikelilingi ratusan pegawai dan pembantu yang bersiap siaga dengan bekalan idea dan maklumat jika diperlukan.

“PKR merasa kesal akan betapa hina dan rendahnya pandangan Umno-BN terhadap rakyat Malaysia yang bersifat majmuk ini,” tegas beliau.

Hindraf not against Malays

Athi Shankar | January 29, 2012

A national coordinator also believes that Hindraf's struggle was slowly returning to its mainstream position since joining the ABU bandwagon.

GEORGE TOWN: Hindraf Makkal Sakti is not against the Malays or any other ethnic groups in the country.

It’s solely a grassroots movement fighting for the rights, interests and benefits of ethnic Indians, especially the working class, said Hindraf national coordinator W Sambulingam.

Speaking at a Hindraf – ABU (Anything But Umno) forum in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, last night, he said that the movement’s main agenda was to coerce the government to recognise and uphold ethnic Indian citizenry rights.

He said Hindraf wanted the Umno-helmed federal government to end its racist policies discriminating ethnic Indians.

“We are not questioning what the government is giving others

“We are only asking the government to give what is rightfully ours,” Sambulingam clarified to FMT on his speech.

Some 700 people attended the forum, with Indians making up about a third of them, while the rest were dominantly Malays.

Also present were ABU leader Haris Ibrahim, Solidarity of Malaysian Youth (SAMM) chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin @ Chegubard and Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

Sambulingam said that one main Hindraf demand was for the government to give land for Tamil schools and gazette them all as fully-aided schools.

Among other demands are affordable housing, business and employment opportunities for the needy and deserving working class Indians.

Back in mainstream politics

He said Hindraf would definitely field candidates to contest the next general election as it was “high time for Hindraf to provide a strong voice for the voiceless.”

Gauging the growing support among Indians and non-Indians to Hindraf vis-à-vis close ties with ABU, Sambulingam believes that the movement was back on track after seeing a lean isolated spell for the past two years.

After the heydays of 2007 – 2008 period, combination of self-inflicted tactical blunders and concerted demonisation by others have sidelined and outcast Hindraf from mainstream political activism.

But since joining the ABU bandwagon, Hindraf believes that its struggle was slowly but surely returning to its rightful mainstream position.

Even the violent disruption caused by some thugs on Hindraf – ABU forum in Klang on Jan 21 failed to deter Hindraf activists.

“Now the Malays and others can accept Hindraf’s views and demands on Indian issues.

“Hindraf’s struggle is definitely back on mainstream agenda.

“We will now intensify it with support of other ethnic brothers,” Sambulingam told FMT.

Dont Vote BN for abolishing PPSMI

Since the Government had abolished the PPSMI, the Government should be voted out in next election to show the frustration and disrespectful BN to Malaysian standard education.

I was invited to attend a meeting and a Press Conference organised by Datin Azimah Rahim's PAGE (Parents' Action Group for Education) which seeks to ask the Government NOT to abolish the PPSMI (the teaching of Maths and Science in English). The Government has said that the PPSMI will be abolished for the school year beginning January 2012.
You can visit PAGE's website here
The Governmenmt has to really ask itself whose interest they are representing when they want to abolish the PPSMI? Indications are the majority of the population, especially the Malays support the PPSMI.
I think this is also why the Government is shying away from conducting a referendum to directly ask the people their views. The Government knows that a referendum will support the PPSMI. The Government is taking a huge risk with the future of the nation, especially the Malays, just to avoid embarrasment.
PAGE is trying to raise one million signatures in a petition to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to keep the PPSMI. You can read the Petition online here .
Please go to the page and sign the petition. It will take not more than one minute. It is for the future of all Malaysians. Here is the short petition :
To: Malaysians

YAB Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak
The Prime Minister of Malaysia.

YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin
Education Minister of Malaysia.


Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE).


I, the undersigned, am in favour of maintaining the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) in schools.

This letter endorses my mandate and full support to any representing party that is seeking to maintain PPSMI in schools.

Thank you.


The Undersigned

(Datin Azimah, I think we need one in Bahasa Malaysia as well. Many parents who cannot speak English still want to support this petition).
This is a Vote for the PPSMI. Please lets hang together on this one or our kids will surely hang separately.
We are already close to the Club of Doom. If we abolish the PPSMI we are much closer to the Club of Doom.
Talking and listening to so many people at the meeting, there is a huge undercurrent against abolishing the PPSMI. The majority of Malaysians, especially Malays, support the PPSMI. They really want their children to be educated in English, at least in Science and Mathematics.
I think for the Government to ignore all these voices of protest is to take significant risks. Abolishing the PPSMI may become yet another election issue. People are already not happy with the Government over so many things.
People will vote FOR the PPSMI and they will vote against any attempt to abolish it.
If the Government abolishes the PPSMI, the Government stands to lose a significant number of votes. The Bloggers are still fighting to regain support back for the BN Government. So I dont think it is advisable, at this juncture, for the Government to alienate a substantial block of voters who want the PPSMI.
There were two big surprises for me at the PAGE meeting. The first was seeing Suara Perkasa (the newspaper of the ultra right wing Malay rights pressure group) writing a page length in support of PPSMI.
Titled 'PPSMI : Apabila emosional mengatasi rasional' the article took issue with certain parties who have made the most emotional and nonsensical claims to support the abolishment of the PPSMI. One such person is the muallaf and very confused ustaz Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a Chinese convert who is now more Arabic than the Arabs and more Melayu than the Melayu.
The other surprise was the presence of another Malay NGO Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) whose president Azwanddin Hamzah showed the results of a survey done by the JMM covering 27,200 parents from predominantly rural areas. 70% of the people surveyed were Malays. Their 4 month research findings showed that 55% of PARENTS wanted to retain the PPSMI.
Only 13% of parents are opposed to the PPSMI. 32% said 'Belum Pasti'.
Of the students who were surveyed in the same areas (mostly rural areas) 79% of students said that they wanted the PPSMI to continue.
Therefore, when the Government says they want to abolish the PPSMI, I am curious to know whose voices are they representing? It is NOT the suara rakyat.
Is this a Government of the people or not? If the majority of the people and the majority of students want the PPSMI to continue, then why is the Government going against their wishes? What is wrong with the Government?
Someone said there is no need for the Government to conduct a referendum for or against the PPSMI because the Government knows what it is doing. I think the person who said this will not qualify to audition as a clown for Malaysian Idol. He is making sick jokes. Even the Prime Minister has said that 'The days of 'Government knows best' are over'.
I agree fully with the PM. And on this PPSMI issue, the Government has totally lost the plot.
OK you can disagree with me. I can disagree with you. That is ok. But why does the Government refuse to listen to the majority who want the PPSMI? Why doesnt the Government conduct a free and fair referendum on this matter. Or at least the Government engage an independent consultant and conduct a wide ranging survey to get at the truth? The people want the PPSMI.
And here is something else. While Maths and Science in English is being abolished, the Maktab Rendah Sains Mara or MRSM will have entire campuses devoted to teaching in the English Language !! Macam mana pula?
"Di samping itu mulai tahun 2011, MARA juga aka melaksanakan program Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) di MRSM Tuan Abdul Razak, Pekan, Pahang. Pelaksanaan program Cambridge IGCSE di MRSM bersesuaian dengan hasrat MARA melahirkan pelajar yang global, cemerlang dan kompetitif" Sijil Cambridge IGCSE merupakan kelayakan peperiksaan yang berprofil tinggi dan bereputasi cemerlang serta diiktiraf di kebanyakan universiti di peringkat antarabangsa".
So the IGCSE will "melahirkan pelajar yang global, cemerlang dan kompetitif". Habis anak orang lain semua boleh jadi kurang global, kurang cemerlang dan kurang kompetitif. Banyak cantik lah.
There is already an MRSM centre in Seremban that prepares students for the International Baccalaureate examinations in English.
Then we have also allowed the International Schools which are now mushrooming all over the country. Rich people, anak Menteri and anak VIPs can now send their kids to International Schools where children are educated in English and prepare for the British 'O' Levels, 'A' Levels and such.
The ordinary people can send their kids to Governmenmt school where they will get a more ordinary education yang mungkin kurang global, kurang cemerlang dan kurang kompetitif. How does the Government answer this little oversight?
Pasai apa pula kita wujudkan sistem pendidikan yang mempunyai aliran elitis dan aliran untuk marhaen (rakyat biasa)? Aliran elitis seperti MRSM Pekan dan Seremban mengajar pelajar terpilih dalam bahasa Ingeris, dan untuk mengambil peperiksaan peringkat antarabangsa (IGCSE dan International Baccalaureate). Kemudian "International School" pula dibenarkan untuk orang kaya, anak Menteri dan anak VIP. Anak orang biasa pula boleh jadi haprak ke? Pasal apa bahasa Inggeris dikhususkan untuk golongan elit saja?
There is something seriously wrong with the Government's thinking here.
There were many other things discussed. The Kamus Dewan Bahasa is a disgrace to the Malay race. The kamus Dewan Bahasa is written by pengkhianat bahasa. The Kamus Dewan Bahasa has ciplak hundreds and thousands of words from the English language, mostly scientifik words or "saintifik" words. Words like saintifik, genetik, DNA, elektron, mikron, fizik, mikroskop are all ciplak words from the English language. And the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka fellows say that they are pejuang bahasa! Pi dah mabuk!
There is a simple reason why the pengkhianat bahasa at the Dewan Bahasa continue to ciplak words especially scientific terminology, from the English language and put it into their kamus. Because there is no "language infrastructure" yet in the Malay language to support concepts like saintifik, DNA, electron orbits, valence and such. "Konsep" atau concept pun belum ada bro. So that is why the Dewan Bahasa ciplaks words from the English language.
But there is a major problem here. The kids in the towns, cities and kampongs cannot go home and engage their parents, uncles and grandparents in simple everyday conversation using words like elektorn, mikron, mikroskop and such. Why? Because not only these words but the concepts behind them are still alien in the Malay language. It is going to take time, a long time, before the Malay language evolves to abosrb and even create these concepts by itself.
So without a supporting language infrastructure, it will be that more difficult for the kids to grasp these ideas. The Malay langauge spoken at home cannot accelerate their understanding of scientific concepts yet. Why? Sebab bahasa Melayu masih belum mempunyai kapasiti untuk membawa konsep besar disebalik setiap perkataan saintifik yang baru diciplak dari bahasa Inggeris.
But the English language can. So instead of Dewan Bahasa 'stealing' words like saintifik, elektron, mikron, DNA, genetik, fizik, konsep, hipotesis, tesis and such from the English language - which has contributed very little to moving our nation forward, the easier (and more effective option) is to teach the kids science and mathematics in the English language. Orang kita akan maju dengan lebih cepat lagi.
Tujuan kita ialah untuk majukan bangsa kita, bukan untuk membantu Dewan Bahasa menjual kamus yang penuh dengan perkataan yang di ciplak daripada bahasa Inggeris.
Some very poorly informed people have also said that we can translate English materials into Malay. These are very poorly informed people who do not understand many simple things. Out of interest, I buy and read English books about Nuclear Submarines. I know of only one other person who may read such books. So I know only two people who may read books on submarines.
If we wait for Malay translations, no one in their right mind will translate and publish a book about nuclear submarines when only two people or a handful of people will read those books in Malaysia. The same goes for solar energy, DNA genetics, animal husbandry, hydroponic farming etc. The market will be too small to translate such books from English to Malay. So if I cannot read English, I will not be able to access these books in Malay. I will become a katak di bawah tempurung. Worse I may become poor.
We must just stick to the PPSMI. We switched from English to 100% Malay sometime in the 1970s. The result is there for everyone to see. Are we happy with our achievements? We are producing unemployable university graduates and school leavers who cannot even count.
In 2003, we switched back to English (for Science and Mathematics only). It will take time but we are beginning to see some results. This PPSMI generation is moving up the learning curve, faster than the previous generations. To switch back now will be disastrous.
There will also be an English speaking and non English speaking divide in the country. The International School kids, the elite MRSM schools that teach in English and those who send their children overseas will become the elite. The non English speaking will end up working for the English speaking (just like now).
Sadly it will be the Malays who will get the short end of the stick. This is a certainty.

No tolls if Pakatan captures Putrajaya

Athi Shankar | January 28, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat pledges to be a caring federal government if it comes into power.

GEORGE TOWN: Pakatan Rakyat will abolish toll collections in the North-South highway and on Penang Bridge and it will also hand out RM1,000 annually to senior citizens, if it captures Putrajaya in the next general election.

These pledges, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Pakatan will never “run away from”.

He said people can put their faith in Pakatan’s promises.

“If we capture Putrajaya, we will immediately abolish the North-South Highway toll.

“We will also abolish toll collections on Penang Bridge.

“We will not run away from our promises,” Lim told a cheering crowd at a Chinese New Year open house co-hosted by Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer and Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh.

Also present were state executive councillor Phee Boon Poh and Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun.

Karpal was however, absent due to a prior engagement.

Lim said while Pakatan will abolish toll collections on road which were already enjoying huge profits, it will retain concessions in other areas.

Lim, who is Penang Chief Minister, pointed out that PLUS had collected RM24.3. billion in toll collections on the North-South Highway, which was built on a RM6 billion budget.

“Cut-throat” BN government

Lim said given that PLUS had raked in a RM18.3 billion profit, it was now time to abolish it.

He slammed the Barisan Nasional federal government’s plans to increase current toll rates and continue its collections for years to come.

He said the people must be ready for change to stop the ‘cut throat’ toll collections of BN and PLUS.

Lim called on the people to vote for Pakatan if they wanted to want tolls to be abolished.

“BN said it cannot be done. Yes it cannot be done if it is BN.

“But under Pakatan, it can be done,” he promised.

Lim, who is Bagan MP, said Pakatan would also gift RM1,000 cash yearly to all senior citizens, regardless of their race, religion or political backgrounds.

He said Pakatan would not discriminate against senior citizens, even if they were from Gerakan or MCA.

“We will even hand out the cash to Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon if he wants it too,” Lim said.

He also said that Penang aims to be the cleanest, greenest and safest state in the country and his government would work hard to achieve the goals.