Najis issued another threat against the Rakyat

Lord Najis has issue a warning that if there is a protest, the Paramilitary People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) estimated 20,000 will stop it at all cost.

I am surprised that even when there is no protest, there is chaos created by some of these Rela volunteers and UMNO members like the recent ABU Ceramah in Klang. Instead of helping, the Police and Special Branch were seen helping the bullies and acting aggressive toward the people presence at the Ceramah.

Then we have many protest organized by Perkasa – a Malay organization out to create chaos for the opposition, Chinese and Christian. What did Rela do? Again instead of stopping the protest, Rela gave helping hands to them.

So our money is used to pay these volunteers to BASH US UP. This is the kind of Government we have today. More reason to KICK UMNO OUT

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