The video clearly shows the disruption caused by the outsiders and yet the police said nothing happened?'

Police must explain tardiness in taking action

Six nabbed over disruption of ABU ceramah

your sayNot Confused: This incident, and the following statements by Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah shows clearly how the senior police officers in this country are so out of touch with reality and hopelessly ignorant of public sentiments, or worse, don't really care.

He obviously doesn't understand how acts by thugs like this can go viral on the Internet in minutes. To state that nothing happened is crass stupidity.

The facts are clear for the rest of us to see in our own homes. The sooner the upper echelons of the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) are consigned to retirement, the better for this country.

So the organisers have to inform the police in advance of such events "... so that they can be prepared, and respect local sensitivities on the subject matter of speeches to avoid anyone from being unhappy with their event".

Let me get this right, if an event is organised that doesn't meet the approval of local residents, then it cannot proceed? Is that right?

The organisers therefore have to canvass local opinion (or worse still, the police will have to), before any event can be held.

How many residents have to object, and how many have to approve before the police are happy that it proceeds? What about freedom of association and speech?

Pemerhati: Umno seems to follow the same modus operandi when it wants to create trouble and tension.

It probably has a group of thugs on its payroll, who, before starting any sort of incident or demonstration, are most probably briefed by Umno ring leaders together with the police as to how they should act.

Notice at all the nasty incidents in the past such as Apcet II, the cow-head incident, etc, the police would either only show up after the Umno thugs had caused havoc or if present, they would allow them to cause some havoc before pretending to stop them.

In this particular case, the police only arrived after the thugs had caused havoc and serious injury.

The involvement of the police here is clearly indicated because Selangor CPO Tun Hisan lied blatantly to protect the thugs by saying that nothing happened, even though the video evidence clearly showed the havoc caused by the thugs.

Ferdtan: It is obvious that the purpose of the trouble makers in the ABU (Anything But Umno) ceramah in Shah Alam was to instigate racial conflict; in this case against the minority - the Indians.

The reason is that this is not the first time such political strategy was being used - remember the cow-head protests in 2009 whereby Muslim protesters threatened bloodshed over the construction of a Hindu temple in Section 23 of Shah Alam?

There were only 20 rowdies, some were seen wearing Umno T-shirts, not only causing ruckus but injured one person. The reactions of the early crowd of peaceful Malays and Indians were magnificent in the face of such provocation.

The ABU members, especially those from the Hindraf deserved praise - they remained cool. If the police do not arrest and charge the intruders quickly, especially the fat man who was so clearly identified in YouTube to be abusive, then this will confirm a political plot by Umno with the connivance of the police.

PB Win: The police are always trapped by their own words. Why were the men detained and allegedly being charged under Section 148 (possession of weapons, including sticks, in a riot)?

So the police do agree that there was a riot-like atmosphere originating from the pro-Umno group. Then they ought to have also known that there was a pre-planned ceramah and the possibility of a riot or a ruckus being instigated.

Were the men detained for holding sticks and wandering aimlessly around the area? What next - the fat man (who was caught on video) accidentally walked into the wrong ‘dewan' (hall) and disrupted the wrong ceramah?

Changeagent: How can detaining six youths who were "not part of the incident" be of any assistance in the police investigations?

I may have zero policing experience, but my common sense tells me that detaining the culprits who were actually part of the incident could assist the police more.

This ineffective, lethargic and insipid response by the Selangor police really demonstrates the lack of common sense, honesty, justice and ethical standards in the force.

Onyourtoes: What happened to the rest who were directly related to the incident? The police are blatantly inefficient, stupid and biased.

They can't see the pain of injustice committed on others. The police are nurturing and inculcating a hooligan culture which will come back to haunt them, just you watch.

Dingy: Why should ordinary people disrupt the ABU (Anything But Umno) ceramah? It doesn't make sense.

It has to be pro-Umno or Umno members who did it. Many Umno youths are fanatics. They will do whatever their Umno big brother asks them to do.

PM Najib Razak had called on Umno to defend Putrajaya at all costs. I am not surprised if BN were to fall in GE13, Najib would deploy the army, police, Umno Youth, Perkasa and silat groups to stop Pakatan Rakyat and the rakyat from marching to Putrajaya.

Hopefully Anwar will not celebrate the victory and remain calm to avoid clashes with pro-Umno troublemakers. Najib needs an excuse to declare emergency rule should Pakatan come to power.

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