We Must Not Allow the Masses to Remain Emotionally and Socially Lethargic

The upper class has a vested interest in a psychologically lethargic populace. We must do everything in our power to awaken the masses, to unshackle their minds so that they may liberate themselves. We must use every method imaginable, to make citizens question the rule of the elites. We must arouse feelings of disdain; we must destroy general social feelings of helplessness. It is time for citizens to become revolutionaries. It is time for the masses to wake up from the drugged stupors that the upper class keeps them in.

We must wake up, we must irritate, we must agitate, we must open up the revolutionary instincts of our fellow citizens. We must put down our ‘hands off approach’ and start becoming active in stimulating revolutionary desires.

Those who say leave the masses to their own devices are the agents of the upper class controlling the people. Those who say it is ‘undemocratic’ to stir revolutionary instincts, are the dogs of the rulers.

We must do everything in our power to awaken our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens. We must find clever methods of agitating, of enlightening, of mobilizing and organizing.

Long live the struggle!

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