Systematic siphoning of rakyat’s money by UMNO government

January 26, 2012

I refer to the article, ‘Chua: Country needs a proven government’ in The Star (Jan 23). Chua, You nominate your son as deputy minister and director in Star.

You didn’t say anything about the experience of those involved in NFC. Razak Baginda’s company was paid RM570 million for coordination and support services.

What about those involved in PKFZ? We have built rent seeking nation car. Got proven record meh? Your silence means you condone those things?

What is proven is a systematic siphoning of the rakyat’s money, albeit legally, through various rent seeking projects:

- We are paying much more as a consequence of proton. All kinds of taxes are levied on foreign so that Proton can compete.

- IPP’s are subsidised and paid according to their capacity, even when energy is not loaded onto the national grid.

- Highway tolls are increased periodically, and the government guarantees them a certain minimum traffic volume.

- APs given to individuals and companies deprived the gomen and the people of revenue.

- Negotiated tenders, rather than open tenders, increases the costs of projects, also enables corruption.

- Sales of public lands without tenders means only cronies will be able to get their prize for a song.

- PKFZ and NFC are proven abuses that do not benefit the people.

- Captial flight amounting to almost a trillion means we have one trillion less for development, benefiting the people.

- Laws such as ISA, OSA, PPPA, EO, UCA are suppressive laws that reduce transparency, enabling corruption.

- Domination of the executive over the other two branches of government serves to deprive the people of greater democracy.

- No public accounts for Petronas, which means hanky panky is possible.

- Using Petronas money to bail out anak Apa Nama Itu.

- Using Petronas money to bail out CIMB, which became insolvent due to huge borrowing from a dominant political party.

- Denying petroleum royalty to the people of Kelantan, indicating a lack of sincerity in helping the rural Malays.

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