In rest of the world Police are custodians of the law, but in Malaysia custodians of Umno

Cops in cahoots with rowdy mob, alleges ABU

Trumpet Call: The police must act. Not only must they profess to be the custodians of the law, they must be seen to be so. If they just stand by and do nothing to investigate and apprehend the hooligans at Saturday's ‘Anything But Umno' event, all hell can break loose.

There is a distinct possibility that the incident can spark a wider racial conflict. The video evidence is there for all to see. I implore the police, please be seen to be fair so that the rakyat's confidence in you can be restored.

Up2U: So what else is new about these very senior police officers? Their promotion, good posting and other fringe benefits depend on Umno leaders, thus it is only natural and logical for them to follow their instructions and protect their interests.

Just imagine what these senior officers will be capable of when Umno-BN lose in the next general election.

Ashoka PJ: Now you know why the Indian Malaysians need Hindraf - nobody else cares about them, especially the police who use them as punching bags.

Way Forward: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM), why the double standards?

Students at a peaceful gathering like the university sit-in, you came in full gear and force to disperse and arrest them, but these rowdy pro-Umno scums who had caused much havoc, you did not even raise a finger and your officers even supported them.

Hah Thiam Khean: Our government says Malaysia is not mature enough. If you have open discourse it will lead to violence. Therefore the country needs ‘strong' laws and enforcement to keep peace and protect us.

I agree. We need strong laws and enforcement to deal with violent people who disrupt peaceful gatherings.

There are indeed Malaysians who are not mature enough. When there is open discourse that they do not like, they resort to violence and provocation. The country needs strong law enforcement to immediately arrest, try and jail these violent and immature people.

Dear government, please show you mean business and deal swiftly with these violent people. Please do this even if some police officers and Umno members who committed the violence need to be jailed. Let them make their case in court if they claim to be innocent.

I await your strong enforcement actions to protect all peacefully assembled citizens of Malaysia. Please show me you mean what you say.

CiViC: It's no surprise. It's getting boring to see and read all these. Police? What? They are gangsters for Umno-BN.

Anoymous: The statement Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah makes on this incident is an insult to all Malaysians.

Look at the video - it doesn't look like anything that Tun Hisan said and it really painted a bad image for Prime Minister Najib Razak. Tell me where is justice, or is there law in our nation?

Louis: This is not the first time that a meeting or conference organised by NGOs or opposition has been interrupted by thugs. It happened so many times before that the police should have by now taken precautions to prevent it.

But surprisingly the police did not learn. Or maybe they are aware of it, but prefer to remain indifferent. Do not tell us that the police did not know or get wind of such impending disturbance.

During the Emergency, our police force had one of the best intelligence services in the region. Has that branch of service deteriorated to such an extent that it cannot even foresee disturbances at this particular function?

Fariez: I was wondering why the Selangor CPO Tun Hisan was actually talking like a defence counsel for the protesters, rather than like a cop.

Even before any investigation was started, he lost no time in claiming that there was no violence, only some shouting and shoving.

He also said that the protesters were actually local kampung folk who had to protest the presence of Malays in the gathering.

I don't think they are kampung folk, they are probably rowdies who got organised somewhere with some NGO backing and came to disrupt the session.

Luckily, as seen on video footage, the ceramah crowd did not retaliate, although the protesters were armed with sticks and started throwing and kicking chairs and pamphlets with impunity, perhaps confident of immunity.

We do not want this culture of violence to take root in Malaysia and police inaction may result more violence in Malaysian politics.

Police, please keep the peace, for that is your job. Let not this happen again. Take stern action against the protesters.

Kamalappans: The mastermind behind the scene could be that ambitious bulldog who wants to be the next MB.

Mr Pringles: The mob is from an Islamic radical group called Waris Malaya. The last time they were seen was at a ceramah called ‘Ayuh Bersatu Mempertabatkan Aqidah Ummah', organised by Hasan Ali, who has since been sacked by PAS.

Pants on Fire: This message is to the IGP (inspector-general of police) - if the police do not arrest anyone despite their faces clearly recorded on video, you are nothing but one of the thugs who were openly defying the laws and taking the law into their own hands.

PB Win: From the video clip, the police should be able to identify each and every ‘monkey' who caused trouble and was charging with batons in their hands, and also those stupid ‘chimpanzees' on motorcycles causing havoc and potential injury by accident.

Did anyone notice a couple standing there with a child, who appeared to be puzzled and not know where to go? Let's see how many of them will be caught...

A tip for the police force: catch the fat monkey and you can catch each and every other monkey.

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