Is Umno racist?

Is Umno racist? Ask the people of Malaysia

Make no mistake, UMNO is out to win at all cost and this is powered by the greed of its many division chiefs who see the political party as a means to reap huge monetary rewards, once they get a seat on the gravy train. And this is why, there is constant infighting for position at an UMNO General Assembly. It is truly a dog-eat-dog race.

Non-Malay Bumi members

So far, the gravy train has been laden with enough goodies to keep everyone on the Umno pirate ship happy. But the fact remains. UMNO is racist. Just ask any Chinese, Christian or Hindu. Over the years, it was UMNO that used the racial and religious card to keep their voter camp in check.

Pick up a copy of the UMNO-owned paper, Utusan Malaysia, and see to what extent its writing promote togetherness amongst the Malays in stark contrast to its lack of acknowledgment of the rights of other ethnic groups in the country.

Take a second look at the covert UMNO sub-group – PERKASA, and one can clearly see the party’s overtly racist nature. UMNO can claim that they are not racist, but even the apparatus linked to it are.

Malay rights or Umno-putra rights

It is arguable but perhaps there is nothing wrong with a political party championing the rights and issues related to their own ethnic group. Political parties around the globe do this. But certainly, it is wrong when a party like UMNO uses the guise of “Malay rights” to demean, insult and abuse other minority groups for their own gains.

Yes, the Malays are the majority stakeholders who have maximum control over every government and economic apparatus in Malaysia. The Malays are not only defined but also protected under the Federal Consitution of Malaysia. The main-stream media projects the Malay culture as being the Malaysian culture world-wide. The Malays have had all the privileges this fair country can offer bestow upon them, yet that seems to be not enough to satisfy them.

This is the greed that will doom Malaysia if allowed to continue. Essentially, this greed can traced back to UMNO and how its leaders have taken their time to suck the riches of this fair country.

The mother of all corruption in Malaysia

Muhyiddin alleged that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s image as a leader was tarnished . But he forgets his own image, which like his boss Prime Minister Najib Razak, is also sullied by corruption scandals.

Muhyiddin was seen to have ‘overdone’ it in Johor, while for Najib, the Scorpene Scandal, the Altantuya murder, grand abuse of public money to fund his overseas trips and family’s lavish lifestyle actually make him the most unsuitable and unqualified PM ever for any country. Even Italy booted out Berlusconi in the end.

But here in Malaysia, UMNO puts in charge of the country’s coffers someone who has already been accused of pilfering from it. This is also the arrogance of UMNO. Malay supremacy means none of the Malay leaders can do any wrong. Dishonesty, it seems, pays in UMNO.

The unconditional support of the UMNO Wanita for their embattled leader Sharizat Jalil seems commendable, but it also shows how easily UMNO would support and defend its own ‘cheats’, who allegedly embezzle public funds while demonising other Malaysians for wanting to voice out their dissatisfaction at the corrupt election procedures.

In this regards, UMNO is not merely racist but also a den of thieves. And they are proud of it.

Night vs Day

UMNO cannot be compared to DAP, PKR or PAS. For years, the Pakatan Rakyat threesome have had to fight as under-dogs in a political landscape carved out by UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

It is to the Pakatan Rakyat and the people’s credit that in 2008, change came about in a big way for Malaysia. Bear in mind, UMNO has total control over every election in Malaysia. The Election Commission, the police, main-stream media; all kowtow to UMNO and making any headway, such as what Pakatan Rakyat did in 2008, is a small miracle.

In 2008, the biggest thrust for change came from the minority group that is essentially non-UMNO and non-Malay. But even in the Malay areas, it would take a mere 5% swing for the constituency to go Pakatan Rakyat’s way. What does this imply? Even the Malays are not happy with UMNO’s overly corrupt and racist ways.

Muhyiddin Yassin is wrong to the core, UMNO is racist. The events of this year alone prove it. UMNO has supported the demeaning and demonizing of other ethnic groups in the country so as to keep the Malay electorate scared and insecure. UMNO has supported the corrupt practices of its leaders in order to keep the rural Malays poor, backward and dependent on its hand-outs.

For this reason alone, Malaysians have to stand up and stop the rot that UMNO is wreaking and encumbering Malaysia with.

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