UMNO, & PDRM, at their sterling best

mclm-harris-ibrahim.jpgHarris Ibrahim,

By now, you would all have read the various news reports and seen the video clips in cyberspace of the disruption of the ABU ceramah in Klang 2 nights ago.

Just a few things I want to say.

First, Krishnan, the young man who was beaten and assaulted, has had a CT-scan done, is still hospitalised and a second scan is expected to be done to ensure that he has not sustained any serious internal injuries.

Second, I want to pay tribute to the tremendous restraint demonstrated by the folk from Hindraf who were present that night in the face of the aggression on the part of the UMNO mob, coupled with the racial slurs that were plainly made to provoke a retaliation.

Gandhi would have been proud of you guys.

Now to PDRM.

FreeMalaysiaToday reports that Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah denied that there were any attacks at the ceramah that night.

FMT reports, however, that Shah Alam OCPD Zahedi Ayob ‘confirmed there was “shouting and pushing” at the ceramah but everything calmed down after the arrival of the police’.

Zahedi, however, seems to blame the whole incident on the ABU ceramah being held in a Malay area.

Now, when the police finally arrived after the mob have left the ceramah hall, I pointed out one of the mobsters who was still there to the uniformed police officers.

Later, this individual was seen leaning against the squad car and chatting with the uniformed officers.

Inquiries later revealed that he was a plain clothes police officer.


Some of the local residents, PAS members, then assured the organisers that they would make sure there was no repeat of the mob barging into the hall, and that we should proceed with our ceramah.

We were making ready to proceed when 2 special branch officers asked to speak to us.

Sambulingam and I, in the hearing of many others, were asked by the officers to call of the ceramah so as to allow the tensed situation outside to ease.

I repeatedly asked him if we were to undrstand from this request and advise that PDRM were unable to deal with the mob so as to allow a legitimate ceramah to proceed in the hall.

The officer just kept repeating himself : please call off the ceramah to ease the tension outside.

My sense by then was that there was collusion between the mobsters and the police.

There was a quick discussion between the several ABU leaders.

We had not provided adequate security to ensure the safety of those attending to listen to the ceramah.

We would call it off to ensure the safety of the packcik and makcik in the hall.

Rest assured, we will be well prepared for any lawlessness at our forthcoming ceramah.

From any quarters.

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