Mahathir, who is to blame if not you?

YOURSAY 'If he is saying disparity of income exists despite 40 years of NEP, who else but the doctor should be held accountable?'

Dr M: Scrapping raced-based policies will lead to riots

your sayCala: Blame yourself, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. After 40 years of NEP (New Economic Policy) under the thumbs of the Umno-led BN regime, the doctor is saying that he has not done enough to help out the Malays as he claims that the dismantling of such policies would lead to racial riots.

The question one needs to ask is: Have not the Malays made great strides in gaining admission to tertiary education, employed as professionals in various fields, dominating the civil service and securing sizable government contracts (even if many did not go through bidding processes)?

If Mahathir is saying disparity of income exists despite NEP, who else but the doctor should be held accountable?

Hang Babeuf: If these remarks do not amount to a ‘blanket' endorsement and justification, in advance, of any and all intimidation and violence by those who imagine themselves aggrieved, then I do not know what would.

Those who lend themselves to the unconditional advance exculpation of those who would inflict mayhem upon their fellow citizens should be ready to take responsibility for the implications of their words and for the consequences of their actions.

Statesmanship? I think not.

Jiminy Qrikert: This senile ex-PM is lost in a time-warp created by his own desire to still influence the politics of Malaysia and his greed to keep his fingers in the pie.

The only great divide that exists now is between the BN elites and the rest of the rakyat. Indians face the same great divide between the MIC elites and the poor masses, who are willing to continue to be enslaved by BN for a pittance dished out at election time.

The Malays have a huge growing middle-class, but the poor Malay masses are growing faster than the NEP can spoon feed them.

The small Chinese divide is slowly but surely disappearing because the middle-class are leaving the country in droves.

The poor Chinese and the remaining middle-class ones left behind are too few in number to want to riot with anyone, let alone the Malays who outnumber them by three to one, not to mention that the Armed Forces are also predominantly Malay and will readily take sides.

So, who the hell wants to riot?
2party: People have forgotten about race, but this old ruthless man keep on reminding, instigating and stirring the racial feelings of the rakyat against one another.

As shown in the Bersih 2.0 rally, people of all races have already come together to protest against electoral corruption. Yet, this racist par excellence keep on harping about riots and instilling fear.

There is no basis for his comment. He just wants to create fear to maintain status quo for Umno.

Free & Fair Election: "A lot of Malay students gained entry into universities not because of their academic achievements," said Mahathir.

Now you are telling the Malays they aren't what they are based on their own merit? It's a very sad truth to tell a child who has grown to be a man that he only look clever because his father has been making him think he is clever.

In fact, he would be nobody if not for the father. Not too far south of Malaysia, their cousins never felt incompetent when it came to doing a task. The reason Malay Malaysians cannot handle challenging task is because they have been spoon fed all their lives.

I see no reason why Malay Malaysians cannot be like those from the neighbouring country. It's tough, but that's the way life is. You cannot be living in an illusion all your life. Wake up.

Onyourtoes: Mahathir, perhaps the affirmative programmes are still needed. But look at the implementation.

My concern is not giving privileges to bumis for university admission or for award of government contracts.

My concern is unqualified bumi are allowed to pass their examinations and they are now holding all kinds of positions of importance in the government, GLCS (government-linked companies) and the private sector, and many are doing a poor job.

So too are government contracts. We know most government contracts are executed poorly -either the price is too high or the job shabbily done.

Bumi students must re-sit exam again and again till they are deemed fit to pass. We cannot lower the standards just to allow them to pass.

I think the adverse ramification of unqualified people holding important positions is beginning to show in this country. You claimed you are not racist; well, I am not racist too when I am telling you this.

JBGUY: With people like this racist ex-PM, we will surely face riots if race-based policies were to be eradicated.

While most Malaysians are working hard to eradicate racial polarisation, we have politicians and ex-politicians who have milked this country dry, wanting race-based policies to remain so that they can continue their atrocities.

This small group is prepared to even go against Islamic teachings on fairness and justice. If only Dr M had remained ostracised - Tuanku Abdul Rahman saw him for who he was - Malaysia would have become heaven on earth.

Anonymous_4182: Malaysia now needs a new NEP - a policy to transfer the wealth of rich Malays to poor Malays.

This is difficult because the rich Malays are in power, thus the lawmakers. No one will pass a law to make themselves poorer.

IamMsian: With a strong two-party system, multiracial appointments at all levels of private and public institutions based on transparency, meritocracy, with checks and balances in the executive, judiciary and the monarchy, there will be no chaos and riots.

Bob Teoh: To begin with, Mahathir is no economist hence the failure of all his economic policies from NEP to heavy industries.

Mahathir is simply a racist. In his address to one of the Umno assemblies before stepping down, his speech ‘Melayu mudah lupa' speaks eloquently of the failure of the NEP.

It is unfortunate in his twilight years he has to defend his failed policies. The sooner we put an end to Mahathirism, the better for both Malays and non-Malays alike.


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