How to super kill the Chinese in one go

The Super Racist and his gang who have been going around fighting for the right of the Malays now wants to invite the Chinese to their so-called Chinese New Year Open House at Kampung Baru tomorrow.

Is this a trap to poison all the Chinese who turn up at the Open House? First the Super Racist tells the Chinese they are Pendatang and show his Keris as a sign of threat. Then before Bersih 2.0, he warned the Chinese to keep food pile at home, again a threat to stop them from turning up at the protest. Then again the Racist tells his men to put pig heads at the Masjid in Johor to frighten the Malays and put the blame on the Chinese. Not satisfied the Racist got the Malays worked up claiming that DAP will convert all to Christian, if the opposition win in the 13th GE. The latest chaos at the ABU Ceramah in Klang was staged by Perkasa.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t know about you but I smell rat poison. So if you don’t want to die before 13th GE, if there is even an election, go anywhere but that trap hole in Kampung Baru.

PS...this Super Racist has been going to China to have bodily contact with Chinese girls. Wonder whether the Trio have some tapes of this too? I mean may as well go for other insurance, yeah.

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