Culture of violence perpetuated by UMNO resembled 55 years of UMNO's colonisation

The Malaysian spring has begun

photo.jpgThe culture of violence perpetuated by a gang of youth on the inaugural HINDRAF and ABU forum at the Dewan Orang Ramai MBSA, Klang on 21/01/2012 demonstrated an eerie resemblance of the 55 year UMNO colonisation of Malaysia. The mob was led by an over-nourished youth issuing threats as well as barking out orders to his fellow group of under-nourished subordinates. A scene reminiscent of the elite 'fat cat' UMNO leaders who monopolise the rich first pickings of the nation's wealth only to leave behind bread crumbs for those that they lead.

The elite UMNO leader barks orders to his henchmen, keeping them forever in a perpetual state of wanting and having them always to drive in circles around him. Sometimes in the process of driving in circles around their leader they do knock into chairs,water bottles and leaflets as in this case.

He is chauffeur driven and does the least work but earns the most. He feels threatened when intellectual democratic debates take place, thereby bringing it down by use of bully and intimidation.

He lies beyond the long arms of the law and in fact the 'law' supports his illegal activities and conduct.

The elite UMNO leaders preys on soft targets like on the minorities. How often have we seen such acts of mob rule go unpunished in this country ? From dragging a cow head to the streets, brandishing a keris, to issuing threats to flow the blood of a certain race and now to mat rempit culture, it is only getting more frequent.

The over-nourished mob leader has all the trademarks of a future UMNO leader. He hunts in packs, does not seem very 'educated', he sticks out as the most privileged in a group of under privileged, he has the loudest voice and brandishes the fear of intimidation unto minorities to consolidate his position as a 'leader'.

How long more will the under-nourished that he leads eventually realise their folly and turn on against him eventually ?

As the economy is diving into a tailspin, the bread crumbs are becoming even more scarce to pass around. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to pit one race against another especially so to a hungry stomach watching serial billion dollar scandals coming to light ever more often.

Looking at the mob of youth that descended that night, many would indeed wonder, is this the legacy that UMNO has helped to build of its people for the past half century ? Is this the youth that parents are going to feel proud to declare as their own ?

No doubt by his act of terror, the over-nourished mob leader may have succeeded in disrupting a democratic intellectual forum of all races on that fateful night, but he may well also go down in history as the catalyst of the Malaysian Spring that has just begun.

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