Verdict on Ling’s case put off to March 9, during GE13

January 27, 2012

The High Court judge says he need more time to make a decison on whether the former transport minister should enter his defence.

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court postponed the much-awaited vedict on former transport minister and MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik’s Port Klang Free Zone ( PKFZ) cheating trial to March 9.

Judge Ahmadi Asnawi had originally set today for a decision on whether Ling will enter his defence.

But today, Ahmadi said he needed more time to make a decision.

“I need more time to make my decision, hence I postpone the decision to March 9,” he told the court, before apologising.

He did not offer any explanation for the postponement.

Asked later what he thought of the postponement, Ling said: “(I just have a) normal feeling. No view.” He refused to comment further.

Ling, 68, is currently facing an amended principal charge for cheating the government of RM1.08 billion.

He was accused of deliberately hiding the additional interest rate of 7.5% a year over the purchase price of land in Pulau Indah based on RM25 per sq foot from the Cabinet.

The total amount came to RM1,088,456,000.

Ling is also accused of not telling the Cabinet about the facts related to the interest rate, as well as allegedly leading it to believe that the facts over the land purchase were certified, and that he knew that no such consent was given.

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