‘Boot out BN to stop RM500 mil dam’

Luke Rintod | January 29, 2012

As long as Barisan Nasional rules Sabah, there is no assurance that it won't drown Tambatuon with a new dam.

KOTA BELUD: The only way to stop the building of the proposed RM500 million Tambatuon Dam is to end Barisan Nasional rule in Sabah. This was the advise Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) gave the frustrated Tambatuon villagers.

According to SAPP supreme council member Peter Marajin, it was no longer logical for the villagers to hold onto any promises made by Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahlan.

“We cannot hold onto any of the pledges made by BN leader on not to go ahead with the controversial dam.

“Even the Kota Belud MP’s own words are not an assurance it will not be built.

“It maybe not this year, but they will surely build it later, maybe in 2013. We never know with their (BN) kind of words,” said Maraji.

“What Rahman said was the dam would not be built without the consent of the villagers.

“In fact he has been asking the villagers to reconsider their opposition to the half-a-billion ringgit dam,” Marajin, who is from Kadamaian, said.

Tambatuon controversy

He said the villagers had also expressed their disappointment with their village head Amin Goling who had allegedly gone along with Rahman.

Marajin said Amin’s premature support for Rahman’s statement was aimed at confusing and hoodwinking the villagers into believing the BN government is now not going ahead with dam, which is not true.

“My observation was further corroborated with the Tambatuon villagers now insisting on a black and white assurance if indeed BN is not going ahead with the dam,” said Marajin.

The Tambatuon dam has become a flashpoint of opinions here with the majority of the Dusun Tindal villagers against it.

In fact they have taken ritual vows over slaughtered buffaloes and chickens that they would defend their kampung with their blood if machines start coming to Tambatuon which many claimed to be a beautiful village.

They have also put signboards and other warnings at the entrance to their kampung that they are against the proposed dam and those who perpetrate to promote its building would be dealt with accordingly.

The Kadamaian PBS assemblyman, Herbert Timbon Lagadan, stands alone among his community over the Tambatuon dam.

He has become a target for criticism for his open support of the dam which he claimed would benefit not only the Tambatuon folks but the whole district as it supplies both electricity and water to paddy farms.

Marajin, not mincing his words, said “to cancel the dam, just cancel BN, lock, stock and barrel with Umno allies PBS and UPKO!”

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