Daylight robbery by BN is endless and Najib continues to act dumb

Mere lip-service to balm rakyat’s woes
 November 29, 2012

With the 13th GE looming, Najib has made as many pleas as he has made promises of change, assuring the rakyat that corruption, nepotism and cronyism would be a thing of the past.
It is the rule of karma that life’s lessons have to be learned in one way or another. And it is here that politicians make the slip, refusing to accept the humility that life brings.
This is the case with the federal government politicians who are stubbornly set in their ways, declining any help from providence to better themselves.

And so the Barisan Nasional politicians remain corrupt, sexist, philanderers, and homophobic; regrettably with no rebuke coming from their boss, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.
One would have thought the humiliating defeat in the 2008 general election would have mellowed the BN leadership – but far from it, with the politicians turning from bad to worse.

Take the case of Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi. A thorough let-down when it comes to “nurturing” the young minds, Puad seems confused between his duty as a deputy minister and that of a politician, often playing the role of the latter.
On Sept 20 this year, Puad started an “attack” on the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) of this country when he first agreed to launch a manual asking parents and schoolchildren to “beware” of “such people”.
He then followed it up, saying the ministry was committed in curbing the LGBT phenomenon and later said school counsellors could help weed out LGBT tendencies in students.

Recently, he commented that the Pakatan Rakyat alliance is akin to a “gay marriage”, clearly taking a knock at Pakatan’s de facto adviser Anwar Ibrahim’s alleged sexual orientation.
Clearly, Puad, the BN MP for Batu Pahat, is a self-proclaimed homophobic and one coming from the BN camp. Would the rakyat welcome such a politician in their midst?

Then we have the “I am influential and powerful” politician, Nazri Aziz who serves as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. He has no qualms that his son Mohamed Nedim, who was once involved in a brawl at a upscale condominium, has full access to an almost half-a-million ringgit worth Hummer belonging to the son of a controversial timber tycoon Michael Chia.

It was alleged that the tycoon had “gifted” Nazri and Mohamed Nedim a sports car each plus RM3 million to go with it. Would the rakyat consider Nazri for yet another term in politics?
Meanwhile, what does BN do in the face of such accusations? It simply acts dumb.

Refusing to mellow
The 2008 general election has failed to mellow the federal government under the BN flagship. On the contrary, the shocking defeat has made the federal government bitter and angry at having lost the “right” to continue to plunder the country’s riches.
Four years later and with the next general election looming, BN is beyond desperation in wanting to recover its “losses” and regain the prime states it lost to Pakatan.

That is all there is to BN’s struggle in wanting to win the 13th general election – extreme desperation.
The absolute decision on who is the best to lead this nation and its people rests in the hands of the rakyat and for the sake of their well-being and survival, the choice made has to be right if not perfect.

In this regard, there is little reason left for the rakyat to place their trust in the BN government; after all, it has been this very government that has been looting the nation’s coffers post-independence and continues to rob the country of its riches.

The daylight robbery by BN is endless and Najib continues to act dumb in the face of these accusations and that of his alleged role in the Scorpene submarines purchase.

With the national polls looming, Najib has made as many pleas as he has made promises of change, assuring the rakyat that corruption, nepotism and cronyism would be a thing of the past.

However, trusting BN to clean up its act would be foolish, given the crooked politicians in its midst that continue to cheat and lie to the rakyat.

Onus on people to change
In October last year, Wanita Umno chief and former Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil feigned ignorance when the role of her family in the National Feedlot Corporation scandal was revealed.

Now it is former Home Minister Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad who has denied any knowledge of the human trafficking offences carried out by the company, SNT Universal Corporation Sdn Bhd, of which he is a director.

The police suspect the company, ironically a government-appointed agent in the 6P amnesty programme, of exploiting and abusing hundreds of foreign workers, mainly Bangladeshis.

Just what gives such politicians the audacity to take the rakyat for a spin, using lies after lies to cover up their acts?
Would it then be worth the while to give the politicians under the BN banner the benefit of the doubt, hoping that they would have learnt their lesson and mended their ways?

Post-independence, the rakyat had placed its trust and faith in the BN leadership believing that it had the people’s best interest at heart. The truth, however, unfolded over the years, bringing with it the realisation that the rakyat was at best collateral damage in the political tussle for power.

To pin one’s hope on BN would be akin to committing hara-kiri, bearing in mind the dishonesty with which the party has ruled the country.

Change is imminent but unlike BN which relies on lip-service to balm the rakyat’s woes, the onus now is on the people to bring about the change, as they did in 2008 by putting BN “in its place” via a humiliating defeat in the national polls.

As for BN, it is pointless to go around begging for a second chance because judging from its incorrigible practices, the leadership has no plans to change for the better, what more repent.

Altantuya key link in Scorpenes deal - French judges want FULL RECORDS of murder trial

Altantuya key link in Scorpenes deal - French judges want FULL RECORDS of murder trial
The French investigative judges in the Scorpenes case have decided that murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu is a key figure who was involved in the Malaysian government's purchase of two submarines from DCNS and this link must be probed further in order to shed light on the corruption allegations raised.
The French investigative judges have announced they will ask for records of her murder trial and may come to Malaysia, where she was murdered, if they deemed it necessary to do so, according to Apoline Cagnat, one of the French lawyers acting on behalf of Malaysian activist group SUARAM.
Cagnat revealed this to Malaysian Members of Parliament on Tuesday at a briefing that had to be held in Singapore. The SUARAM legal team had been invited by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to brief the Malaysian Parliament but they were denied access by the Najib administration.
The 59-year-old Malaysian leader and his wife Rosmah Mansor have been accused of being involved in the Altantuya murder, where 2 of their former bodyguards have been sentenced to hang for her killing. Apart from that, Najib's alleged acceptance of a 115mil euros (RM570mil) illicit kickback from DCNS for agreeing to buy the submarines is the core reason for the trial that SUARAM has raised against DCNS.
"We found the briefing very useful and it completely debunks the propaganda that Umno and Najib have been trying to spread - that the entire Scorpenes hearing in Paris is a complex fabrication by the Opposition," MP for Subang Sivarasa Rasiah told Malaysia Chronicle.
"In fact, the latest information given by the French lawyers yesterday shows that Najib is now in a very precarious position. First, he is on the priority witness list and if he refuses to take the stand, he can be arrested if he travels to Europe. Secondly, and this is the biggest development, is the latest decision of the investigative judges  on Altantuya. They are not going into her murder per se but it is very ironic that the answer to the question that all Malaysians have been been asking all this while of who ordered the bodyguards to kill Altantuya may finally be answered in a Parisian court and not a Malaysian one."

Ex-IGP accuses Hisham of meddling with PDRM

Former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan claimed today the police force under him faced interference from Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

At a press conference in Petaling Jaya, Musa said Hishammuddin had once given instructions directly to junior police officers and a district police chief without his knowledge. 

NONE“So, I highlighted to him (Hishammuddin) Section 4 (1) of the Police Act (1967, which says) that the command and control of the police is by the IGP and not the minister.

“Of course, I cannot be rude to him as (he is) a minister. I talked to him nicely. He didn’t like it,” said Musa.

He was responding to a question from the media on whether he had faced hindrance from Hishammuddin during his time as the country’s top cop. Musa retired in September 2010.

The press conference was called by Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch), with which Musa serves as patron.

Asked again if Hishammuddin reacted negatively to the exchange, Musa replied: “I think so. That is why (my contract) was not extended.”

No grudge

However, Musa was quick to add that this was not a case of “sour grapes” and neither was he raising the issue now because of a grudge he had with the home minister. 

NONE“I am very happy with my retirement. You can get others to do it (run the police force), but do it properly. Take care of the security of this country, the people and society. That is the most important thing,” he said.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that a certain minister, alluding to Hishammuddin, still appeared to be by-passing the IGP and issuing instructions directly to police officers, and he based this on news reports quoting the said minister.
“You read the papers, sometimes you hear: ‘I have directed police to do this’, ‘I have directed the police to do that’. I think you know (laughs),” he said.

Additionally, Musa said other politicians and “top people” have also tried to interfere in the arrest of certain criminals.

“I can give an example. Whenever I arrest some crooks who are involved in illegal activities, there would be phone calls for me to release them. From top people, you know,” he said, adding  that it happened quite often.

Unlawful instructions

When asked how he handled such incidents, Musa said that he would not execute the instruction if it was unlawful.

“I just tell them ‘I cannot take action because it is against the law’. Okay? I can only take lawful orders as an IGP, under Section 20 (2) of the Police Act (1967), the police must only take lawful orders.

“You have to inform back to your superiors that it is an unlawful order. ‘Very sorry, no action will be taken’. If he still insists (I’ll say) ‘Can you please give it to me in black and white, because I won’t be responsible after that’,” he said.

Musa said that this applied even if the instruction came from the prime minister.

However, he said that his insistence on a written instructions usually dissuades his immediate superiors - the home minister and his deputy.

“When I say black and white, normally they stop,” he said.

On the sidelines of the Umno general assembly, Hishammuddin was approached by reporters on Musa’s revelations, but he declined comment.

“I don’t know... Let me check... I do not want people to have any wrong perception,” he said.

Carpet dealer to testify in lawsuit against Wanita Umno leader tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 — Controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan will take the stand tomorrow in his lawsuit against the government and a Wanita Umno leader’s company that allegedly cheated him by reselling a portion of land the carpet dealer had bought previously.
Deepak said he will personally conduct the case filed by his company. Astacanggih Sdn Bhd against the Wanita Umno leader, her companies, the Selangor Land and Mines Office and the Ministry of Defence for failing to hand over three parcels of land in Bukit Raja in Selangor totalling 223.33 acres to him.
“I am representing myself. I have evidence to how she stole my land,” he told reporters from news portals this evening.
The 40-year-old businessman (picture) had told The Malaysian Insider yesterday that he had written to government leaders and officials about the matter but has yet to receive a response. The police have also been dragging their feet, he added.
“I have been waiting five years to get my land and she just walks around like nothing has happened,” he said, adding that she failed to meet a November 25 deadline to repay him for deal.
Under the deal, Deepak said he had agreed to buy three parcels of land in 2007 for RM13 million with a RM72 million bank guarantee for a land bond from the Wanita Umno leader, who was awarded a RM100 million privatisation deal for the development of the defence research centre called Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan Nasional (PUSPAHANAS).
But he later found out she sold a portion of the land in a joint-venture agreement with a plasticware maker although the government was aware that Astacanggih had rights to the land.
He said Astacanggih had lodged a police report and placed a caveat on the land.
“Basically, they think they are above the law and can get away with breaking the law,” Deepak said.
The carpet dealer also revealed that the boards of directors in 26 privately-owned companies have asked him to resign from his position as his revelations have embarrassed them.
“They say I have lost the respect of the business community and my reputation has been diminished. I have agreed to their requests,” he said.
The companies include six carpet firms while the rest are mainly property developers, he added, saying he will still remain as a shareholder in those companies.
The businessman first came into the limelight two years ago over the statutory declaration of a private investigator in the 2006 murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.
But he said the revelations had caused him trouble, including two raids by the Internal Revenue Board that involved some 50 officers.
“They took away files, papers and checked everything and that affected my business,” he said.
Deepak said while he will fight to get his land, he has decided to leave Malaysia for Myanmar from December 10 to March 11 next year, when he celebrates his birthday.
“I believe in numerology and the period is bad for me until my birthday. After all, I am no longer a director of companies so I have nothing to do.
“I will try to do business in Myanmar while I am there. They have a strong leadership and they are not corrupt,” Deepak said, adding he might also try to find a wife there.

Pakatan dismisses Dr M’s street chaos claim

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders today dismissed former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s warning that the opposition pact will resort to street demonstrations if it loses in the upcoming 13th general elections.
PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar said that the federal opposition is committed to the democratic practice of elections.
“Our position is clear. We want free and fair elections, we have consistently participated in the electoral process and we believe in following through with processes allocated under the Federal Constitution, nothing more,” she told The Malaysian Insider today.
Nurul Izzah (picture) said that political violence against PR leaders has seen a rise under Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s rule as prime minister, alluding to pro-Umno groups such as Perkasa.
“We are asking and demanding for an end to political violence. You have not responded, instead you have hurled allegations against us,” she said.
The Lembah Pantai MP also mentioned an attack this year against her in her own constituency.
But PR leaders have not retaliated even though they have been provoked and physically attacked, she said.
“You should judge us based on our actions and we are committed to peace and stability in Malaysia but certainly not committed to allowing a corrupt government to continue rampantly abusing its powers and robbing the nation’s coffers,” she said.
DAP’s Liew Chin Tong pointed out that the federal opposition had never started any chaos due to polls results, which he claims are unfair.
“For the past 12 general elections since 1959, despite the elections being unfair, there was no opposition initiated chaos.
“What BN has to do is to guarantee free, fair and clean elections, and if it fails to win power, to guarantee a smooth transition,” the Bukit Bendera MP said.
PAS’ Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli went a step further, claiming that this could be a pre-emptive move by Dr Mahathir in the event that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition is defeated at the polls.
“Mahathir’s statement clearly means violence that appears from their supporters.
“It looks like Mahathir is trying to mentally prepare the people to memberontak (rebel) if Pakatan Rakyat wins later,” the Kuala Krai MP said.
Two days ago, Dr Mahathir had warned that democracy does not guarantee the public safety and security as violence could ensue when groups rise to demand their rights.
The country’s longest-serving prime minister spoke extensively on how parties would refuse to accept defeat when they lose during elections, and would abuse democratic processes to negate the results of such a poll.
He predicted that if PR loses the upcoming polls, there would likely be more street violence in Malaysia through public demonstrations, even heaping the blame entirely on its opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Dr Mahathir said that street demonstrations were Anwar’s way of preparing for the elections, adding that “without Anwar, there are no demonstrations”.
He also said the opposition has already begun setting the stage for unrest, pointing to how Malaysians have been rallied by pro-PR groups to rise and reject the results of the election should Barisan Nasional (BN) retain Putrajaya.
“They are creating an environment where people are being told that the next election will be unfair so people must be prepared to reject the result of the election and hold demonstrations and disrupt the economy and all that so they can gain power even after losing,” he said.
Umno leaders yesterday told The Malaysian Insider that they agreed with Dr Mahathir’s warning of chaos and street protests if PR loses the upcoming elections.
Protests and rallies in Malaysia have been largely peaceful until the police intervene, with notable examples in recent years being the electoral reform rallies by Bersih.
Human rights activists including the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) have said peaceful assemblies and rallies should be allowed especially with new laws enacted to facilitate such events with appropriate notice given to the authorities.

SHOW YOUR FACE IF YOU DARE, Deepak tells Raja Ropiaah: Land scam trial begins Thurs

SHOW YOUR FACE IF YOU DARE, Deepak tells Raja Ropiaah: Land scam trial begins Thurs
Politically-connected businessman Deepak Jaikishan will take the witness stand on Thursday when the Kuala Lumpur High Court begins hearing the lawsuit filed by his firm Astacanggih Sdn Bhd against Selangor Wanita Umno chief Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah.
"I believe I am the person who can best explain the whole matter to the court. I believe our courts are fair but because the timing is such, there might be political interference and this should not be the case because there is incriminating evidence," Deepak told a press conference on Wednesday.
The case promises to be the among the most sensational corruption trials involving Umno bigwigs this year and comes hot on the heels of RM250mil NFC corruption debacle, which culminated in the husband of Wanita chief Shahrizat Jalil being charged for criminal breach of trust.
Apart from suing Raja Ropiaah and her firm Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd for specific performance and "criminal intent", Deepak is also suing the Ministry of Defense, the land and mining office Pejabat Tanah dan Galian for not releasing the land titles to nominee firm Cebur Megah (M) Sdn Bhd.
Show your face if you dare
Deepak also challenged Ropiaah to appear in court. The trial will begin at 9am at the Jalan Duta court complex.
"If she is innocent and interested to clear her name, she should not wait to be subpoenaed. Come to the court tomorrow if she dares," said Deepak.
Ropiaah was appointed a Senator in April by Prime Minister Najib Razak, replacing Shahrizat who was forced to step down as Women's minister following the NFC corruption scandal. There is speculation among Wanita members that Ropiaah has been 'earmarked' to take over top Women's post.
So far, Raja Ropiaah has declined comment other than to say that her lawyers will look into the matter.
"At this point, I don't wish to comment but will let my lawyers handle it. Deepak has been going around saying all sorts of things. We want to know what his accusations are and take the next step from then on," Raja Ropiaah toldMalaysia Chronicle on Tuesday.
Criminal action
Deepak's firm had in 2007 bought 223 acres of land from Awan Megah for about RM120mil at RM12psf but the deal has remained "stuck" and the titles still not released to Cebur Megah, in which Astacanggih claims to have 100% control.
"I want to develop the land but Raja Ropiaah has been dilly-dallying and delaying the transfer. I would assume that the only logical reason why she would do that is that she must have sold this land over and over again to many other parties," he said.
So far, Deepak has revealed documents showing Raja Ropiah had sold one of the 3 parcels of land making up the 223 acres to GuppyUnip Sdn Bhd at RM16psf.
"It is a criminal action to sell land that has already been sold to Astacanggih," said Deepak.

Nurul slams "panic stricken" Shahrizat for May 13 scaremongering

Nurul slams "panic stricken" Shahrizat for May 13 scaremongering
Dato' Seri Shahrizat Jalil's echoing of Tun Dr Mahathir's scaremongering reveals the real and true nature of a decaying regime. Instead of showing leadership and focusing on the future, we are reminded of the possible  spectre of communal violence of 13 May - possibly 're-staged' to save a moribund UMNO.

Shahrizat's panic stricken message in the event of a Pakatan Rakyat 13 th GE win demonstrates her outright disconnect with voters especially with Malaysians' political  wisdom and desire for change.
Change through the ballot box
Pakatan Rakyat is committed to change through the democratic process, and will strive to protect and strengthen Malaysia's electoral democracy. As such, I would like to repeat Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan's call: "We want to bring change through the ballot box, if there is to be change at all."

The UMNO 2012 AGM proves the following point: The rakyat must choose between UMNO's politics of fear and Pakatan's politics of hope for a better Malaysia. And the only way to disprove indeed that fear and panic has descended on UMNO, is for the UMNO President to immediately debate Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.


Buka semula kes bunuh Altantuya

FMT Staff | November 28, 2012
Ini berikutan pengakuan Deepak Jaikishan bahawa beliau memujuk P Balasubramaniam untuk menukar akuan bersumpahnya.
PETALING JAYA: Sebuah NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) mendesak agar kes pembunuhan wanita Mongolia Altantuya Shariibuu dibuka semula.
“Ini kerana akuan bersumpah kedua Inspektor Polis P Balasubramaniam telah dipengaruhi oleh keluarga (Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri) Najib Tun Razak,” kata pengasasnya Badrul Hisham Shaharin @ CheguBard.
Portal berita harakahdaily hari ini menyiarkan wawancara dengan usahawan permaidani Deepak Jaikishan yang mengakui membantu untuk memujuk penyiasat bebas P Balasubramaniam menukar akuan bersumpahnya.
Deepak Jaikishan mengakui bahawa tindakannya membantu Bala mengubah akaun bersumpah pertama dilakukan demi untuk menolong keluarga Najib.
Menurut CheguBard, pengakuan bersumpah Bala yang pertama mengaitkan penglibatan Najib dengan peristiwa pembunuhan Altantuya.
CheguBard berkata pihaknya melihat kes pembunuhan Altantuya menimbulkan pelbagai persoalan, apatah lagi ia berkait rapat dengan skandal pembelian kapal selam Scorpene yang disifatkan sebagai ‘bapa’ kepada semua kes jenayah di Malaysia.
“Skandal pembunuhan Altantuya dan skandal pembelian kapal selam Scorpene yang terkait ini harus dirungkai dan rakyat harus tahu.
“Demi memastikan rakyat celik dalam isu ini, pelbagai usaha dilakukan oleh SAMM termasuklah jelajah sesi taklimat penerangan di setiap negeri dan ceramah pencerahan,” terang beliau yang juga Ketua Cabang PKR Rembau.
Menurutnya, SAMM juga akan melancarkan buku bertajuk ‘Antara Dua Razak, Dua Scorpene dan Satu Mongolia’ pada Disember ini.
Beliau menyeru rakyat menolak kepimpinan Najib yang tercalit skandal Altantuya dan Scorpene.
“Hanya selepas kerajaan Umno-Barisan Nasional ditumbangkan barulah kebenaran akan terungkai kerana ketika itu tiada lagi imuniti undang-undang terhadap para pemimpin negara,” ujar beliau.

MCA & MIC say that Debate with Anwar ‘a waste of time’

RK Anand | November 28, 2012
MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek and MIC secretary-general S Murugesan say there is no need for a debate between the prime minister and opposition leader.
PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional leaders have dismissed the need for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to engage in a debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.
Advising the premier not to waste time on this matter, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek urged Najib to focus on the economic growth of the nation instead.
“There is no need for the prime minister to debate with Anwar. His policies such as the Government Transformation Programme and Economic Transformation Programme are clear.
“These initiatives have been implemented and are bearing fruits. It is Anwar who remains untested,” he told FMT.
Accusing the opposition of stirring and spinning an old issue, Chua said these debates do not result in constructive solutions.
The MCA leader also dismissed the comparison drawn with the US presidential debates given that Najib was fond of talking about US President Barack Obama.
“Ours is not a presidential election like in the US… it is a party election and the candidate stands on behalf of the party,” he said.
Chua also rubbished claims that Najib was afraid to debate with Anwar.
“There is no question of fear. These debates are just unnecessary. I debated with [DAP secretary-general] Lim Guan Eng twice but what did we achieve? I just wasted my time,” he said.
On Monday, Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga had urged Najib to debate with Anwar in order to allow voters to determine which political coalition was best qualified to govern the nation.
She said Bersih would initiate a public petition to pressure the prime minister, who had declined to debate with Anwar stating, among others, that it was not part of the Malaysian culture, to accept the
opposition leader’s challenge.
According to Ambiga, a debate between the top two leaders was vital since the coming general election was being described as the most important in the nation’s history.

Contradictions in Pakatan Rakyat
Yesterday, Guan Eng and Anwar’s daughter, PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah, criticised Najib for dodging the debate.
The DAP leader claimed that Najib did not want to subject his leadership to a thorough examination and feared being trounced in the debate whereas Nurul described the prime minister as a false democrat.
Meanwhile, MIC secretary-general S Murugesan also defended Najib’s refusal to debate and pointed out the contradictions in Pakatan Rakyat as to who would be prime minister should the opposition form government.
“Before they can talk about debates, Pakatan should first decide on who is their choice for the post of prime minister. On the one hand, you have PAS saying it should be [PAS president] Abdul Hadi Awang and the rest want Anwar,” he told FMT.
During the recent PAS muktamar or general assembly, Ulama Council representative Hairun Nizam said that Hadi was the most qualified candidate to be prime minister and PAS members should campaign for their own party members to become leaders.
He said that PAS should not be campaigning or supporting other leaders among the opposition.
Murugesan also disagreed with the allegation that Najib was afraid of taking on Anwar due to the latter’s fiery oratory skills.
“The question of fear does not arise because the prime minister has excellent oratory skills himself,” he said.

Speeches of UMNO leaders and delegates at the 66th UMNO General Assembly show that UMNO is a racist and Apartheid party

The 66th UMNO General Assembly is in full-swing but it is only a re-enactment of last year’s 65th UMNO General Assembly “drama”.

At the end of the 65th UMNO General Assembly last December, I posed the question: “Who lied – Najib/Muhyiddin or Chua Soi Lek? Or all three?”

Although the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak will only be delivering his UMNO Presidential address tomorrow and his winding-up speech on Friday, one does not have to be prescient to know it will be equally valid and pertinent to pose this same question at the end of the 66th UMNO General Assembly.

The Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has already started the ball rolling for the re-enactment of this “drama” last year of whether “Who lied – Najib/Muhyiddin or Chua Soi Lek? Or all three?”

Last night at the opening of the UMNO Youth, Wanita and Puteri Assemblies, Muhyiddin dismissed PAS’ Islamic State goal as “a daydream”.
But this is the very exact opposite of what the MCA President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek is warning the Malaysian Chinese and non-Muslims up and down the country of “a point of no return” for the PAS agenda of an Islamic state if Pakatan Rakyat wins Putrajaya in the 13th general election!

This is a vindication of my thesis that one important difference between the Pakatan Rakyat and the Barisan Nasional is that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition practises the politics of “Unite and Rule” as distinct from the traditional but divisive and destructive politics of “Divide and Rule” of UMNO/BN, polarising instead of uniting Malaysians along racial and religious lines.

Through the politics of lies, falsehoods and fear, UMNO/Barisan Nasional parties spread different and conflicting messages among different racial and religious groups, sowing the seeds of suspicion, distrust and even hatred, which is totally against the task of Malaysian nation-building.

Muhyiddin has proved himself to be a quite a political chameleon in the past 48 hours – invoking the image of a moderate on Tuesday night when closing the International Forum 2012 on war and conflict in conjunction with Umno’s 66th General Assembly, exhorting the virtues of “moderation and fairness to all”, but donning the garb of a racialist 24 hours later when opening the UMNO Youth, Wanita and Puteri Assemblies.
Malaysians find Muhyiddin “a bit rich” when he launched an attack on the Pakatan Rakyat parties, labelling DAP for instance as “racists” and “chauvinists” when DAP leaders publicly declared their full support of the 1Malaysia concept of Malaysians regarding themselves as Malaysian first and their race, religion, geography and socio-economic status second while the country will not forget Muhyiddin’s defiant declaration of being “Malay first, Malaysian second”!

However, I must admit that up to now, Muhyiddin has yet to outdo his mischief and venom at last year’s UMNO General Assembly where he made history as the only Deputy Prime Minister in the world caught telling a bare-faced lie while playing the race card when he falsely accused the DAP of being anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Malay Rulers, even telling the lie that the DAP’s agenda is to establish a Republic in Malaysia.

There was completely silence from Muhyiddin when I challenged him to substantiate his allegation that the DAP wanted to abolish the constitutional monarchy and establish a Republic.

But the day is still young for the 66th UMNO General Assemblies and we have still to see who are the UMNO leaders who will stand out this time in making the DAP a “whipping boy” with all sorts of groundless and even seditious allegations and lies against the DAP – that the DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Malay Rulers and “agents of Christianisation” to bring about a “Christian Malaysia”.

Najib has often said that UMNO must change or UMNO will be changed.
Will the speeches of UMNO leaders and delegates at the 66th UMNO General Assembly show that UMNO is incapable of change on its own and that it must be changed by the voters by giving UMNO an opportunity to play the role of a loyal and responsible Opposition in the Federal Parliament after the 13GE?

Perpaduan Umno, Muhyidin, Deepak dan Rosmah

28 November 2012
Umno mengadakan Perhimpunan Agung mereka mulai semalam hingga 1 Disember ini. Tema himpunan ini dipercayai menjurus kepada kesatuan dan perpaduan dalam Umno dalam menghadapi pilihan raya umum akan datang.
Bagi memperkemaskan agenda perpaduan ini, Umno menubuhkan satu pasukan khas untuk mendisiplinkan ahli-ahli dan pimpinannya, dari membuat tindakan mensabotaj Umno dari dalam.
Persoalannya, kenapa agenda ini terpaksa dicanangkan Umno menjelang pilihan raya umum ke 13 ini? Ramai yang berkata, ia berkait rapat dengan kebimbangan besar Umno sekarang dalam isu ini.
Dimaklumkan juga bahawa, antara punca presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib Razak gagal membubarkan Parlimen walaupun beberapa percubaan dibuat, adalah kerana isu perpaduan ini. Sampai sekarang, Umno belum berjaya mencapai kata putus tentang senarai calon-calonnya.
Pun begitu, mahu tidak mahu, pilihan raya perlu diadakan juga selewat-lewatnya Mac tahun depan walaupun Najib boleh membuatnya selepas tarikh itu apabila Parlimen terbubar dengan sendiri.
Jika begitu, Perhimpunan Agung ini adalah perhimpunan terakhir menjelang pilihan raya umum akan datang. Dua minggu lalu PAS membuat muktamarnya di Kota Bharu iaitu dari 14 hingga 18 November.
Sebenarnya, apakah masalah perpaduan yang berlaku dalam Umno ini? Ianya tidak lain dan tidak bukan rasa tidak puashati yang membuak-buak di kalangan pimpinan Umno terhadap Datuk Seri Najib selaku presiden yang dilihat terlalu bergantung kepada isterinya.
“Bayangkan, Rosmah boleh menyertai mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi Umno,” kata seorang pemimpin Umno.
Apabila ditanya, betulkah maklumat ini, dia berkata “Tanyalah kepada mana-mana ahli MT, mereka akan sahkan. Beberapa mesyuarat MT turut disertai Rosmah.”
Selain faktor itu, faktor tidak berpuashati dengan pendekatan Najib juga menyebabkan timbalannya, Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin dikatakan mahu mengambil kesempatan untuk menggantikan beliau.
Menurut sumber media, Muhyidin telah berjaya meletakkan orang-orangnya di kebanyakan media milik Umno iaitu kumpulan Utusan dan kumpulan Media Prima.
(Muka depan Utusan hari ini)
“Di NST, hanya Datuk Jalil Hamid (Editor Pengurusan Kumpulan) sahaja orang Najib. Di bawah beliau semuanya orang Muhyidin,” kata seorang rakan media.
Sebab itulah, berita-berita Muhyidin berjaya berada di tempat yang utama dalam media-media milik Umno ini.
Menurut sumber itu, Muhyidin berdiri di atas penyokong-penyokong Tun Dr Mahathir yang berlambak di dalam Umno.
Hatta, SMS beredar sekarang, Setiausaha Agung Umno, Tengku Adnan Mansor juga sudah beranggapan ini adalah sessi terakhir untuk Najib sebagai Presiden.
Jika Najib gagal capai keputusan 2/3 dalam pilihan raya umum ini, dia dianggap gagal sebagaimana Pak Lah dianggap gagal. Apatah lagi kalau kerajaan BN jatuh ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang.
Itu senario yang berlaku di dalam Umno menjelang perhimpunan mereka hujung bulan ini. Apa pula tindakan PAS? Inilah isu yang perlu di perhatikan.
Ketika perpecahan dalam Umno ekoran pertembungan Dr Mahathir dengan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 1987 dahulu, kepimpinan Allahyarham Datuk Fadzil Mohd Nor telah membuka pintu PAS seluas-luasnya untuk disertai oleh pemberontak dalam Umno ini.
Begitu juga apabila Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dipecat dari Umno. Ustaz Fadzil telah bertemu sendiri dengan Anwar pada hari beliau dipecat di rumahnya dekat Bukit Damansara.
Hasil kedua-dua tindakan itu Kelantan kekal bersama PAS sehingga kini di samping kemenangan besar PAS pada pilihan raya 1999 dan 2008.
Pertembungan yang berlaku dalam Umno sekarang agak berbeza dari segi bantuknya. Ia belum lagi melibatkan pemimpin besar tetapi peringkat akar umbi dalam Umno.
Mereka mula meluat dengan salah laku dan salah guna kuasa dalam parti itu yang melibatkan segala projek kerajaan.
Sekurang-kurangnya tiga bekas pemimpin Umno yang menyertai PAS dan PKR (Datuk Tamrin Ghafar, Datuk Yahya Lampong dan Datuk Kadir Sheikh Fadzil) meletakkan semua kesalahannya kepada Dr Mahathir.
Bagi mereka, Mahathir telah mengubah segala perkara yang selama ini menyatukan orang Melayu di dalam Umno. Beliau dikaitkan dengan kepentingan kroni dan sebagainya.
Ketika media menyerang tingkah laku beliau dalam Petronas dan tender untuk anak-anaknya, secara terbuka tetapi sinis Mahthir beliau menyerang musuh tegar beliau dalam Umno yang bernama Khairy Jamaludin Abu Bakar.
Hinggakan ada berita yang mengatakan, Khairy sudah menandatangani watikah perlantikan beliau sebagai timbalan menteri baru-baru ini namun nama beliau sampai sudah tidak diumumkan oleh perdana menteri Najib, dikaitkan dengan Mahathir.
(Muhyidin kelihatan bakal memimpin Umno…di mana Najib.. foto TMI)
Pemberontakan sedang berlaku dalam Umno. Masing-masing tidak berpuashati dan menganggap Umno sudah busuk hingga ke ususnya. Umno sudah tidak boleh diperbaiki lagi. Siapa saja bakal pemimpin Umno akan hadapi masalah ini hatta Muhyidin sekalipun.
Namun, Muhyidin yakin dia mempunyai pendekatan yang betul untuk hadapi musuh utama Umno iaitu PAS. Ucapan Muhyidin di perhimpunan sayap Umno semalam memberikan indikasi pendekatan yang bakal digunakan Muhyidin. Jelas, PAS adalah sasaran Muhyidin. Ini kerana Muhyidin tahu PAS lah bakal merebut pengundi Melayu yang kini menjulang Umno di puncak kuasa.
Muhyidin kelihatan jelas dengan sasarannya. Ketika Muhyidin berucap menetapkan halatuju yang ditawarkan beliau kepada Umno, semua media alternatif termasuk Harakahdaily menyiarkan temubual khas mereka dengan Deepak Jaikishan, rakan baik isteri Najib, Rosmah Mansor sebelum ini.
(Laporan dari 3 media mengenai kenyataan Deepak semalam)
Deepak menjelaskan, beliau sangat rapat dengan Rosmah dan pernah mendapat peluang perniagaan bernilai hingga bilion ringgit hasil hubungan tersebut.
Namun kerana salah faham dalam projek besar untuk menyelamatkan Najib selepas keluarnya Kenyataan Bersumpah (SD) P Balasubramaniam, Deepak diketepikan.
Bukan sahaja diketepi bahkan disusahkan apabila lebih 50 penguatkuasa undang-undang negara dihantar ke rumah, pejabat dan kilang milik Deepak.
Deepak memang mengaku dia dihubungi di tengah malam agar membantu Najib menghadapi SD Bala itu yang mendakwa Najib ada kaitan dengan kematian Altantuya Shariibuu.
Deepak berjaya membantu Najib apabila Bala bersetuju membuat satu SD lain keesokannya dan sekaligus menarik balik SD yang pertama. Bala membuat U – Turn, dari Najib bersalah kepada Najib tidak bersalah.
Namun, kerana tidak berpuashati dengan janjinya, Bala sekali lagi membuat U-Turn dan mendedahkan kenapa beliau berbuat demikian.
Lalu Deepak dipersalahkan dan 50 penguatkuasa dihantar ke rumah, pejabat dan kilang beliau. Hasilnya semua dokumen perniagaan yang berkaitan dengan keluarga PM diambil oleh penguatkuasa itu dan tidak dipulangkan sehingga sekarang.
Lalu timbul persoalan, kenapa pendedahan ini dibuat ketika Muhyidin mengajak Umno mengambil pendekatan baru dalam menghadapi Pakatan Rakyat.
Kenapa ia timbul menjelang perhimpunan agung Umno yang terakhir sebelum pilihan raya umum akan datang.
Pembaca lebih cerdik untuk menyambung analisa ini.

Dakwaan Tiada Siasatan Kes Scorpene, Bohong

28 November 2012

Tindakan Umno BN yang cuba memberi gambaran bahawa tidak berlaku sebarang siasatan di Paris berhubung kes Scorpene adalah pembohongan semata-mata.
Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat yang mengikuti taklimat Scorpene di Singapura semalam, berkata siasatan kes itu sedang berjalan dengan lancar.
Menurut, Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR-Subang) hakim kes tersebut mungkin akan datang ke Malaysia Januari atau Febuari tahun depan sekiranya ada perkembangan terkini berhubung kes itu.
“Kenyataan BN bahawa tidak ada apa-apa berlaku di Paris adalah bohong, siasatan sudah dibuat dan berjalan penuh, malah senarai saksi sudah diterima oleh dua orang hakim,” katanya.
Sementara itu, Dr Hatta Ramli (PAS-Kuala Krai) menyifatkan Umno BN seolah-olah tidak mahu langsung perkara yang benar didedahkan kepada rakyat negara ini.
Katanya, Ahli Parlimen BN kecewa sebab Singapura membenarkan Peguam Perancis Apolene Cagnat masuk ke negara itu.
“Ini seolah-olah hasut negara lain untuk bertindak sama dengan mereka,” katanya dalam sidang media di lobi parlimen.
Hatta yang juga mengikuti taklimat itu berharap tujuh individu yang disapina buat kali kedua agar bersedia untuk disiasat.
Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) berkata, kes ini adalah kes serius dan prosesnya berjalan dengan baik bukannya remeh-temeh sebagaimana dianggap oleh BN.
“Mereka (Perancis) tidak akan buang masa untuk lakukan siasatan dengan terperinci, mereka sudah rasa kes ini ada ‘strong’ dan akan bawa ke perbicaraan.
“Saya bertanya kenapa mereka begitu berminat dengan kes ini, mereka jawab, ia adalah prinsip sistem perundangan kerajaan Perancis mahu banteras rasuah di semua peringkat walaupun hakikatnya mereka sendiri yang untung,” katanya.
Jelasnya, kerajaan perlu bersikap terbuka dalam kes ini, dan kerjasama dengan Peguam Negara amat penting.
“Kita rayu pada Peguam Negara untuk tunjuk sikap bahawa beliau boleh bagi kerjasama dalam kes ini.
“Kalau ada permintaan maklumat perlu ada kerjasama dari Peguam Negara,” katanya.

Who is more dangerous, PAS or Umno?

At the recently concluded PAS annual general assembly, much fuss and concern were evoked by Malaysians and in reports from both the print and electronic media.

It was all about PAS members’ call for their president Hadi Awang to be prime minister should the Pakatan Rakyat win the people’s mandate to govern after the next general election.

First, I wish to ask: “Which political party in the world whose members do not want their leader to be made prime minister?”

Give me an honest answer to that and then proceed with the reading of my two cent’s worth of say.
It is normal for members of political parties to express their wish for their leader to rule as their country’s No1. It’s called political posturing.

No political party that practices democracy and freedom of speech can stop their members from expressing their wishes.

What is important is whether what was expressed is realistic or almost impossible or impossible to come true.

How many seats is PAS contesting? How many seats is DAP contesting? How many seats is PKR contesting? Can PAS win more seats than DAP and PKR combined?

So, what’s the fuss about? In a democracy, if PAS or Umno can win the required majority to amend the federal constitution, no one can stop whatever the majority wishes to implement.

What I’m more worried is that the people stop using their common sense and let emotions cloud their judgment.

Based on the super corrupt racist Umno-led BN government’s current actions, using race and religion to create fear and divide Malaysians, should we fear PAS more than Umno?

MCA’s insult of hudud and Islam with Umno remaining quiet is clear evidence of the political insincerity of both parties in their quest to remain in power.

Both will use race and religion to divide the people and win votes to rule. Why is Perkasa allowed to spew racial and religious venom without any fear of committing sedition?

Why is the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia allowed to insult and bash Christians and Christianity without any fear for the law?

Do not let petty issues and political posturing cloud your judgment.
We should, instead fear Umno’s supreme warlord Mahathir Mohamad who made the ridiculous statement that hudud, can only be implemented if it also covered non Muslims.

The statement is mad but Mahathir and Umno are not mad. The racist and the devil we know just wants to pressure PAS which has maintained its political ambition to implement hudud.

If you are a law abiding citizen with no intentions to commit crime, why do you fear any law?
We should fear the political madness of Umno and Mahathir who could come up with such a ridiculous stand that hudud must cover non Muslims.

This the same man who declared Malaysia as an Islamic state, and supported by all the BN component parties, namely MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all other parties in the coalition.

PAS has repeatedly said hudud is only for Muslims. It is Umno that we should fear for prime minister Najib Tun Razak’s “win at all cost” battle cry, meaning the welfare and interest of Malaysians are not his priority.
Najib is also the same man who said he will bathe his keris in Chinese blood.

There are more damning racist and religious slurs uttered by Umno and BN. But the point to remember is to judge accurately and wisely – who is more dangerous?

Open letter to an ‘empty vessel PM’ - Najib

From P Ramakrishnan, via e-mail

My dear PM,
You sounded like a great statesman when you urged Malaysians “to disregard political difference and work toward nation-building”. That was simply fantastic!
It was very heart-warming to hear you say, “We must build the nation together. Irrespective of the political differences that we have, at the end of the day this country is ours.” That was simply unbelievable!
How we wish that you really meant what you said. If that was your philosophy, by now you would have been proclaimed as the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had. If that had happened, you need not now scramble around the country desperately trying to get the Barisan Nasional returned to power.
If you had put this rhetoric into practice, this country would have moved forward in leaps and bounds, astounding the rest of the world. We would have achieved so much during your three and a half years of premiership that would have helped you to walk through the coming 13th General Election without a sweat.
But when we assess you and try to match you with what you said at the launch of the Genovasi Challenge in Kuala Lumpur on 14 October 2012, we are gravely disappointed. You come across as a hollow politician who is not capable of living up to your words.

This country is “ours” – then why do you let extremists call us ‘pendatangs?
If you truly meant that “at the end of the day this country is ours” why is it that a vast majority of citizens are not made to feel that way? Why do you tolerate and refuse to take to task those narrow-minded Umno petty politicians and Perkasa poison-spewing ultras who refer to the rest of the citizens as ‘pendatang’? This is as much the country of the ordinary citizens and they have as much right as these name-calling despicable and loud-mouthed politicians who claim sole ownership to this right.
If you truly meant that “we must build the nation together”, why is it others are not given their chance to contribute as well? Why is it that those outside the Barisan Nasional circle are excluded and denied their legitimate right to voice their opinions and articulate their policies and promises?
Why do you punish those who had voted for the Opposition by denying their MPs and state assembly members the allocations that you lavishly make available to your BN MPs and assembly members? Aren’t these elected opposition representatives also citizens of this country?
Don’t the voters who elected these opposition representative have the same voting rights to choose whoever they prefer – just like those who elected the BN MPs and assembly members – without being punished for their choice? Why then this discrimination? What has party affiliation to do with the democratic process and the benefits that are due to the citizens?

“We must build the nation together” – then why do you exclude the poor and the Opposition?
And yet, hypocritically you declare, “We must build the nation together.” How do we do that when you don’t reach out to the others; when you completely shut them off and punish them?
You don’t even bother to consult the Leader of the Opposition before introducing new Bills to parliament as is done in mature democracies. You don’t give sufficient time for citizens to comment on these policies that are bound to impact them in various ways.
Very often you rush through these Bills with super speed and with very little debate. How do we build this nation together? It has always been only your way and no other way! If there is no room for inclusion or co-operation, how then do we work together?
“Irrespective of the political differences that we have, at the end of the day this country is ours,” you say. But how is it that others are not allowed to work together with you for the common good of the nation? Why are you so divisive in your policy and approach?
You have done nothing to stop Utusan from spreading its venom and lies. You have never reprimanded them or replaced the editorial staff responsible for creating discord and hatred. They seem to have a field day. How do we “disregard political differences and work toward nation-building” when we are constantly bombarded with vile and vicious and divisive commentaries without any let up?
How is that those who disagree with or who have different views from you are hardly given the space to operate democratically? They have to contend with the police and the hooligans who turn up to disrupt Opposition events and activities. How do we “build the nation together…. Irrespective of the political differences that we have”?
How do we bring the various communities together and strengthen our national unity for the good of the country when the entire fabric of BN policy is racial? It is never based on justice irrespective of ethnicity – it is always based on racial quotas and racial handouts.
It is a policy designed to keep the poor and the helpless dependent on the BN charity and not to rescue them from their poverty to lead a life of dignity. That is how the BN has thrived as a saviour of the rakyat for more than half a century, deluding the people that they don’t have a life and hope beyond the BN.
But you are not partial even to all the Malays even though you claim to represent the Malays. You only look after the cronies and the elites in Umno. When the Malays don’t belong to these groupings, they don’t get any benefits.
But Umno will always speak in the name of the Malay community as if it is the benefactor of all Malays. The reality is that the Malays in Pas are almost completely ignored when it comes to receiving benefits; the Malays in Parti Keadilan Rakyat are treated as enemies. They get hardly any goodies.
How do we work together? How do we believe you when you say “at the end of the day this country is ours”? Do we all equally have a share in the wealth of this nation?

Sad to say, no one is brimming with joy
In spite of the much touted BR1M magic that you introduced, in spite of the greatly proclaimed 1Malaysia delusion that you created, Malaysians are not brimming with joy!
If after more than half a century of nationhood, we can’t rise above our racial identities and political differences and work together as citizens of this country then we have failed ourselves miserably. For this the BN must be solely held responsible. It is their divisive policies that have kept us apart and never brought us together.
The BN policy has failed this country and its people. They are not capable of any alternative policy that will benefit every citizen. The wealth of the nation really has not been equally distributed among the people – only cronies and certain leaders at the top have harvested benefits beyond the wildest dreams of the ordinary, common man.
The BN’s so-called nation-building efforts have not yielded the results this country deserves. We have to turn to an alternative policy to achieve this and this opportunity will be available at the 13th General Election.
P Ramakrishnan is the immediate past president of Aliran

Hindraf 5th Year Anniversary and Blueprint Lauching


Christians forced to become Muslims by NRD

From P Ramakrishnan, 

Who determines one’s faith – the individual or the The National Registration Department (NRD? It is obvious that it has to be the individual concerned. The NRD has no business to disagree when a person lays claim to a certain faith.
The NRD’s function is to issue MyKad and it cannot act beyond this function. It is very clear. But why then is the NRD making the lives of Bumiputra Christians in Sabah and Sarawak miserable (as reported in the Malaysian Chronicle)?
For Christians, it has been one long struggle to claim their rights. To use the word ‘Allah’ was a tussle; to import the Bible in the national language was a problem. Now, even to claim that they are Christians is a formidable challenge.

Many Bumiputra Christians have traditionally used the word ‘bin’ and ‘binti’ in their names. But that does not make them Muslims. They are Christians for all intents and purposes. Even when they point out that they are Christians, the NRD overrides their objection and lists them as Muslims rather arbitrarily.

Who is in a better position to determine the religion of any one – the person concerned or a civil servant in the NRD? It is most shocking that despite their pointing out that they are not Muslims – but Christians – the NRD refuses to entertain them. This is really ridiculous!

The NRD is insistent that it would continue to list these Christians as Muslims simply because they have ‘bin’ and ‘binti’ in their names. It has stubbornly refused to rectify the mistakes in the MyKad claiming that it would only act upon an order by a Syariah High Court declaring that they are not Muslims.
These cretinous Little Napoleons in NRD should realise that ‘bin’ is merely an Arabic term for ‘son of’, while ‘binti’ means ‘daughter of’. So, in general, these terms don’t necessarily indicate that one is a Muslim. If they need reminding, to be Arabic may not necessarily be the same as being Islamic!
But why has this case to be referred to the Syariah High Court when they are in fact not Muslims? What is the NRD up to? What has happened to the PM’s slogan ‘People First’? Can a petty civil servant make a mockery of the PM and his pledge?

When a person applies for the MyKad, isn’t he or she required to fill in a form in which the religion of the applicant is stated? If the officer has any doubt as to the claim, it can be easily cleared up by questioning the applicant over this matter.
These Christians must have undergone baptism in a church and there would be records to support their claims. Why wasn’t this taken into consideration? In this way the problem could have been easily solved.
In one recent case even when documentary evidence from the Sabah Islamic Affairs Department was produced stating that the person concerned was not a Muslim according to the Islamisation Register – a fact that was reported to the Syariah Court in Kudat – the NRD still would not rectify the error.
It wants the person to go to the Kudat Syariah High Court for a declaration that she is not a Muslim before action could be taken to rectify its mistake. It is very strange that the NRD is unwilling to accept or respect the evidence produced by the Sabah Islamic Affairs Department. Shouldn’t the word of the Islamic Affairs Department carry some weight?

Why does this matter, in spite of being cleared by the Islamic authority, have to be referred to the Syariah Court, entailing unnecessary delay and expenditure? The Syariah Court had in March last year barred a Christian lawyer, Victoria Jayaseele Martin, from practising in a Syariah court despite having a Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice from the International Islamic University Malaysia, in addition to a University of London law degree.

Going by this precedent, why should these Christians who are non-Muslims be part of the Syariah Court proceedings. These Christians were not born Muslims nor were they converted Muslims. There is no authoritative evidence to state that they are Muslims.
In the face of this overwhelming evidence in favour of these Christians, on what authority does the NRD insist on listing them as Christians? Is the NRD a law unto itself? Can it act beyond its scope and make the lives of these Christians miserable?
Because of the unnecessary and irritating behaviour of those in the NRD, these Christians are subjected to numerous problems. Their children cannot be baptised in a church and they cannot get married in a church. They cannot be accorded a Christian burial. Is this fair?

Must they continue to suffer this indignity indefinitely? They need not if they wise up. What they are subjected to is the result of the Barisan Nasional government being too long in power. It has lost its compassion; it has become arrogant; it is unable to recognise the problem or provide a solution. It has become indifferent to their misery.
There is only one answer to get out of this misery: Vote for change!