Altantuya key link in Scorpenes deal - French judges want FULL RECORDS of murder trial

Altantuya key link in Scorpenes deal - French judges want FULL RECORDS of murder trial
The French investigative judges in the Scorpenes case have decided that murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu is a key figure who was involved in the Malaysian government's purchase of two submarines from DCNS and this link must be probed further in order to shed light on the corruption allegations raised.
The French investigative judges have announced they will ask for records of her murder trial and may come to Malaysia, where she was murdered, if they deemed it necessary to do so, according to Apoline Cagnat, one of the French lawyers acting on behalf of Malaysian activist group SUARAM.
Cagnat revealed this to Malaysian Members of Parliament on Tuesday at a briefing that had to be held in Singapore. The SUARAM legal team had been invited by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to brief the Malaysian Parliament but they were denied access by the Najib administration.
The 59-year-old Malaysian leader and his wife Rosmah Mansor have been accused of being involved in the Altantuya murder, where 2 of their former bodyguards have been sentenced to hang for her killing. Apart from that, Najib's alleged acceptance of a 115mil euros (RM570mil) illicit kickback from DCNS for agreeing to buy the submarines is the core reason for the trial that SUARAM has raised against DCNS.
"We found the briefing very useful and it completely debunks the propaganda that Umno and Najib have been trying to spread - that the entire Scorpenes hearing in Paris is a complex fabrication by the Opposition," MP for Subang Sivarasa Rasiah told Malaysia Chronicle.
"In fact, the latest information given by the French lawyers yesterday shows that Najib is now in a very precarious position. First, he is on the priority witness list and if he refuses to take the stand, he can be arrested if he travels to Europe. Secondly, and this is the biggest development, is the latest decision of the investigative judges  on Altantuya. They are not going into her murder per se but it is very ironic that the answer to the question that all Malaysians have been been asking all this while of who ordered the bodyguards to kill Altantuya may finally be answered in a Parisian court and not a Malaysian one."

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