Who is more dangerous, PAS or Umno?

At the recently concluded PAS annual general assembly, much fuss and concern were evoked by Malaysians and in reports from both the print and electronic media.

It was all about PAS members’ call for their president Hadi Awang to be prime minister should the Pakatan Rakyat win the people’s mandate to govern after the next general election.

First, I wish to ask: “Which political party in the world whose members do not want their leader to be made prime minister?”

Give me an honest answer to that and then proceed with the reading of my two cent’s worth of say.
It is normal for members of political parties to express their wish for their leader to rule as their country’s No1. It’s called political posturing.

No political party that practices democracy and freedom of speech can stop their members from expressing their wishes.

What is important is whether what was expressed is realistic or almost impossible or impossible to come true.

How many seats is PAS contesting? How many seats is DAP contesting? How many seats is PKR contesting? Can PAS win more seats than DAP and PKR combined?

So, what’s the fuss about? In a democracy, if PAS or Umno can win the required majority to amend the federal constitution, no one can stop whatever the majority wishes to implement.

What I’m more worried is that the people stop using their common sense and let emotions cloud their judgment.

Based on the super corrupt racist Umno-led BN government’s current actions, using race and religion to create fear and divide Malaysians, should we fear PAS more than Umno?

MCA’s insult of hudud and Islam with Umno remaining quiet is clear evidence of the political insincerity of both parties in their quest to remain in power.

Both will use race and religion to divide the people and win votes to rule. Why is Perkasa allowed to spew racial and religious venom without any fear of committing sedition?

Why is the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia allowed to insult and bash Christians and Christianity without any fear for the law?

Do not let petty issues and political posturing cloud your judgment.
We should, instead fear Umno’s supreme warlord Mahathir Mohamad who made the ridiculous statement that hudud, can only be implemented if it also covered non Muslims.

The statement is mad but Mahathir and Umno are not mad. The racist and the devil we know just wants to pressure PAS which has maintained its political ambition to implement hudud.

If you are a law abiding citizen with no intentions to commit crime, why do you fear any law?
We should fear the political madness of Umno and Mahathir who could come up with such a ridiculous stand that hudud must cover non Muslims.

This the same man who declared Malaysia as an Islamic state, and supported by all the BN component parties, namely MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all other parties in the coalition.

PAS has repeatedly said hudud is only for Muslims. It is Umno that we should fear for prime minister Najib Tun Razak’s “win at all cost” battle cry, meaning the welfare and interest of Malaysians are not his priority.
Najib is also the same man who said he will bathe his keris in Chinese blood.

There are more damning racist and religious slurs uttered by Umno and BN. But the point to remember is to judge accurately and wisely – who is more dangerous?

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