Dr Mahathir, Dr Mahathir! - Are you in a state of senile

November 27, 2012 
After reading the article, Dr M: PAS is backed by the devil’, in The Malaysian Insider, I have only one conclusion: Either this man is senile or we are giving him too much face.

Mahathir Mohamad has singlehandedly changed the course of this country to bring it down the path of ruin, while others in the region such as Indonesia and Vietnam, are forging ahead.
It is obvious, not only from Barry Wain’s book on the Malaysian Maverick that he has wasted the nation’s wealth in many of his mega projects.

Even now, as chairman of Petronas, Mahathir continues to raise eyebrows amongst the rakyat. He is entitled to dispute this, but it is an opinion which I believe many of us have formed over the years.
One of his sons has been named one of the richest men in the country. While I wish to congratulate his son for such great achievements, I cannot help but wonder how the sons of two former PMs have hit the list of Malaysia’s richest men within just a few years.

It is one thing being successful, but it is another when people see the two richest men are living in the shadows of their fathers, and to me, it doesn’t matter if they became the richest men in the world. It could be that their fathers had groomed them well – and I’m somewhat a secret admirer of one of them, because I enjoy listening to his speeches.

But what Mahathir has said of his opponents in this one instance is truly uncalled for. I’m shocked to see a former PM descending to gutter politics, debasing others instead of treating them as his worthy opponents. It is one thing for a politician to criticise his opponent, but it is another thing to say that he is backed by the devil.

By saying this, Mahathir is essentially saying that PAS, being an Islamic party, is ‘wicked, evil and devilish’, whereas PAS’ record through the years, going back to even 1969, has shown that they are a more peaceable and reasonable group of people, compared to some corrupted and arrogant Umno leaders, past and present.

Umno, before 1987, would have been a lot more credible, but after the breakaway of Team B, Mahathir’s camp has literally ruined Umno’s political standing in the eyes of the Malaysian public, or least, to me as an observer.

Tell me what happened to PKR’s bus which took Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim around the country? Who could have thrown the red paint onto the bus? What kind of culture is this – a refined Malay culture with Islamic values, which I see promulgated by PAS, or a barbaric culture which should never have been encouraged in the first place? Why did the present PM say nothing of such behaviour?

Tell me also, who could have thrown plastic wrapped pig’s heads into mosques? I wonder if any China apek or Indian kutty had such courage to do this, he would not have thought of even wrapping the pig’s head in plastice! Let’s be honest. Who has done that? I saw a picture of a pig’s head placed on top of the PAS flag. Who could have done that? I leave it to your good judgement.

Umno has indeed become a four-letter word in many Malaysian urban households. People talk about the cows and condos, about the Scorpene, about Altantuya’s sudden death, and about all sorts of corruption cases that you can imagine – the latest being the ICAC’s investigation into the RM40 million political fund from overseas given to Umno Sabah. I wonder if the fund had come from a Jewish source since the fund is not local!

Even this may not necessarily be the fault of Umno per se, the tendencies are there now for people to point fingers at Umno. Every form of persecution that is done, the fingers are pointing at Umno. Why? Don’t Umno leaders realise what they are doing is damaging their own reputation to a great extent? Doesn’t Mahathir realise that his statement would bring him disrepute instead of PAS?

This is the level that Umno has descended into. The former PM accusing that PAS is backed by the devil, is, I think, almost unthinkable – that a man of his stature should utter such words. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bapa Malaysia and a well-respected Prime Minister for all Malaysians, would not have said such utterly despicable words, not to mention that it would not even have crossed his mind!

I’m sure, apart from the late Tunku, none of Mahathir’s predecessors would have said such a thing during their tenure as prime ministers of Malaysia, more so, after their retirement. Look at Tun Abdullah Badawi, has he even uttered a negative word against his predecessor after his retirement, despite Dr Mahathir’s tongue lashing against him even till today?

For goodness sake, let the old man rest in peace, and stop giving him any publicity. I’m lashing out here because I cannot stand it anymore, and something has to be said to put a stop to this man’s spring of wickedness. Perhaps, death is the only power that can shut him up, and it may be soon that this old man will be kicking the bucket. The clock is ticking by the seconds

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