How many MIC nominees are there in GLCs?

B Nantha Kumar | January 26, 2012

Branch leader demands full disclosure from party president.

PETALING JAYA: A local MIC leader today demanded that party president G Palanivel reveal the number of nominees placed by the party in government-linked companies (GLCs).

V Thiagarajen, chairman of MIC’s Taman Mujur branch, accused Palanivel of treating the party as his personal fiefdom and appointing his clansmen to positions in these GLCs.

He said party members were still in the dark over the number of party nominees in the GLCs and their roles in these GLCs, but he added that he had learnt from a veteran party leader that there were more than 100 places allocated for MIC.

All Barisan Nasional member parties are allowed to place their nominees in the GLCs.

“Until today, no one apart from the party president can say for sure how many positions are exactly connected to MIC,” he said.

“He must also reveal who the directors of these companies are.”

He also asked Palanivel to explain the benefits that the Indian community had derived from MIC’s association with the GLCs.

“Parties like Umno and MCA get contracts from GLCs, but where the MIC is concerned, members are still in the dark over their operations.

“MIC must live up to its corporate social responsibility and be transparent with members about it dealings with these GLCs.”

He called on Palanivel to put himself in line with the Najib administration’s avowed intention to govern with transparency and accountability.

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