ABU event disruption – Police must act professionally

  • I saw the video which was put up by Malaysiakini on which showed the rowdy and barbaric actions by some people that had encroached a private event in Jalan Kebun Klang. No matter how distasteful the program may be and no matter how one disagree with ABU, it is wrong for anyone to take such a provocative action. I read the Selangor CPO short press release. I believe he had downplayed the issue to avoid people from speculating further on the matter. Unfortunately, his short press release did not contain and any reassuring statement that the police would act impartially and be fair to all parties. The missing element of his press release is further angering the people and led to further speculation.
  • I saw the video. It clearly shows that a private event was being held. It also shows the disgrace action of some Malays wearing BN t-shirts taking laws into their own hands. There evidence is on YouTube. The picture of the perpetrators can be seen clearly. It should not be difficult for the police to act. Evidence is available on silver platter. It is my expectation that the police to take a decisive action. Any failure on the part of the Selangor police would lead to unnecessary reaction which would further damage the government reputation.
  • I quote Haris Ibrahim in his post where said, “Rest assured, we will be well prepared for any lawlessness at our forthcoming ceramah”. I feel that based on the initial reaction of the RMP, his statement is justified. In fact everyman deserves to protect themselves when threatened. It is only natural. Going by the situation, if the police fail to react and if there is another similar commotion elsewhere, I expect serious confrontation and consequences. If that happens, then no one other than police should take the blame.

Image of head honcho shown below is from : http://kafesantai.blogspot.com/

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