Hindraf Chairman Waytha Back In Malaysia

Hindraf Makkal Sakti Chairman P Waytha Moorthy finally returned home to Malaysia at 12.20pm today.

There was minor scare of arrest on Waytha Moorthy when his passport was held for 1/2 hour by immigration officials when he stopped at 12 noon at Johor Baru check-point in a grey coloured Toyota Estima.

He had earlier crossed the Johor causeway after checking out from Singapore immigration border check-point at 11.45am.

There was red alert on the computer screen of the Malaysian immigration counter when Waytha Moorthy submitted his passport for clearance.

The counter officer told Waytha Moorthy that he had to meet her superior officer due to the alert.

Another official then collected passports of Waytha Moorthy and some 20 members of the entourage escorting him for clearance.

The entourage included Waytha Moorthy’s wife K Nageswari and 10-year-old daughter Vwaishhnavi.

However, the fear of arrest quickly disappeared when the Malaysian immigration officials returned Waytha Moorthy’s passport together with several others.

A relief Waytha Moorthy was then driven straight away by Hindraf activists to a local resort before heading to a Hindu temple in Ulu Tiram for prayers at 5pm.

During the hiccup at immigration operation office at the check point, Waytha Moorthy said he and Hindraf leadership was well prepared to handle any situation if he was detained.

Hindraf advisor N Ganesan said Waytha Moorthy timely return to Malaysia opens up a the next chapter in movement’s struggle to uphold civil rights of ethnic Malaysian Indians.

“Previous our cause was to establish the problems. 

“Now our struggle will be focused to find effective and decisive solutions to resolve the marginalised Indian issues,” said Ganesan.

He said it was time for who ever in power at both state and federal, levels, to stop their political games and seriously address the marginalised Indian issues.

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