This is not the kind of leader or the party that the country need

When Malaysia was really one decades ago, we, all Malaysian were taught in English. "Mother tongues" was never forgotten as it was in the curriculum as a language course. Our education standards then was envied. Singapore was playing catch up. Philippines was stressed to be on par. The malays civil servants were proud of their work quality. Then someone in the corridor of power decided, for the sake of politics to have the language of instructions changed and changed and changed. You cannot be that daft to know that we need english to be competitive. Sorry to offend your Malay first malaysian second philosophy. I guess for you national welfare is secondary, as long as you are able to fool the malay voters that this decision is good for them, while their children remain well below par in this global economic environment. Where is your conscience as a politician and the deputy leader of the nation? Political expedience rules over all? 

 I think ALL UMNO ministers be they elected or appointed always have to show something! Right from the Apanama to now Najib! They will always change a policy for the sake of changing, well as long as they can take care of their rice bowls they don't bloody care about the rakyat!

You see this abolishment of PPSMI was done to satisfy all the "jaguh kampong" but look hey all those who belongs to the middle class but could not afford to send their children to private or international schools will have to strip off their rights to educate their children.

All the minister need to say, is simple that is at least allow parents from selected schools to have a choice of whether to have their children to continue in PPSMI or otherwise!

If such simple request could not be met I think the minister concerned has failed miserably and ought to seriously consider stepping down! 

 The BN government had announced and promised to allow the schools to decide on their preference on the teaching of Maths and Science either in BM and English during the recent Sarawak state election. Now, they have gone back on their words, So how can we entrust someone so unreliable to take care of the welfare of the Nation. It is time for voters to take action and vote BN out of Putrajaya in the GE13. BN and UMNO are rotten to the core and let them go and rot in HELL!!! 

 This crisis started in the 70s when Engligh was displaced as a medium of instruction in schools. Mahathir realized it and reverted back to English for Science and Maths. Now, we've this Apanama who wants to keep the rural Malays from progressing in a globalized world. Most of the Malays in the 60s/70s speak and write perfect English. Yes, I agree that Bahasa Malaysia is important for social integration and communication. Look at India and Singapore that are multi cultural, multi ethnicity, yet English is the medium of instruction. India & Singapore could have imposed Hindi and Mandarin as the medium of instruction respectively. Afterall, they are the majority. Our education has failed and will fail again. My question is "Where to, Malaysia"

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