Special Branch must be stupid to test the intelligence of Malaysians

'Once again the old panicked cry: ‘Reds under the bed!' Now backed up by ‘Jihadis too, along for the fun!''

Police: JI and communists infiltrating opposition

your sayOnyourtoes: Funny, the communists and the Jemaah Islamiah are morons - they are only interested in Pakatan Rakyat politicians, with the hope of taking over power someday.

They are not interested in BN, which is very much in power today. May be the communists and JI are already in control of BN and now they have to infiltrate Pakatan just in case they will assume power after the next election.

If we have a Special Branch of this calibre (as shown by its officer, Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin), then it is my belief that if ever the communists or JI have infiltrated the political apparatus of this country, our intelligent community would not have known.

His analysis is like someone with a mind of a nincompoop. May be I should recommend this officer to read one of Leon Uris' old book, ‘Topaz', but then he may not understand three-quarter of the words in it. This is how pathetic we have become as a nation.

Ex-wfw: By now, the powers-that-be should realise that a good portion of thinking Malaysians - and they are growing every day - has concluded that BN has nothing to offer to the nation, except one area which we all know that they are number one, having repeated that formula for the last 30 years.

As law lecturer Azmi Sharom has written, BN should be the opposition watchdog as they are, with their vast experience, able to reveal corruption of the incoming government.

Ace: These are the type of pea-brained conclusions and comments that make the Malaysian rakyat lose faith in the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police).

Communism is already 98 percent dead so who is Special Branch's Mohd Sofian trying to scare. All the top communist countries of China, Russia, Vietnam, etc, are now even more capitalistic than us.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: The police are really falling over themselves to prove their thuggish loyalty to their Umno masters.

The Special Branch's hawking of the tired story of ‘communists' and ‘JI terrorists' is just a manufactured pretext for ultra-vires action, in case Umno gets so desperate that they are willing to try a repeat of Dr Mahathir Mohamad's old dirty trick of Ops Lalang where he fabricated charges against his political opponents.

While the cops are busy fabricating imaginary bogeymen, they may as well 'investigate' the dangerous ideology of Justin Bieber-ism which has infiltrated Malaysian youth.

It is rumoured that playing a Justin Bieber song can bring down an entire building. This should keep the Special Branch busy for the next 30 years or so.

Not Confused: Another bigoted, sycophantic Umno worshipper masquerading in a blue PDRM uniform. How pathetic to try this kind of tactic.

The idiot thinks we can all be taken in by his ridiculous statements about JI and communists. He must be taking his lead from Senator Joseph McCarthy - that there were communists under every bed. I am rolling on the floor laughing.

Bert: Now the BN government is using fear tactics to scare the people who are only fighting for a transparent, clean and fair government.

Is exposing the corruption of the government leaders done by communists agents? Is campaigning throughout the year forbidden? Is that also a communist tactic?

This clearly shows that the rakyat should not voice their opinion no matter whatever happens and be submissive to the government of the day, whether good or bad. Do the rakyat really want that?

Hang Babeuf: Once again the old panicked cry: "Reds under the bed!" Now backed up by "Jihadis too, along for the fun!"

This mindless blurting out of old war-cries, this frothing of tired old tirades, is pathetic, silly, futile. That kind of "say anything politics" is a sign of genuine desperation.

On the evidence of Mohd Sofian's own performance, the ranks of the government and its beleaguered defenders are being infiltrated by lame-brains and idiots. That's the real worry!

Thetruth: Well, everyone is expecting the Special Branch to say that because that's what their master wants. It is more believeable if they just stick to only JI (Jemaah Islamiah).

To talk about communists in this era is really stupid. This is a era of Internet.

What a waste, the SB in Malaysia used to be well respected by their intelligent peers around the world, but today they have stooped so low so as to please their political masters.

Gordon Gecko: Mohd Sofian, please check out the massage parlours and karaoke lounges. I hear that many young Malaysians are being indoctrinated with communist ideology by women from China and Vietnam working undercover as masseurs and GROs (guest relations officers).

Word has it that AirAsia is also part of the communist plot. It is supporting the communist cause by offering cheap air fares and increase flight frequency to loads of Chinese Malaysian men travelling to the southern China cities located around Shenzhen.

These Malaysian men will be addicted to the Chinese communist ideology after their many visits.

Telestai!: With such preposterous claims made by the SB, it is no wonder Malaysians are fast losing their faith in PDRM.

Communism is an ideology where people in a state are classless and the state is run through collective (central) control whereas socialism promotes the idea that the working class is dominant and they should run things democratically.

Though both promote social activism, they are as different as chalk and cheese. To equate socialism with communism is akin to saying if my father has a moustache, any man with a moustache is my father.

In the same way, it is wrong to equate PAS, a party guided by Islamic principles, to religious extremism.

It clearer by the day that PDRM is reduced to being a political tool of Umno and it is no surprise that it has become ineffective in combating crime given its preoccupation. I think is a sound explanation why crime is on the rise.

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