Rafizi arrested, to be charged for exposing NFC scandal & comments from public.

August 1, 2012
The charge is believed to be in connection with his National Feedlot Centre exposure.

PETALING JAYA: PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli was arrested this morning at the Hulu Klang police station after Bank Negara formally lodged a report against him.

He is currently being taken to the Shah Alam Magistrate’s Court to face charges under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989.

Earlier this morning the police raided his home and detained him.

“Here’s my 1st reaction at being arrested: Damn GeorgeKent. @NajibRazak must surely love his golf buddy to risk this public relations mess,” wrote Rafizi on his Twitter message.

PKR vice president and lawyer N Surendran however confirmed that the arrest was in relation to Rafizi’s National Feedlot Centre exposure.

Meanwhile Rafizi also in a Twitter message said that one Johari Mohamad  would also be jointly charged.

Comments from Public

The criminals go frree while the whistle blower is arrested This is the modus operandi of the elite group!!! Revealing a crime commited is a crime if you report the wrong people!!! The disaster our country faces is actually a crooked government The communist JI's Christians are but fictions of their twisted minds! This sick gang should be put out of their miseries and ours

Another blunder of najib. Arresting the whistle blower just makes you look uninterested in discovering corrupt practices. Why? Is this really about the cows or George Kent? Promised fulfilled - Janji di tepati

Where is the Witness Protection Act etc to protect those who expose scandals and corruption??!! Government Transformation Program and all janji ditepati BN during this Merdeka month go down to drain. Keep it to yourself asshole, Najib!

A bloody disgrace. But is anyone surprised? I don't think so. Hang in there Rafizi. You are a hero. Sh*trizat and her scumbag family are going to hell. Never in a million years will BN get my vote. And I will ensure I try and influence everyone I meet to NOT vote BN either.

I suppose for the coming GE, Rafizi's slippers will be making the rounds of the ceramah circuit. People of Pandan, please vote for the slippers, and ditched OTK. Not that I do not like OTK, but the GE is all about removing the BN slime from Malaysian politics, and if OTK choose to remain in BN, he too had chose to oppose the people's aspirations for a clean, righteous and effective government.

I used to vote for BN, but now, I will definitely vote for Pakatan and 100% behind Rafizi. Rafizi has done a good work for all Malaysian and exposed the evil. I am now very very angry with BN.

Arrested for exposing scandals and corruption?! We have bunch of crooks running the nation!!! Please, stop manipulating and oppressing the nation and the people during this holy month!

As much as I sympathize with Rafizi with his arrest, but its time whistle blowers like Rafizi and others take note of provisions in the law and not caught up by it. The BN is just waiting to shoot anyone with any legal provisions it has to claim that they have nothing to do with the arrest and its a legal matter. I do like to suggest Pakatan leaders to cover themselves from legal harrassments like this. But we are behind you Rafizi and you are one courages man indeed.

As always the Police and Authorities have their values upside down! They prosecute and harass the messenger instead of the criminal, although in this case they were forced to prosecute both as the evidence was already in the public domain! This BN Government is really laughable especially in the eyes of the international community!

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