'Obedient Wives' ok's Oral Sex in fasting month

Rape in marriage is impossible as far as the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) is concerned and married couples can practise oral sex, an act which is illegal under the law.

According to OWC president Fauziah Ariffin, in addition to preparing food and drinks for the family, a wife should be the "legal source of sex" for her husband.

"If there is such thing (as rape in marriage), then what is the point of marriage? The reason why people get married is to legalise things that were illegal before.

NONE"You said that you love your husband but when he wants your service, (and) you do not want to give... is that love?

"If a woman expects to go to God's heaven, then she should definitely sacrifice for Him," said Fauziah, the second wife of a former top leader from Al-Arqam, an Islamic religious sect that was banned by the government in 1994.

OWC's position on rape in marriage is contrary to the Malaysian civil law.

Section 375A of the Penal Code states that a husband who attempts to obtain sex from his wife by force can be sentenced up to five years' jail, if found guilty.

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has also pointed out that a man who rapes his wife commits an offence under Article 16(1)(c) of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Cedaw), which Malaysia acceded to in 1995.

The article declares that all couples should have equal rights in marriage.

'Entertain your hubbies'

However, Fauziah said a man would become naturally considerate if his wife knew how to "service" him well.

One of the things OWC teaches its members is various forms of treatment that a husband should receive.

NONE"We teach women ways to make their husbands ‘wanting'. That is why the women should play the role of entertaining their men.

"It is not that modern women do not know how to entertain, but the knowledge is not there. As such, a wife should learn the acts of a prostitute.

"When wives give (first class) treatment, automatically their husbands will respond (positively).

"In our society, as of late, wives will be tired by the time their husbands return home, with hair in a messy bun and smelling like onion.

"He cannot get a beautiful woman at home but sees many of them outside his home," said Fauziah.

No practical classes for members

However, contrary to popular belief, she stressed the fact that OWC does not organise any practical classes on sex for its members.

"We teach the guidelines to appropriate people. We do not release any images because that will be against God's will.

"We are not going to do a practical or show pictures. We do it in private," she said.

malay wedding and thristAsked about the controversy OWC raised when it called on wives to be ‘first-class prostitutes', Fauziah explained that it was "just a phrase", as many people were not be able to picture the treatment "an angel of a wife" should give her husband.

"(We) should treat our husband like a first-class prostitute, but not become one. This was just metaphorically speaking," she added.

At the same time, OWC also feels that married couples can practise oral sex.

Oral sex is illegal under the law and classified as an offence under Section 377B of the Penal Code.

Under this section, a person found guilty can be punished with caning and jailed for up to 20 years.

"Allah has stated, according to the Quran, that your wife is your field. You can plough her anyway you like, just do not practise sodomy," Fauziah said.

According to her, oral sex is another way for a couple to have sexual intercourse when the wife is having her menstrual period.

Wife's responsibility to satisfy husband's lust

"Let's say that the husband only has one wife and she is ill. Then the husband can make love (to her orally) as long as it is not sodomy.

"And what if the husband is sexually aroused during his wife's post-partum abstinence. How long more should he wait?

NONE"It is the wife's responsibility to satisfy her husband's lust, so that he does not end up in hell," said Fauziah, who has a triple degree in accounting, finance and marketing from Australia.

It is natural for men to have high sexual desire, she said, and that many prophets have been know to be exceptional in bed.

"When we read the Kitab, we get to know that the prophets were the best in marital sex.

"Before Islam came up with the ‘four wives' rule, Prophet Solomon (Peace Be Upon Him) had 1,000 wives and Prophet David (PBUH) had 99 wives," said Fauziah.

"That is why the stronger your faith and connection is to God, the greater you are (in bed). However, people nowadays do not receive God's blessing because they watch pornography."

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