Malaysians recoil with SHOCK & ANGER at Rafizi's arrest: 2 main targets

M'sians recoil with SHOCK & ANGER at Rafizi's arrest: 2 main targets
News of the arrest of PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli has shocked Malaysians, who have reacted angrily to the news. Among the most cited reasons for their anger was why should Rafizi, who was trying to expose corruption, be penalized while the wrongdoers were let off.
Indeed, corruption-tainted Prime Minister Najib Razak may have opened a new can of worms for himself. Already embattled and facing pressure from possible loss in general elections due to be called latest by April next year, many believe he was out to "scaremonger" his way through.
His two main targets are believed to be whistle blowers - many of whom come from the investment and financial community - so that they will stop exposing the misdeeds of his Umno-BN coalition.
The second target are politicians - including from his own government. Leaders from the Pakatan Rakyat opposition do not expect another crackdown like the Operations Lalang effected by former premier Mahathir Mohamad against political rivals in the 1980s.
However, they do not discount the possibility that Najib was also trying to scare BN leaders who have begun defecting to the opposition amid rising concern at Umno's growing extremism as the 13th general election neared.
From leaders
Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader
Applaud his courage on the Cow-Condo case and GeorgeKent involvg dSNajib! .
Tian Chua, PKR MP for Batu
No, we don't expect Ops Lalang. That would be political suicide for Najib and he knows it. This is another ill-advised stunt to discourage whistle blower from coming forward. It is  real shame for Malaysia's image to investors, who are watching closely. We also see him trying to warn BN leaders who are switching out from his coalition that they can expect rough and tough action like this. But he has missed the pulse of the nation. Everyone is fed up and this latest arrest only confirms the need to change the current regime.
Nurul Izzah, PKR MP for Lembah Pantai
Despite expose, despite arrest, despite being charged, George Kent prevails. Shame on you
Shamsul Iskandar Akin, PKR Youth chief
Shahrizat's family, when? RT
Hannah Yeoh, DAP assemblywoman for Subang Jaya
Woke up to news of @rafiziramli being arrested by police. We stand by you
Ambiga Sreenevasan, co-chairman of the Bersih movement for clean polls
The nation is watching! We stand by those brave enough to expose wrongdoing and condemn those who suppress the truth!
Dzulkefly Ahmad, PAS MP for Kuala Selangor
We knew it was coming but why the sudden rushed timing. Was it coincidental with the George Kent news? This is Ramadan, a fasting ad holy month to observe restraint and righteousness. But Umno seems so desperate it is committing blunder after blunder. We also note that such hypocritical action is coming from Najib who has been promising reforms and a clean government.
From Netizens
very very angry rakyat
This is so damn WRONG SO WRONG !!! Rakyat Malaysia , terutamanya saudara dan saudari dari luar bandar tolonglah tengok dengan mata sendiri is this the govt that you wanna cast your vote on ?? Jom mulakan kempen "" BEBASKAN RAFIZI , Hero Rakyat !!! "'
What do you expect from a Third Country like Malaysia. The person who reported the crime get arrested but the criminal got off free. Remember the ex CM of Melaka case!!!!!!!!!!
Stupidest thing for Najib to do. The whole nation loves Rafizi for his courage in exposing the corrupt at the top level... God is with those who are righteous too. Keep on doing what is right, everyone!
Trying to do the Mahathir? Equivalent of Operation Lalang? More arrests of oppositions. People realise Mahathir's authoritarianism, stupidity and vanity after he retires. But they could see Najib's authoritarianism, stupidity and vanity now.
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Malaysian Hero Rafizi ! You won the first gold medal for malaysia.
ABU ABU ABU all the way come GE13.