Reveal cost of 'mega kenduri', Pakatan tells Ali Rustam which attracted 130,000 people

Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam has been urged to reveal the cost of the massive eight-hour wedding function for his eldest son yesterday, which reportedly attracted 130,000 people.

The event took place at Dewan Tun Ali in Bukit Katil and the host of people it attracted included the Sultan of Selangor, several cabinet ministers and a number of other VIPs. Diva Siti Nurhaliza performed at the event.

NONEMalaysia Book of Records certified the wedding feast to be the biggest crowd ever recorded at a wedding, outdoing Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's Aidilfitri open house event this year, which reportedly attracted 100,000 people.

Contacted today, Ayer Keroh assemblyperson Khoo Poay Tiong said Ali should explain how the grandiose event was paid for.

"I'm estimating that food alone cost RM10 per head. Thus, if there were 130,000 people, then the event would have cost at least RM1.3 million for food alone. Then, what about the other costs?

"If the chief minister is someone who is sincere and honest, he should reveal the cost of the event and name the sponsors," Khoo, who is Malacca DAP secretary, said.

He also questioned how the people have benefited from the massive event and the need for it to be certified by the Malaysia Book of Records.

PAS: Act in moderation

The first-term state assemblyperson and lawyer also accused Ali of suffering from delusions of grandeur and having an affinity for all things "mega".

mohd ali rustam"The number of people who attended seem to have been more than those who showed up at the prime minister's Hari Raya open house. Perhaps the Malacca CM is more influential than the premier?

"It would have been more appropriate had the funds been spent in the interest of the people, instead of on his son," Khoo said.

He also accused the state government of abusing public transport companies to ferry people to the event, thereby disrupting bus services.

Malacca PAS deputy chief Kamaruddin Sidek said the chief minister's actions did not reflect the spirit of wasatiyyah (moderation), which has long been championed by his administration.

Kamaruddin said Ali should rightfully be figuring out ways to reduce the state's debts.

"Many government agencies - including security personnel - were exploited for that event. I don't see a need for grandiosity. It is not a need. It is a waste," he said.

Ali's eldest son is Mohd Ridhwan, 26, while his wife is Nur Azieha Mohd Ali, 26. They reportedly met 10 years, ago at tuition class.

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