Dr M the reason for Najib's poor showing

YOURSAY 'Mahathir is setting Najib up to fail. How can Najib do any better when Mahathir is constantly contradicting Najib's policies.'

Dr M: I didn't expect Najib to do worse than Pak Lah

your sayPemerhati: Malaysia has been correctly described as a false democracy or a dictatorship in democratic clothing. The dictators in this case are the Umno leaders.

All the institutions of the state such as the enforcement agencies, the judiciary and the Election Commission (EC) are under their complete control.

To fool the people and the world, these highly corrupt and criminal Umno leaders regularly hold elections which are rigged so as to return them to power through various types of fraudulent and unfair methods.

The 13th general election results clearly show how unfairly the Umno crooks have gerrymandered the whole country.

Tabulated results show that for the Parliament, the opposition got 53% of the votes and 40.9% of the seats while the crooked and dictatorial government got only 47% of the votes but a whopping 59.9% of the seats.

Add to that the many other crooked methods used such as the phantom and illegal voters, you thus clearly have an illegal government, thanks to EC.

Ablastine: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you are as much responsible for BN's poor performance as PM Najib Razak. The urban voters and the learned amongst us know that the Umno government is not really a government, but more of a mafia.

They exist for the sole purpose of exploiting the nation for their self gain. If not, why do Umno supreme council members pay millions to get themselves elected. They know that once they are up there, they can make more millions by being top dogs.

Service to the nation is just an excuse to line their own pocket. Only the poor, uneducated and ignorant villages who are not in touch with reality will want to continue to support you. But this breed is diminishing and the young, well informed, tech savvy and learned progeny or citizen will eventually kick you out.

You cannot depend on the ignorant to keep you alive forever because they will someday also learn of your evil. Believe it. Once Pakatan Rakyat fix the gerrymandering, which is the sole reason why BN is still around, you will find yourself rotting in jail.

LittleGiant: The rakyat should thank Mahathir, who held the premiership for 22 years, for "helping" Najib to fare worse than Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the former PM.

If Mahathir can continue with his "magnanimity" and keep helping Umno with his advice and guidance, we can be certain that not only Umno but the whole of BN will be vanquished well before the next general elections.

Doc: "Dr M warned that BN must learn from its mistakes in the 2013 polls in the next election."

BN, and especially Umno, has failed to learn from the lessons of 2008 and applied the same failed principles (race segregation) of 2008 for the 2013 election and did even worse.

Soon after this election, Utusan Malaysia/Umno has taken off on racial rants. So, am I safe to state that Umno is too stupid to learn from its mistakes.

As for MIC, MCA, PPP and Gerakan, it too late for them as they already descended into the abyss of Malaysia politics.

Anonymous #40538199: How come with Mahathir returning to Umno and involved with campaigning for BN, the result for BN is worse than when Mahathir was out of BN and campaigning against BN?

Ez24get: Mahathir is setting Najib up to fail. How can Najib do any better when Mahathir is constantly contradicting Najib's policies and spewing racist comments, dividing the Malays and non-Malays.

Now that his son, Muhkriz Mahathir, is put nicely in power, the long knives are already out for Najib.
It is not even three days after the elections, Mahathir has already begun targeting Najib. He knows his time in this world will soon be up and he is in a haste to put Muhkriz in place for the prime minister's post.

Justice Pao: DAP does not represent the Chinese only as they have more Indian MPs (six) compared to only four from MIC and two MPs of Malay descent.

The DAP chairperson is Karpal Singh and he definitely does not look anything like anyone with Chinese ancestry. This old Tun and Perkasa advisor must be getting senile for not being able to see beyond racial lines.

OMG!!: If Umno needs to blame someone for its worst electoral performance, it should blame this creature who is behind the daily blasts of the Chinese community via Perkasa.

It is also under his premiership that corruption, cronyism and nepotism has become a deeply-rooted Umno culture. And not to mention, the endless scandals and the treacherous act of granting citizenship-for-votes that have angered most right-thinking Malaysians.

Adsertor: The more upheaval in Umno the better. They can be as racist and as corrupted as they want for all I care. My sight is on GE14. Then it will be payback time for them, their cronies and co-conspirators in the civil services.

Anonymous_4031: Now that Najib 's leadership managed to win only 133 parliamentary seats against Abdullah's 140 seats, will Dr M launch a campaign to oust Najib?

Since he criticised Abdullah, shouldn't he now do the same for Najib? What is worse is that he campaigned on behalf of Najib.

Don't forget that during Abdullah's rule, some Umno leaders were equally to be blamed for their brash, arrogant attitude. Raising the keris was one. Stomping on a cow's head was another.

And was it not Dr M's suggestion that two Perkasa leaders - Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali - be supported as candidates?

Without Fear or Favour: Mahathir, you were responsible for the loss of at least one parliament seat for Umno in Kelantan (Pasir Mas). Have you apologised for that?

Holden: Mahathir, the more you talk, the worse Najib and Umno fare. Either you have been too dense to realise this, or it is some twisted plan on your part to sabotage your former party, possibly to prove the superiority of your leadership in comparison to the younger ones.

Whatever your plot may be, just keep talking and watch the opinion polls plunge. - Malaysiakini

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