'Dumb and Dumber' MCA drives white ang-pows issue round and round

'Dumb and Dumber' MCA drives white ang-pows issue round and round

The MCA appears to be totally lost and lacks the intelligence to argue sensibly. On the other hand, what do you expect from a party that supports and feels proud that they are led by a womaniser by the name of Dr Chua Soi Lek.
For those who don’t know the past history, Chua was caught on film cheating on his wife. Those who are liberal say, so what - all men cheat. Do they? And Chua's case is different because he is holding public office. So to elect him the MCA president, the party might as well say they don't respect the institution of marriage - they might as throw their support behind free-for-all sex. See - there is a difference and like it or not, that's the social order of the day. And because this is undoubtedly a weak point, Chua finds now himself unable to make 'independent' decisions, he is vulnerable to 'blackmail' from political friends and foes. And thereby, MCA is grossly weakened.
Yet those sycophants in the party, especially the central delegates who supported 'porno Chua' as he has become known in MCA circles rushed to defend, promote and trust such a man. Mind boggling to some, don't you think?
White ang-pows show Chua's treachery
Anyway, MCA must be getting desperate in the white ‘death’ ang pow issue because the party was responsible for co-organising the Chinese New Year Open House with Ibrahim ‘Perkasa’ Ali. And Chua to his further discredit is pretending he doesn't know anything about. As head honcho of MCA, if he doesn't know what is going on in his party, he should resign on the spot!
In the first place, why does MCA see it fit to even associate with Perkasa which has been cursing the Chinese community the past year. Just blind bootlicking an Umno-backed outfit aimed at disuniting Malaysians in the hope that all the Malays will rally behind Umno.
Feeling the heat, MCA got their youth secretary-general Chan Kim Sen to issue a ‘damage control’ statement. That statement has created even more damage to the integrity of MCA.
Instead of defending the dignity of the Chinese community being given pak kam (white gold), signifying death, MCA tries to pin the blame on PAS.
Mr ‘Low IQ’ Chan! It is MCA that brought the Chinese old folks and underprivileged children from homes to be insulted by Perkasa.
It is the Ibrahim Katak (Frog) who distributed pak kam to the Chinese during Chinese New Year, not PAS.
'Low IQ defense' is just out of this world!
Yes. In 2008, PAS in Kelantan allowed Ibrahim to contest against Barisan Nasional (BN). But he became a political turncoat and you want to blame PAS for the actions of this racist?
Mr ‘Low IQ’ Chan! Have you forgotten that Perkasa’s adviser is the irrational and devious Dr Mahathir Mohamed and that Perkasa is now the darling of Umno and the BN government?
How else to view Perkasa when it can spew all sorts of garbage and seditious statements, published by Utusan Malaysia, behave irrationally, and the police and government don’t lift a finger to prosecute.
Mr ‘Low IQ’ Chan! If you want to be a bootlicker, please do it with some intelligence! I am sure, your quality of politicking is of high standard in BN and that you will be given a seat to contest in the next general election.
But, on this issue, if you cannot say anything good to defend the Chinese community against Perkasa’s insults, keep your mouth shut. The Chinese will not say you are Dumb and Dumber!

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