Mahathir: A man who bastardized the Malaysian community

A full of red red red blood shenanigan forgot to implement a process to protect a Malays from Chinese !

He additionally forgot to implement policies for a Malays for unwell to achieve a 30% mercantile pile as well as additionally to appoint a decent Deputy P.M.n his 23 years as P.M.. You know why? He was too busy scheming how to get abounding himself as well as additionally he forgot to tell a Malays which he is a half multiply Indian as well as consequently he is in a slightest worry if a Malays ever get any protection from a Chinese or achieving a 30% mercantile cake plus he be a usually P.M. in this universe to have allocated so most DPM ( a universe record) for fright which they might have him transposed if they stay long enough to do that.

While he stole he implemented policies to keep a Malays really confident as well as utterly by giving them crumbs as well as right away patently he is transforming a younger Mahathirs to turn Chinese. Why does he wish to do which you wonder? Right right away his grand Children have some-more Chinese red red red blood (50%) in them than Malay as well as Indian blood. No disbelief he will die shouting during a Umno done half multiply Malays which he has managed to dope a Malays all these while because he is as well as never was a pure red red red blood Malay.

To date all a Umno Presidents were as well as still is half breed,half Thai, Indonesian Bugis, half Turkish, half Indian ,half Chinese as well as right right away an Indonesian Bugis though never a loyal Malay. But is there a loyal Malay? Other correct Umno would not have done manners to assent a half breeds to turn Malays. It would appear which Umno is even incomparable than Allah!

I am sure Umno can come up with manner! s for th em to hang upon to energy in a entrance GE !!!
May be they can continue to buy themselves in to energy after all they have billions of ringgit to do so! The outline for all his rantings is this undoubtedly, NEP has failed a Malays. But its not easy to censor a actuality which it was UMNOs skewed doing of a NEP which you are during this stage thirty years on.

Now they contend a Malays are still left at a back of righteously so. But they wish to be in charge of a brand new devise even after their disgraceful doing of a prior NEP. Billions have been outlayed upon certain movement as well as subsidizes though Malaysians have stagnated in their vital standards. If there's any alternative devise ala a NEP being mooted, it should residence a hardcore poor from all races as well as you a rakyat would like someone else using a show. The screw up for a last thirty years demands it.

Now may be a Chinese will understand who mahathir is actually , all a while a Chinese upheld him not knowing he is a devil in costume , really dangerous , cruel wicked leader as well as he done make use of of a Chinese with his business policies as well as Chinese friendly administrations though a Chinese failed to demeanor during a incomparable dignified values such as injustices , corruptions , authoritarian order , closed tenders as well as judiciary division , arise up Chinese , lets await a pakatan with their some-more liberal policies.

I will not usually pee upon a shenanigan Mahathirs grave, you will even shit upon it!

That is how most he is hated in this country, he should not be buried with a rest of a former P.Ms. of Malaysia though instead should be buried together with all a mamak Muslims of this nation where he is rightfully belongs to.

This would no disbelief make it most easier for most to pee as well as shit upon as well as until it becomes a open toilet ! That is how most he is hated for the atrocities he has committed in this nation as well as for as long as people can recollect him!!!!

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government