BERTINDAK’s call to ban HINDRAF and revive of ISA most amusing.

HINDRAF finds it most amusing Bertindak’s call to ban Hindraf and revive the ISA on grounds I am the single most urgent threat to National security which must be dealt with.
The groups Chief Secretary was reported to have said Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy is the most “dangerous individual”, warned him not to interfere in other religions’ activities, a racist, extremist and a threat to national security.
HINDRAF sympathises with this group who seems lost with shallow thinking and seeking cheap publicity. How on earth can an organization like HINDRAF which raises legitimate issue of National security with the government on the issue of Zakir Naik be seen as a threat? Since when was one deemed extremists for seeking legal challenge in the court of law against a preacher who has caused so much racial hatred in a peaceful country, Malaysia? To say I am a dangerous person is most amusing. 
I have in the recent Zakir Naik and the Mufti of Perlis issues made very clear that I do not condone any form of racism and insulting religious beliefs of Non-Muslim community that was condoned by both Zakir and the Mufti. It is clear this new group of 22 NGO’s are desperately trying to defend the indefensible Mufti of Perlis who made a fool of himself and committed serious offence of inciting racial hatred against the Non- Muslims. A Police investigation is pending against the Mufti. Zakir Naik separately is also believed to be investigated by police after a group of Hindu NGO’s lodged a police report against him for inciting racial hatred in Malaysia. 
My advice to this group of 22 organizations is go read the Constitution and the laws of our country to understand better what is the true meaning of freedom of expression and the right to practice religion in peace and harmony. Just because an organization like Hindraf stands up for the rights of Non-Muslims does not mean we are against Muslims. Laws are laws and no one is above the law including the Mufti of Perlis and Zakir Naik. 
Why bend backwards to protect a foreigner who is undesirable in Malaysia, whose presence has caused so much racial hatred, and ill feelings amongst the Malaysian population. Just go and see the comments posted in social media and you will understand what I am talking about. The act of these 22 is akin to the Malay pepatah “kerana nyamuk seekor kelambu dibakar”.
Let us be Malaysians first and unite in our efforts to build a peaceful Malaysia. My advice to Bertindak- do not stoke racial hatred for political mileage. No one is against the Muslims in this country. In fact we all love to live in peace and harmony. 
P. Waytha Moorthy
27th April 2017

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