HINDRAF seeks meeting with the His Highness Raja of Perlis.

Hindraf seeks an urgent meeting with the Sultan of Perlis to raise the concerns of the non-Muslim community in Malaysia who are angry with the poem by the Mufti of Perlis insulting the Hindu religion, and practices adopted by cultural practices not linked to religion and mischievously portraying it as a religious practice. We would be making a formal request next week. 
Freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Both Muslims and the Non-Muslims have been practising their religion in peace and harmony almost 60 years. However of late there is growing agenda of Islamic radical thoughts being planted in the mindset of Muslim youths to hate and develop feelings of contempt against Non-Muslims.
Inviting Zakir Naik into Malaysia has invited great unrest in the mindset of many Malaysians. If Zakir Naik can corrupt the Perlis Mufti to come out with such humiliating poem openly, then Zakir Naik has succeeded in radicalising and distort the mindset of such an “esteemed” Mufti. 
Hindraf seeks an urgent meeting with the Sultan of Perlis to brief him on the danger of hate preachers like Zakir Naik who are harboured in Malaysia when he is wanted in India for terrorism related activities and money laundering. We would be bringing to the attention of His Royal Highness the hate churned in social media which has reached a dangerous point in the relations between the multi faith Malaysian community. 60 years of Merdeka and peaceful co-existence and over the last 2 years this special bonding is and has been destroyed by a hate preacher who has infected even a highly qualified personality in Islam religion - the Perlis Mufti. 
While we would be briefing the Sultan of the great danger awaiting this country, we would also be making a request to the Sultan to sack the Mufti of Perlis who has on two occasions written statements that crossed his boundary and interfered in the beliefs and practices of the Hindu religion. 
HINDRAF wishes to make clear we have no objection to Asri speaking on Islam but he has no business crossing his boundary and role as the Mufti by denigrating other religious practices. 
P. Waytha Moorthy
22nd April 2017.

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