It appears you have deliberately lied and incited the feeling of hatred amongst Muslimstowards HINDRAF and me when all issues relating to Zakir Naik’s presence have only revolved around the issue of NATIONAL SECURITY. 
I am compelled to answer your lies, half truths, manipulation and deception with regards to your poem as well as what you penned on your FB with regards to Hindraf and me that appeared in various online portals that reported your posting making unscrupulous and wild allegations. My answer to you and many others who probably see you as the invincible Mufti would be as follows;
1. Firstly I never interfered in any of the sermons that was organised by you. You referred the link to FMT report dated 30th January 2017 which I reproduce the relevant part as follows:

PETALING JAYA: Pengerusi Hindraf P Waythamoorthy mempertikaikan keperluan menjemput penceramah kontroversi Zakir Naik menyampaikan khutbah di Malaysia.
Hindraf terkejut apabila diberitahu Zakir, yang sedang disiasat pihak berkuasa India, dijemput menyampaikan khutbah Jumaat di Perlis minggu ini atas jemputan mufti Perlis.
“Apa motif sebenar kerajaan mengalakkan ceramah beliau di Malaysia?” kata Waytha.
“Minggu lepas, Zakir dijemput ke Universiti Antarabangsa Al-Madinah (Mediu) di Shah Alam, yang juga disiasat pihak berkuasa apabila 2 pelajarnya ditahan selepas disyaki terlibat dengan militan IS.
“Jadi, kerajaan perlu nyatakan sudahkah keselamatan negara diambil kira apabila mereka membenarkan Zakir bergerak bebas di Malaysia,” kata Waytha.

Note the second para Dr. “ Hindraf terkejut apabila diberitahu Zakir ..... dijemput menyampaikan khutbah Jumaat di Perlis .....
2. Since when it is inferred and considered interfering in the affairs of Islam when one expressed his shock that this fugitive and wanted suspect in terrorism related activities is invited for a sermon?
3. If you are unhappy with the Indian PM, then you should perhaps object the recent visit by our Prime Minister to India who secured various economic co-operations with India.
4. Yes, you were seen as a moderate Mufti in Malaysia. You had expressed certain fair suggestions to resolve inter religious complications. As a civil servant you did what was expected of you as your part of the job scope that anyone else would have done. 
Are you now seeking sympathy for your stupidity in writing a poem insulting Hindus in Malaysia?

5. When your poem became a controversy, you immediately denied directing it to Hindus in Malaysia, instead to divert and manipulate your wrong, you made wild allegations against Indian PM Narendra Modi’s administration which allowed Muslims to be killed on slaughter of cows in India. Firstly your statement is a lie and not substantiated and if your statement is condoned by our government officially, it can create a diplomatic row between Malaysia and India.
6. Let me reproduce part of your poem :
“apabila yang mempertuhankan lembu bersatu...
lantas menyeru agar pendakwah kita dibelenggu...
mahu diserahkan kepada kerajaan zalim menyembah...

So who do you mean when you say “when those who idolise cows as God unite, and call for our preacher to be fettered, to hand him over to an evil government that worships the fire”?
Come on Dr, surely you can’t think Malaysians are fools not to understand who you meant? Even a primary school student would understand who you meant.
7. Now let me reproduce your second part of poem
di sini pula tidak pernah mereka berterima kasih...
kepada apa yang ada....
berpakat mereka membuat angkara...
kita tidak boleh berdiam bahasa...
toleransi dan kesabaran ada hadnya...

Who did you mean when you say “those who are here who are ungrateful to what they have, have colluded to create disturbance”? 
It is also clear that you are not remorseful of your act by apologizing but rather justifying and evading the disrespectfulness towards the Hindu community. 
You even incited the Muslims to develop feelings of hatred towards Hindus in Malaysia.
Let me put it this way Dr Asri. If you have made a fool of yourself just apologize and let us all move on. After all you hold a high office as Mufti. 
I will personally pray for your soul and seek the almighty’s blessings to shower you with wisdom.
Waytha Moorthy
23rd April 2017

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