A Japanese minister in the same situation of Shahrizat would have resigned or even commit 'harakiri'., Mahathir, where is your look east policy

Shahrizat caught between a rock and a hard place
10:27AM Aug 12, 2012  
YOURSAY 'There is no need to justify knowledge or lack of it about the NFC. As a wife, she is directly and indirectly the beneficiary of her husband's wealth.'

Shahrizat: Calling Rafizi a traitor not unIslamic

your sayOdin: While what Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has said in court in this instance seems incredulous, let us bear in mind that the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

Thus, it could be that she has indeed told the truth. If so, what we see is a non-cohesive family, one where each member does his or her own thing without ever informing another, does not eat together with another, and does not talk with another; one where the husband and wife do not sleep together; one which is devoid of manners and of love. If all that is the case, then the family is a very weird one.

If we further assume that Shahrizat herself is such a subnormal person that she has had no interest in such things as the sudden appearance of a new Mercedes Benz CLS in their porch, a visible piece of asset that is worth quite a few pretty pennies, the question still remains as to how she could have been unaware that the substantial loan of RM250 million had been given to her husband.

Surely the matter was discussed in cabinet and she was present; if she was absent, surely at least one of those involved in the awarding of the loan must have informed her.

Whatsup: Shahrizat, you are a trained and experienced law professional and an ex-magistrate as well, an ex-minister (albeit an Umno one), a mature woman and a mother. You bring shame to the Malay and Muslim community by your actions.

Is it worth it? What kind of mother, wife and a woman of your standing are you?

Democrat: You don't know where your son worked? You did not know your hubby was applying for major government project? How can you be a minister then? What kind of mother and wife are you?

Mushiro: Shahrizat knows her son graduated at the age of 19 in computer science from a university in Sacramento, California and he worked there for a year. And after that, she does not know that her son worked in NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) as a director.

It looks like she got the same disease as Dr Mahathir Mohamad - selective memory.

Chuath: Shahrizat's training as a lawyer seems rather ineffective if she never asks questions about the people around her. If that is true, she cannot be very sharp as a minister.

I am sorry if her husband was too busy to talk to her to discuss such important issues as the careers of their children because, if I am not mistaken, a man who certainly looked like her husband had time to be regularly seen in the Lake Club gym way back then.

Anonymous #62163581: Muslim sisters in Umno - is this woman the model leader for all of you?

Put on a tudung and swear she knows nothing about her husband's (and children's) business that brings in millions, including luxury cars, condos and supermarkets. Most of you would be curious at least, no?

And if your children are made directors of the business (only in their 20s-lah), you still don't know why and what for? It takes the one-eyed man (or woman) to lead the blind. If you Umno women are not blind, you would abandon her.

Cantabrigian: In this case, there is no need to justify knowledge or lack of it about the NFC. As a wife, she is directly and indirectly the beneficiary of her husband's wealth.

A Japanese minister in the same situation would have resigned or even commit 'harakiri'.

Ren Ai: Once we question the young directors, the discrepancies on Shahrizat's statements today, if untrue, will show up. Let the plot thickens. Court cases have a way of exposing one's inner values for all to see.

Swipenter: I can never understand why Umno Malays should label a Malay as a traitor to his/her own race and Islam for exposing the wrongdoings, corrupt acts, etc, of another Malay?

Am I wrong to conclude that Malays must protect or turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing of another Malay and that is considered Islamic thing to do for no other reason that he/she is a Malay?

Is this the way Malays should view themselves?

Gen2: Diverting money from a public-funded project is now considered Islamic and patriotic?

Shahrizat grilled in NFC lawsuit

Hardy: Does cabinet ministers kept everything important to themselves even if any high-impact project for the nation is discussed during their meetings.

Can anyone believe that there would be no consultations or talks taking place even with ministers who missed or absent from meetings. Which rakyat can believe Shahrizat's claim?

Dont Just Talk: The longer this civil suit carries on, the more shit is going to hit the fan at Umno expense.

Lawyer Ranjit Singh, please subpoena the Malay first DPM and put him on the stand, get him to explain how the RM250 million NFC cow-condos soft-loan was approved and what criteria used to award the project to NFC when he was the agriculture minister.

Also subpoena the current not-so-smart minister Nor Omar. It would be fun to hear his side of story and for jumping to the defence of NFC when the cow-condos scandal first surfaced.

ONG: The term "bid for the project" has been used quite often on the NFC issue at debates and discussions, and now at a court hearing connected to the NFC issue.

The normal understanding when the word "bid" is used is that there are more than one party competing for something, such as at an auction or a tender.

In the case of the NFC, I am not aware of any form of open competition for this public-funded project. If there was actually no public notification inviting people to bid for the project, then the co-called "bid for the project" appears to be in actual fact a secret and direct negotiation between Shahrizat's family and custodians of public funds.

The term "bid for the project" surely cannot be used to described the method used by Shahrizat's family to procure the NFC project.

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