Anwar: PAS-DAP alliance is UMNO's greatest fear

Harakahdaily, 23 August 2012
A united opposition, especially which includes two parties of contrasting ideologies such as DAP and PAS, is UMNO's greatest fear, according to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“As long as the friendship among component parties remain strong, UMNO-BN is afraid to announce the date of election,” said Anwar.

The PKR de-facto leader warned that UMNO would be going all out to wreck apart PAS-DAP cooperation by playing up their differences in order to induce conflict.

“UMNO-BN is just waiting for the split in Pakatan Rakyat whether it is between DAP and PAS or PKR, only then they will reorganise their strategy. Issues are being raised to wreck apart DAP and PAS," he said at his Hari Raya open house in Permatang Pauh.

Anwar advised PR leaders not to succumb to such tactics and said they should instead focus on matters that could strengthen ties between races.

He added that "all issues raised by UMNO-BN will die prematurely" if PR leaders chose not to respond to UMNO's game.

PAS and DAP have again been exchanging statements over hudud laws following several remarks by DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

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