Are Malaysian fools?

Stones to bread; jumping down from the temple; a mountain where kingdoms can be seen from the view - no doubt these are referred to the focal points of the Temptation story in the Bible. Or on the other hand, why is there an annual stoning ritual that is done on every Haj period? Two different religions but yet they share the common theme and battle: resisting the devil's temptation. The fight against personal obsession and greed is arguably man's greatest battle against themselves that has been acknowledge in every religion and its holy books.
Uncertainty is the reason why many people rather fancy the idea of sticking to the devil rather than the angel you don't know. In vice-versa, shunning away the heart of an angel with the smile of the devil. That's what Madey (short form for Mahathir, uttered by some of the Reformasi people like Hishamuddin Rais)  said yesterday about not voting Pakatan in the next general election because the claim is that the federal opposition will bankrupt the country if they take over next round. But then again, it is actually the other way round. While the country is slowly been eaten away, stripped of its flesh but things inside (like incapable present government leaders and corruption) , and yet we still fall into the supporting the party that committed tons of atrocities for almost 3 decades and counting.
I have to admit that there are still people out there who still think that UMNO is godsend - given the mandate to run the country with nobody supposed to take the right away from theirs. But then it has already violated the definition and the purpose of the country's existence - a democratic which was agreed upon just before August 1957. A basic common sense would tell you that even if one person out of a group is drop dead, the others can still proceed ahead without him. So therefore, it clearly defies logic if there screams an illogical claim that the house would collapse with that one particular person is dead.
Is that what some people think that if Dr. Mahathir would be gone while the opposition is ahead Malaysia would collapse? It's like people going in and out of the room, that's all. The claim of if MCA dies so does the Chinese or if UMNO dies so does the Malays doesn't exist. In fact, it is like coming out of nowhere from the sky. UMNOPutras in particular are fond of saying such "elephants flying in the sky" statement.
Then again where is the purpose of life if there is no devil or evil to battle with? The expression that Mahathir puts there is an interesting dilemma. Should we deal with people whom we are familiar with rather than an unknown face that we do not know off?
The road to heaven is a path of daggers while the path to hell is like bread and cheese. Najib's way of splashing monies out to the people is like peppering bread and cheese for people to scramble and fight for it. But then, it tells us that we too are succumbing to the temptation of the devil. Along the way, we have stupid people who thinks that the country will be destroyed by those who claimed to be angels but in fact they refuse to accept that the fact that they have themselves been enslaved by the evil that is ought to be combat with.
Sure, a mental revolution is necessary to get them working. But as I've said once before, one way to shake them up is to put them in a disaster that will wake them up. But a disaster comes with a catastrophic cost. The other way is to insult them countless of their stupidity. Sure, people will get angry but it will take a long time for them to understand or not to accept it at all. Either both ways will require tremendous sacrifices to put it into fruition.

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